Himalaya Hair Loss Cream {Product Review}

As I have already mentioned in the blog earlier sometime, I had faced a lot of hair loss over a couple of years gradually and found my hair thinning to an alarming state. So, I became a sucker for hair creams and any hair product which could guarantee hair growth at one point of time.
Himalaya Hair Loss Cream
This was probably the worst product I ever bought which turned out to be an utter waste of money because I bought 100ml pack size for around 200 INR. That is actually too much because a single pack lasts only about 15 days at max. I bought it an year back and tried it. The product is deep brown in color and has a paste like consistency. It has to be applied on the scalp.
I think I remember it smelling really weird but I do not remember it now since its been too long. The paste is too sticky and not easy to apply, tends to clump at places making the scalp extremely greasy. You need to wash your hair after its application. So, it is not possible to apply it every night as instructed by the pack. Instead of helping with the hair fall, it made my hair fall. If you comb your hair after applying the cream, you are sure to get an unusually large number of hairs in the comb. So, I had to strive to finish the only pack I ever bought and after that I made a resolution that I’ll never buy such items again.


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    So u r back!I missed ur posts!how was diwali? contributing to ur post, I bought Himalaya neem face wash as I breakout a lot, I didn’t find it useful at all! but it’s deep cleansing milk is gud! Dabur vatika shampoo is a gud option if one wants to go tiniest herbal shampoo!

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    Hey Humaiara…how ru? do u celebrate diwali? sorry for such a lame ques but just wondering… btw how was eid?????
    my diwali was awesom…had loads of fun…
    yeah…i had used the same facewash long back even though it was for oily skin…obviously I did not like it but it was not right for my skin so did not review it…
    btw just a stupid ques which you might really wonder at – cleansing milk is used for anything else also apart from removing makeup??? frankly I do not apply make up so have no idea about the related products….but I wanted to try the nivea cleansing milk so….have you tried it…any inputs????
    thanks for reminding dabur vatika…did not use the shampoo but used the conditioner green one…it was really nice on my hair….have you used it????
    hey btw is there any product which you would wanna recommend….I would love a review from you in case of course if you have time

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    No I don’t celebrate Diwali. Eid was gud but tiring!
    No cleansing milk is not only used for removing makeup but also for dirt and excess oil etc! I don’t use makeup either! The most I use are kajal and a lip gloss! But I used to use cleanser at night to cleanse my skin though none was really beneficial!And now since I like to go natural, I use the usual besan mixture for nice cleansing! they are far more effective!

    I have not used the conditioner of dabur and yes I will love to review the few products I try! Will review it once I get time!

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    hey Bhumika….i used the neem face wash but it was just horrible for me (guess its not right for my skin type. mine is normal to dry skin) but i have a friend…she just swears by it….guess Himalaya simply doesn’t suit me…..btw whats HG????

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