My Blog Awards

This is a long due post of mine. Finally, I got time and recalled that I had to do it. So, here we go.

First of all, I would from the bottom of my heart like to thank to Bhumika from NewLove and BeautyDiva from BeautyDiva for honoring me with the blog awards and mentioning me on their blogs. They both have very interesting blogs.

Now, doing the same honors, I have to pass on the award to other blogs which I like. So, here they go.

  • Vivawoman. This is one of my really favorite blogs and I have linked to it many times in my posts. One of the blogs which motivated me to start blogging on my own. So, if you are reading this, thank you so much, Sesame.
  • Beauty Secrets Revealed. This is again one of my very favorite blogs with great tips. One of my inspirations again. Thanks a lot, Leon.
  • Face Good. Love this blog and would recommend you all to go and visit it. Thanks, Lydia.
  • Skin Care Recipes and Remedies. Again one of my inspirations and has really interesting reads. Thanks, Biljana.
  • Toxic Beauty. Great blog, Robin. Love reading it.
  • Hildablue. Amazing blog, Hilda :) Enjoy it a lot.
  • For the Love of Fashion and Other Things. I came across this blog only a few days back but I really loved it. It is about fashion mostly but I love the way the author writes more than anything else. It is a relatively new blog so I wish her all the best. And, let me also mention this that the gal is really cute too :)
  • Smiling Green Mom. Let me introduce you to this very sweet and really interesting blog. I love your blog, Lynn.
  • Homemade Beauty with Victoria. A really amazing blog from a very sweet person. Victoria looks really cute and she has got a gorgeous skin. Btw, I do love your accent, Victoria :)
  • Addicted to Blush. Love the blog. One of the blog which prompted me to share my experiences with the miniscule number of products I have used. And, love your eyes, Tanveer :)
  • Wiseshe. I am not a makeup person at all. Instead, I have never applied it in my life but have read so many products on your site, Anamika. Want to buy them all. And, want to definitely prepare almost all the dishes you have posted :)
  • Soft, Sweet and Gentle. Really new site but great recipes. Would love to see more of them :)
  • My Future Starts Today. Loved your blog, Sharon :)


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