Keep your skin moisturized this winter with Banana

This is a tried and tested trick in this season itself for over a week and the results were fabulous. But, this is only for people with dry skin or normal skin.
Blend banana really well but do not make it too watery. Keep the consistency to creamy and put appropriate amount of chickpea flour in the blended banana. Blend to get rid of lumps. The paste should enough to cover your entire body so 2-3 bananas may be needed. Now, take a really quick shower with luke warm water. Then, apply the banana chickpea flour paste on your entire body. Cover your face and neck too. Leave it on the skin for at least 10-15 minutes. Wash off without using any cleanser or body wash. You should not feel greasy but in case you do, then try to dilute the paste with rose water or simple water instead of taking a shower again. Now, immediately after washing the paste off your body, apply a thick moisturizing lotion on your skin to keep all the moisture inside. This gives best results when done at night as we have ample of time to allow the paste to stay on the body and the nutrients to get absorbed.
This is an extremely amazing remedy for people suffering with dry skin in winters and specially when none of the moisturizers are able to help you. You can substitute banana with milk cream too but it becomes very greasy for some people. I am repeating this again this remedy is for only people with normal or dry skin. Oily skin people can also use this treatment but not for face only for their bodies. The skin is smooth, supple and amazingly soft. Any blemishes and dark spots start to vanish within a week but do not expect too dramatic results.


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