Wheat Grass for anti-aging

Wheat Grass is an extremely useful and beneficial plant. It is rich in so many minerals and nutrients and can fight against so many diseases in our body ranging from acting as anti-inflammatory agent to preventing cancers in the body. Wheat Grass has been a highly prized medicine during the time of Egyptians. Spray wheat grass juice on a burn or inflammation and voila, the skin gets soothed immediately. It is that potent. Why? Because, it acts at cellular level within and outside the body.
What is so special about Wheat Grass? 
The green pigment of the plants – chlorophyll – is the real ‘hero’ of the wheat grass. Plants use sun light to make chlorophyll and thus, trap the benefits and energy of direct sunlight in them. Thus, consuming this green pigment will help to release this energy in our system and allow it to make beneficial changes in our body. Not only does this energy give a boost to our health, but it also improves our appearance. “Healthy In, Healthy Out”.
You will ask why not other greens help then? Well, because Wheat Grass is one of the plants containing the highest amount of chlorophyll in it. About 70% of the plant constitutes of chlorophyll. This releases the much needed energy and catalyses the action of healing and regeneration within the body. Thus, comes its contribution in the anti-aging arena.
Our body can absorb as much as 60% of the wheat grass juice. It is an excellent cleanser, toner and also protects the body from harmful radiations from the sun. It can stimulate blood flow in the body so extremely useful for collagen repair and also, rejuvenating the dead hair follicles.
It is also rich in fiber helping in weight loss.
How to consume Wheat Grass?
Juice it or chew it. Juicing is an easier option as chewing might or might not be a pleasant activity. But, it can be included in salads and dishes which requires garnishing along with parsley or coriander. While juicing, you can strain the juice and apply the pulp on your face and leave it on till it dries or for 30 minutes. Wash it off after the stipulated time.
You can also grow your own wheat grass. Buy some organic or non-organic wheat grains from a farmer’s market and lay them in a tray. This is a great resource for instructions on how to grow wheat grass at home. I have to yet give it a try.


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