What do you know about warts?

What are Warts?
I do not know about the frequency of appearance of warts as a dermatological problem. But, if they appear, you should really take special care of them and nip them in the budding stages rather than letting them grow. They can occur any where on your body so it is very important for you to know about your body very intimately. Check your genital areas especially. Coming to warts, they are caused by a virus and the problem is extremely contagious. You can infect yourself on different places not to mention anyone else.
They are of many types and range from being flat on the body and whitish in color to real solid outgrowths of any color generally yellow. They can bleed and be very painful. So, taking proper care is very crucial. The warts, generally, occur in children aged 10-16. So, mothers should be extra cautious of their children skin too as they can easily contract the disease being most in contact with them.
Precautions and Home Remedies
  • Proper Hygiene is the first thing which should be taken care of
    • Wash the infected areas with dettol (anti-bacterial solution) and warm water properly every time you go for bath.
    • Do not handle the areas with bare fingers. Wear gloves or use cotton pads.
    • Pour 5 drops of dettol (anti-bacterial) in your bath and take bath from it. Always bath with warm water. Stay away from cold. Water boiled and then cooled is the best as it kills the germs.
    • You can also use neem water decoction in your bath as it is a purifying and strong anti-bacterial agent.
    • Use separate towels for the affected areas. Wash them separately in disinfectant daily.
    • If you have warts on genital areas, avoid wearing clothes till the area dries fully. That will avoid any inflammation due to humidity and spreading of the infection.
    • The warts should be soaked in warm water and any loose skin should be removed every few days with a mild abrasive like a pumice stone.
  • Home Remedies which might help (use only fresh ingredients)
    • A very sticky Duct Tape should be applied daily and keep the area covered. This somehow works most of the time. Couple this remedy with others listed below specially the aspirin.
    • Apply Apple Cider Vinegar. This is probably the best home remedy which will work.
    • Dissolve Aspirin in water and apply the solution to the warts. Let it dry for 5 minutes and then scrub the skin off. Use a brush or a dedicated loofah or wash cloth for it.
    • Take a slice of raw potato. Rub it on the wart for about ten minutes each day.
    • Take the peel of a banana and keep its inner side on the wart. Tie it up like a bandage. Change it twice a day. Keep this constantly on the wart until the wart disappears.
    • Mix garlic juice, onion juice, pepper powder and apply it on the warts.
    • Apply pineapple juice on the warts.
    • Take a teaspoon of juice of the coriander leaves along with a pinch of turmeric in it. Ingest this on a daily basis.
    • Eat neem leaves every day. It cleans your system from the inside. You can accompany them with honey.
  • Certain changes in diet can help
    •  Dark Green Vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale, fenugreek, curry leaves, capsicum, brocolli dissolve warts from inside. So, eat all green leafy vegetables.
    • Red and Yellow vegetables and fruits are helpful. Tomatoes, red and yellow capsicum, mangoes, banana, beetroot, corn or maize, pineapple, strawberry, orange, water melon, carrot are some. Can be taken in juice form also (for those possible).
    • Yeast is very helpful so eat breads made in the bakery. Fresh breads would help a lot.
    • Beans, peas, all lentils (pulses) and seeds (cumin, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin) are very good foods for warts.
    • Sweet potato, potatoes, baby potatoes are again very useful for warts.
  • Treatment
    • If your warts are bleeding or painful, you should visit a doctor.
    • Diabetic people with warts on the feet should be treated by doctors.
    • There are many ways to treat the warts but none of them are 100% because the warts can reappear any time. The virus inside your body has to be eradicated to get rid of warts.
    • Topical application of salicylic acid helps with warts but it also takes a very long time.
    •  Laser Treatment is one of the treatments but it is very painful.


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    My family has hereditary wart problem!It majorly covers the area surrounding eyes!I started to notice warts growing on my skin for quite some time!MAny of them grew on face and some on neck!I also saw one near genital area!I am planning to visit Dr tomorrow but Im happy that u post abt it!

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    Humaira, use the duct tape….that sure works…i have read it at many places and someone posted the same on the facebook page…and did you participate in the giveaway? its open internationally…..

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