Sweet Potato facial and eye mask

Sweet Potatoes have amazing anti-aging benefits. It is rich in fiber, beta-carotene (vitamin A equivalent which fights free radicals int he body) and vitamin C, iron apart from vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. It is one of the most nutritious foods available and can prevent wrinkles. The darker the potato, richer is it in its carotene content. It is also anti-diabetic.But, this definitely does not mean that you sit and feed on sweet potatoes. Reason being excess of carotene in your body can cause yellowish color deposits on your skin. This is nothing harmful but definitely embarrassing.
Sweet Potato Beauty Recipes
  • Boil sweet potatoes. Let them cool and mash them. Add a dollop of honey. And, spread over your face. Do not forget the eye area. Let it stay for 20-30 minutes and wash off. You can also add other fruits and veggies you prefer.
  • Instead of throwing the boiled water, soak your feet in it. It will do wonders for your feet. 
  • Cut slices of sweet potato and place them on your eyes. It will rejuvenate your eyes and help with dark circles and wrinkles.
Go ahead and share some of your own.


  1. Anonymous says

    hi… great blog…. i’m hoping u can do some remedy on CELLITUTE and puffy eyes…. i tried cucumber, tea bags on eyes it doesn’t seem to work…. thanks….

  2. says

    Hi…thanks a lot….well i am already researching on cellulite since many days….it is kind of complicated so will take a little time so keep an eye for it and i have already done posts for puffy eyes. I am providing the links, you can go through them and I’ll post any other which I find useful.




    And, doing eye exercises first thing in the morning would be really helpful:


    Another tip is to splash your eyes with really cold water as soon as you wake up. That does help. Do get back on the results even if they are negative. I would love to find out other methods.

  3. Anonymous says

    Good blog. When cutting slices to put on the eyes is that supposed to be raw or after boiling and cooling it down?

  4. says

    It can be used as raw slices. A good face pack and eye pack can be created by boiling the sweet potatoes and mashing them. Place them in a gauge (available at medical stores) or any clean cloth and then refrigerate the cloth for an hour or so. Make sure it is comfortably cold and then put it on your eyes. For using on your face, the mashed sweet potato can be used directly after cooling down to a comfortable temperature.

  5. Anonymous says

    Any remedies you have for stretch marks? I recently had a babygirl and I now look like a tiger all over, sad to say.

  6. mauvict says

    Pls I need help I have cream and sun burn on my face especially the around the eyes. My eye circles are so dark, I have used Acretin 0,0025%,Benzac AC,Eldoquin Forte and depiwhite advanced ACM but it causes acne on my face,and once I stop the colour returns.pls what’s d remedy to this problem.thanks

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