Six Spices to boost brain

Alzheimer’s is an incurable disease at present and can be onset even in your childhood but can not be detected until very late. So, take care good care of your brain as your children’s. Our kitchen is full of simple and powerful remedies. So, here’s is a list of six spices from the kitchen shelf which are strong anti-oxidants and keep you or your brain from getting aged. Make sure you include them in your subsequent meals.
  • Garlic: Brings a different flavor in the dishes and protects the nervous system. Promotes the growth of neurons (nerve cells), increases learning and memory capacity.
  • Rosemary: Lowers pulse rate and anxiety levels. May also help in improving memory performance.
  • Sage: Protects against injurious affects of the toxins on the brain cells. Can be substituted with basil leaves.
  • Clove: is the best source of anti-oxidants so you can start taking a clove or two per day.
  • Turmeric: Promotes removal of toxic metals from the brain.
  • Cinnamon: Promotes effects of insulin and lowers blood sugar levels preventing diabetes which might trigger Alzheimer’s.
In India, you do get four of these condiments pretty easily. Start sprinkling them in your food from today and enjoy the benefits. And, before I forget, let me again remind you, they are anti-aging agents too.


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