A simple recipe for Hair Growth

Well, if you will recall, I had posted a rather elaborate hair oil recipe for faster hair growth. Not that the ingredients would not be available easily or it does not work but it might seem cumbersome to make in short batches and you might be tempted to make a very large batch. And, apart from all these things, with my experience since I have posted the recipe, I have realized that instead of adding a whole lot of different things in a mix of oils, it would be better to focus on a combination of one oil and one herb. Otherwise, the concoction can become too heavy for the hair and the herbs might counteract their effects. So, I have just reduced the elaborate recipe into something very simple and basic.
Hair Oil Recipe
– Any one base oil of your choice (Coconut oil, Mustard oil, Olive oil, Sesame oil, Almond oil or any other)
– Any herb of your choice (Huge Range of Herbs depending on your hair need)
I have talked about too many herbs in the earlier hair oil recipe itself including various flowers, leaves and other herbs. You can choose any one of them at a time and make the infusion. I have few pointers which you should read before embarking on infusions:
  • Never use oils like Vitamin E oil, Evening Primrose oil, Fish Oils for making any infusions. Just stick to the basic oils.
  • Do not even use Castor oil as it is very thick and sticky like goo and is very difficult to wash off if used individually. Though Castor oil has myriad benefits for hair, you need to mix this oil with any other light oil like coconut, almond, olive, jojoba, mustard and such. Either use 50-50 or 75-25 concentrations of base oil and Castor oil respectively.
  • Avoid mixing other oils as they might get heavy too.
  • Each time you are making infusions, choose a different oil and different herb. This way you will be giving the much needed benefit of various herbs and oils to your hair and will also come to know how your hair reacts to each one of them so that you can choose only the best for the next time.


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