Relaxing bath and Shiny Hair with Mint leaves

So, yesterday, I very unwisely bought a lot of mint. And, today, I find lot of it had dried up. Obviously, I did not use the refrigerator for the purpose. So, as it is not usable for culinary purposes and discarding it just like that seemed too much of a waste, I decided to have a mint bath. I cleaned all the mint and dropped it in a pot of water and brought water to a boil. Then, simmered it for around an hour. The water had become all green and smelled like mint. Oh, so heavenly!! I filtered the water and poured it in my bath. Now, here is a twist. I had to wash my hair too and forgot that before pouring the mint water in my bath. But, anyways, I was not going to throw the water and I guessed mint would not really turn out to be so bad for hair. So, I had a most comfortable and relaxing bath with mint water.

And, the results? My skin is not at all dry. Even I tried the scratch method – scratched a line on my hands with my nails, it left no white line which is usually left if I take too hot a bath which I did today also despite all my advices to you to avoid it. And, my hair is so soft and shiny, I can’t get my hands off my hair. I can also claim that my hair has not looked so good in a very long time.  It has become more manageable and there are no frizzes. So, go on and give it a try. You can use mint water as a hair rinse and see the results for yourself. And, of course, do not be surprised if you smell minty all day long. I am smelling minty all over, even my hair!! It feels fabulous. One more plus point is that the bath leaves you unexpectedly cool so it can be a great option on a hot summer day.


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    Sure Humaira, I’ll do this post asap. Thanks for reminding me. I wanted to write about it but it slipped from my mind. And, I found Anamika’s blog a while ago and now I am a regular reader :)

  2. Anonymous says

    i bought mint not too long ago because i wanted to see if it would have benefits to my hair and skin.
    i came across this article and found out it does! thank you.
    i want to try it now 😀

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