Reduce air and sound pollution this Diwali

Diwali is one of the favorite festivals for almost everyone due to various reasons but the most due to the crackers. But, have you ever realized the amount of pollution which can be caused just in one day? Of course, I know that the tendency to burst crackers has reduced to a large extent and year by year, Diwali is getting greener but still efforts must be kept up by every body and those who have not yet realized should become aware of the harm they are causing to the environment.

“On a personal level, my experience on a Diwali day is like why is it so loud and deafening? Oh, I can not breathe. It is so suffocating.”

“How much smoke comes from igniting just a single anar!!”
Imagine this on a scale of every house in the country. My God!!! Its just preposterous. So, this is my humble request to all those who love crackers and wait for Diwali just to burst crackers that please reduce or do not at all burst crackers. I will definitely understand if you can not completely give up because even I have not given up completely. I still love phuljhadi, pencils, anar, charkhi even though I have given up on rockets. Yes, not much contribution but definitely, I have reduced the amount of crackers I bring home. Not buying crackers can be devastating for kids. So, as a solution, you can at least opt for crackers which do not make noise on a huge scale.
For those who think that Diwali is just about crackers, it is not so. Diwali is a festival of lights not sound. Decorating your homes, making sweets, taking part in buying gifts and then exchanging them, all contribute to the festival. Frankly, it is the excitement of a festival which I enjoy more than the particular day. On a further note, I would also add that crackers have really bad effects on animals. So, please be humane and think about their plight too. And, as far as my resolution goes, I’ll buy even less crackers this time and will enjoy the festival in more greener ways.


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