Parachute Head Massager Review

This might come as a very late news for you all because Parachute has been providing head massager along with its ‘Advansed Cooling oil’ since quite a long time. But, I found it in a shop only a few days ago. Consequently, I was very much interested and bought it. I did not try the oil yet. So, I will be writing only about the massager. Well, I would not say I was disappointed. The quality of the massager is obviously not so good but it does the job pretty well so I have no complaints. And, it is pretty handy and can be used for travel purposes too. Well, do not be deceived by the size in the snap because it is a cropped version.

The massager has a vibrator inside it. As you might have guessed the light blue area with the protrusions is the massage area. That part is all made of rubber and is very soft on the scalp and the hair. It does not snag and pull the hair. Instead, it can be used as a comb on the scalp while massaging. This way it does not create any tangles in the hair also. I massaged my scalp for around 15 minutes. And, after that, my hair was so unbelievably soft, it actually felt surreal. And, you can feel the hum in your head long after you are done with your massage. I guess that is the blood rushing. And, it also made my hair shinier and softer immediately. The effect did not wear off by the next morning also. And, using it is more easier than massaging your scalp with your fingers. Though, I would recommend to do scalp massage with fingers once a week too as fingers are more flexible and can reach points which a massager cannot.  It has two days since I have begun using the massager. So, it is too early to say if there is any change in my hair. I should be able to report a change in a month or at least two weeks. And, I am pretty hopeful for that. So, I would wind up by recommending you to buy the massager if you do not already possess one. It is not at all expensive. The oil costs 70 Rs. I think the stocks are getting over so if you want to lay hands on it, you would better hurry up.

Now, there are many drawbacks also. The massager did not really turn out as I had anticipated. I had expected the protrusions also to vibrate thus giving a more realistic massage feeling. But, the vibration is only limited to the body of the massager. That is one thing where Parachute should concentrate and I will say that achieving that would not prove very costly. And, another major drawback is that it works on a battery. And, it uses a lot of battery so you can not expect the same intensity of vibration everyday. It keeps on decreasing everyday. I wish there was a provision to be attached to the current source too. That would have proved cheaper and would have consistently given good results everyday.

But, there is one more advantage with this massager. You can use it for face massage also. I use it daily for a 5 minute face massage too. Having two different massagers for head and face is the best way to go about it but since I have not bought another one, I am currently using the same for both purposes. I would not say I have noticed any great changes on the face but it feels nice when you massage your face with it. If there is any change, I shall report back. In the meanwhile, you can use the massager for your head at least.

Disclaimers: This article is an account of my personal experience. I am not paid to write the review and I am not endorsing the product.  

Update: Buying batteries everyday or every week can become costly so I tried using my digicam’s rechargeable batteries and they worked. My batteries were of the same specification as required by the batteries of the massager. And, the result was even better than using the normal batteries. The rechargeable batteries provide more power so the massaging action is even better.
I used the oil too but just once till now. I wanted to mask the egg smell on my hair during the deep conditioning treatment I was doing and I did not have any oil better than this one (Parachute). It works best because it has a very strong smell of camphor and easily masks the odor of egg. The oil has an aqua shade to it and is a little thick but if applied in appropriate amount to the hair, hair remains non-sticky. You can buy the oil at least for the massager.


  1. says

    I was just checking if my massager is working the same way as for everybody else.
    When you switch it on ,it gives noisy hum and vibrates and there is no motion as far as the rubber red area is concerned , pls confirm

  2. Common sense says

    I have the parachute oil massageer as well but it is very different from yours. It’s exactly like a hair brush in front and the back is like your massager’s, but only it’s in plastic. It vibrates. Works great. Don’t know what you guys are expecting when you say “it works/doesnt”, but for me, if it vibrates and soothes and massages my hair, it works. It’s no magical device that will transform your hair from frizzy to tamed, so don’t expect that. You don’t expect the same from your fingers, do you? It’s just a massager! It’ll do what it’s name says, massage! The vibration will help scalp blood circulation, that’ll help your hair root. It’ll ease up your tensed brain. That’s all what massages and massagers are supposed to do. Thank you.

    • says

      hi. yes, for me, the massager works but the problem is the batteries. getting new one every time is not easy but then this came for free with a very inexpensive product so it can not exactly be a ground breaking gift :)

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