Ice Cubes for your face {Skin Care}

Ice Cubes are one of the quickest ways to restore your face to a fresh and dewy look. So, in case you are ever in a hurry, make sure to just rub your face for a minute or two with ice cubes and you are ready to go!! Another added advantage is that ice cubes constrict your pores making your face look smoother.

They can be a great relief during the bad breakouts and particularly soothing for acne and inflammatory skin. A nice touch for using ice cubes would be to freeze your favorite fruit and vegetable juices into ice cubes. That would provide your skin with immediate anti-oxidants and the various benefits which come from topical application of the particular fruits.

The essentials would be orange juice which is useful for bright face and apple juice which is great for oily skin. You can also go for pomegranates as they are especially high in anti-oxidants and would provide a rosy complexion.

Caution: Applying ice cubes straight to your skin can cause delicate capillaries under your skin to break so wrap the ice cubes in a wash cloth and then apply them to your skin.ย 

Have you used ice cubes?ย 

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  1. Anonymous says

    I did try it in a diff way..i rubbed ice on my face (actually used ice cubes directly on to the face..but next time i will wrap it in some cloth)after 15-20 min i washed my face with face wash….n it really does works…my skin now is so..clean and fresh..
    …hey can the application of orange juice directly to the face and orange juice in the form of ice cubes wil be same???Will the benefits be same…because i wanna this next time..

    • says

      Lemon juice does burn the first 2-3 times you use it! But it should stop after your adjusts to it! If your skin is sensitive you can dilute and still received the benefits of it! Its good for acne & scars as well!

    • Anonymous says

      This is why you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet. This person, although is correct in some stuff, doesn’t know what they are talking about in others. Not because it is frozen, means that the acidic properties disappear. If anything, based on what you are saying, the juice simply wouldnt work at all because it would be completely frozen. It’s not like you can be like “hey, lemon juice, only work for blemishes but dont burn my skin.” Every type of skin reacts differently, an lemon juice is definitely not good for sensitive skin. Also keep in mind that the use of lemon juice should only be done at night and sunblock is a must after using lemon juice. Diluting is a must so the acidic properties don’t go harshly on the skin. Anyone who reads this article, research well what the fruit you are using does to your skin.

      • says

        My skin used to be so smooth and clean but from 1month Im getting my small swelling on my face.My marrage is on next month.Can u plz tell me a tip for faster recovery..

  2. Aks says

    what kind of wash cloth should be used…??
    not for this only but for other purposes also.
    either towel type or some other….!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    I moved to Florida recently and my skin had been terribly suffering from humidity with breakouts and shiny T-zone and I don’t even wear makeup! Yesterday I did used ice cubes after a long day outdoors and voila! It feels amazing! 1- very smooth 2 not shiny for long time 3- firm skin 4- refreshing! I will try the juice ice cubes as well it must be even better!

      • sana jaora says

        I have big open pores on my face.and also wrinkling skinbelow my chick what should i do plz help me.i use ice cubes on my face for last 3 days but if anyother way flto lift up my skin from ice skin is dry and sensitive.plz help me

  4. Anonymous says

    This ice cubes very refreshing ……… when u want to go function before wareing makeup should use ice cubes we can get result that makeup will stay long time ………


  5. says

    hi swati i have break outs so i thought i shd use ice cubes well can i wrap it in cotton and one more thing how many times a week can we do this like applyin on the face please help love u thnks for everythin

  6. Anonymous says

    hi.. swati m shrutika m using ice cubes directly to face. plz tel me how to use mins bfr washng face with face wash or aftr… dark spots goes with ice cubes.. wts d main advtg.

  7. Shelby Jackson says

    What i did was wash my face then squeezed a mini lemon and used the juice on my face and quickly pat dried cuz it stung (its cleaning when it stings) then i put an ice cube in a paper towel and rubed it on my face then it one pre squeezed lemon shell i put the leftover pulp and set it in the freezer. Now i get a warm wash cloth and open up my pores then wash my face with warm water and soap the use my frozen lemon on my face and after words an ice cube in a paper towel and rub it on my face.

  8. Anonymous says

    im using beauche product if u heard that,is this good for the face? content hydroquinone and i rub ice on my face directly i dunno if what will be the effect of rhis..

  9. Anonymous says

    Hello swati..

    Is using ice cubes daily on face is good? If not, how oftenly we can use?

    Wat might be the effect if we apply ice cubes directly on face?

  10. Anonymous says

    Hi swati this is Roop.The thing is now a days im getting open pores on my face it does not looking gud so can u tell me the remeady what should i do to close the open pores?

  11. Ovi says

    My face skin temperature is high than others…i am also suffering from pimples…my skin looks dull….i wash my face well & use moister creams…what is simple way???should i use ice cubes…if yes then how???pls help

    • says

      hey Ovi…well, the skin temperature is something which you can’t control…improve diet and sleep properly…the skin dullness would slowly go away…whenever you think your skin is looking dull, you can use a face mist or something and blot the oil from the face using a blotting paper or a tissue paper. and, make sure you use a good product at night coz it goes a long way in ensuring your skin doesn’t look dull and also, you can use a compact/loose face powder to even skin tone and make it look bright.

  12. Anonymous says

    What do you mean put it in a cloth? How does that work? Can I also cover the ice cube with plastic like a ziplock bag? And are you rubbing the cube all over your face? And for how long? After applying the cube, do I just leave my face or damp my face with a towel? Sorry for asking so many questions but please answer them.

    • says

      yes, you can use a ziplock bag. wrapping inside a cloth means wrapping ice with thin cheese cloth or cotton cloth. you can use it till your face feels too cold to handle ice or it melts. after using it, when the face is damp, follow with a moisturizer. do this on clean skin.

  13. Anonymous says

    Can I use a paper towel to wrap the ice cubes in or will that damage my face? What can I use to wrap the ice cube in?

  14. says

    Hi Swati! I’m not sure if this will notify you since I’m commenting on an old post (if it is) but I saw a comment about not using lemon juice. I’ve used lemon juice on my face for months. You said it was not a good thing in the long run. If I do stop using it, do you think my face sensitivity will to back to not being so sensitive? Can anything help?

  15. Anonymous says


    • says

      yes, using ice will definitely help and I would also suggest you to use blotting or tissue papers to remove the oil from your face whenever you feel the need or otherwise use a good compact or loose powder which can prevent oily face. using aloevera gel also helps in curbing oil.
      for dark circles, almond oil is very very good so just don’t be afraid of oil at all and take a drop of almond oil and apply it on your eyes area using the ring finger.

  16. Anonymous says

    Hi, thanks everybody for the helpful comments. I have been using the ice cube method for two weeks now and the results are AMAZING. Will try the fruit one and see.

    • Desiree says

      I. Just used the ice cubes directly to my face a few seconds with no cloth and pat dryed it…my ques to you is do u use thee ice directly or with a cloth and how long for,

      • says

        hi, please read the following caution. it answers your question.
        Applying ice cubes straight to your skin can cause delicate capillaries under your skin to break so wrap the ice cubes in a wash cloth and then apply them to your skin.

        regd. how long, you can use it for 5-10 minutes because the ice cube will melt in that amount of time :)

  17. Anonymous says

    Halloo every body. I try the ice cube but not with a cloth. So next morning a had a red face. Swati why is that? Is that bad?

  18. ShiQing says

    Hi! I was wondering if the fruit juice that you mentioned were sweet? Can I use those fruit juice that are sold in supermarkets (which are sweet)?

  19. says

    Hi swathi.. I’ve got little open pores which is visible when I see closely in the mirror.. I tried an ice pack on my face .. later I see all the pores gets open in my face.. is ice pack a right solution for me ? If not what else can I try ?

    • says

      pores would be visible if you look very closely and they can never be totally closed because they are holes literally but you can only minimize their sizes only temporarily. yes, do the ice pack. and, everyday, you can use a toner. it helps with the pore size.

  20. says

    For women, make green tea, let it cool, pour into ice cube tray and use as everyone is talking about. It’s a great toner! So use green tea in place of orange/apple juice.

  21. says

    I just wrote a comment but not sure it published. Another great idea for women is using green tea instead of orange/apple juice. It’s an amazing toner you don’t wash off!

    Make green tea, let it cool, pour into ice cube trays and freeze it and use as directed above, but don’t washed off, and let dry then put lotion and anything else.

    • says

      its just like blackheads so steam the face for 2 min and then use a multani mitti face mask, remove with a cotton ball and moisturize. do this every alternate day.

  22. Anonymous says

    Hi im 19 years old and i just started icing my face covered with cotton cloth but wanted to ask that while icing, the melting water is always dripping all over my face is that ok? And after icing, what do i use? Cream or face wash or do i just leave it to dry? And my nose is very oily, so is this gonna help? And do i use it daily, if so how many times?
    Thanks a bunch and sorry for so many questions

    • says

      yes, water will drip which fine! moisturize your face after wiping off the water on the face. use the face wash before using the ice. yes, it helps oily skin. you can use it daily once.

  23. Anonymous says

    Hi swati, deos ice also remove black spots. I ve bin using it for a while now although I ve mine cover in a plastic bag and then I wrap with wash cloth. Should I continue?

  24. Anonymous says

    hi im aurohita i just wanted to ask what i could do to get rid of pimples cause most of the products make my skin dry and using moisturizers makes me get more pimple….does ice help??

  25. Anonymous says

    my skin is fair and i want to become white so i rub ice cubes in my face secretly can it whiten my skin please reply

  26. Anonymous says

    please tell me a very simple way to whiten my skin as i am doing it secretely and i am only rubbing ice cubes on my face can it make my skin whiten please reply as soon as possible

  27. Anonymous says

    hi i want to know that…should i rub my face at night or should i do it at morning before going to my college?and should i rub ice on face before washing my face with soap or after rubbing ice on face should i use the soap?plz reply me soon?

  28. Anonymous says

    I put ice cubes on my eyebags and it works! But my question is.. is it safe? My eyes won’t be at risk??

  29. Anonymous says

    Thank you Swati for your quick answers. Can ice cubes on face whiten skin? If I put it on my underarms, it will whiten too?

  30. Anonymous says

    so from the comment, Lemon juice + ice cubes is not recommended? Was seeing many people doing that on the internet.

  31. Anonymous says

    hiee…can i get rid of dark circles and fine lines under eyes with the help of ice cubes? pls reply

    • says

      it can help with dark circles. but, i don’t think it will help much with fine lines. it will only hydrate the skin. apply a drop of almond oil or vitamin e oil on the eye area to get rid of fine lines!!

  32. Anonymous says

    I stay in kuwait and the weather here keeps changing and also my skin is very very dry…..I also have eczema. My face is dry and red….Will using ice cubes help for my face??
    If not, then what shall I do???
    Please help me!

  33. says

    Ice cubes/and…

    Tip 1:

    Rinsing Ice Cold water over your face after cleansing and then letting your facial skin “Air dry” will naturally close your pores. You will feel your skin tingling as it air dries (if your pores are open) this is a good sign.
    After, apply a cream you feel is useful and will benefit your skin for whatever it is going through. Apply gently.

    I discovered this system when my skin would not budge with its open pores. I felt like I had no control, creams worked but up until a point. I’m only 24 years old, but the stress has built upon my face.

    NOW I use Ice Cubes (sometimes frozen with antioxidants aka fruits/natural juices) and Ice Cold Water along with the creams! All the while being extra gentle!
    Don’t forget to wrap your ice cubes in a little facial towel.

  34. Anonymous says

    im 49 yrs old, can i also use ice cube for my face everyday? i have dark spots in my arms, it is also good to use that?

    • says

      yes you can but make sure you wrap the ice cubes in a towel nicely and do not use it for more than 10 mins. the skin gets thinner with age so capillary breakage is more of a possibility then!

  35. Anonymous says

    Hi swathi.nice tip.can i use diz method twice a day wid lemoncubes or juz water ice cubes?will diz affect my skin?i hav a normal skin;.

    • says

      no, don’t do it twice a day. only once a day is enough. and, i would suggest tomato juice instead of lemon! no, it will not affect your skin in negative way. it will only make it smoother and makes it glow :)

  36. says

    hi, i had massive pimples on ma face but now they gone but still i’ve kind of red marks of them, so can this ice cube technique or something else can help to cure it??
    it have been 2,3 months to see my clear face..
    thnx n w8ng 4 ur sugestn :)

  37. says

    oh sory i forgot, i used to take steam on face to open pores and wash my face.. and then i do ice cube thing… is it ok for me to take steam on face?? and and can i use lemon ice cube thing and cleansing by lemon juice?
    sory for too much questns..

    • says

      oh no, don’t take steam more than once in 15 days. its drying for skin. and, don’t mix the hot and cold things. when you take steam, don’t use ice cubes.

    • says

      wow…m so glad it worked :) pimples recurrence is an issue which can be either hormonal or due to diet issues or some other problem like clogged pores so keep your skin clean and your diet under control and exercise, everything will be fine :)
      and, for pimples, apply ginger juice.

  38. Anonymous says

    Can you just wrap it in a tissue. Please answer right away cuz in a few hours i eill try it. And thank you for the info :)

  39. Anonymous says

    I made the same mistake and did not use a washcloth at first….woke up with a red face…how long will that last?

  40. Anonymous says

    does applying ice cubes directly create any prblms. I have been doing this for quite some time but i haven’t noticed any prblms

  41. says

    Hello, i used ice cubes to rob my face per night only after washing my face with a perla soap. Is it okay to use soap before robbing it in ice cubes? And do i nid to wash my face in morning with soap if im robbing an ice cubes in my face at night?

    Reply plz. Thnx

  42. Anonymous says

    I use ice cubes and a pinch of turmeric powder on ice cubes directly on my face… Is it safe…????
    Plzz tel me asap..

    • says

      hi Shruti…one, do not use ice cubes directly and turmeric powder can be used with something else also na. there is nothing exactly harmful but i would say its not advisable to use ice cubes directly on skin!!

  43. says

    I’m 23 and I have an acne now for almost 6 months already. It multiplies fast. Im really frustrated and my self esteem goes down. I wonder what causes it, I have clear skin before. Ive tried several products and went to the derma already. I had injections, peeling and stuff, i take antibiotics but nothing seems to work. And now Im using ice on my face for 4 days already. Directly applying it after washing in the morning and at night. And i stopped applying any products on my face. And I saw results already. The redness and bumps seems to slowly fade. Im planning to do this religiously. Can ice really stop acne?? And can i apply cream like Pan Oxyl after applying ice?? Or its much better to apply anti acne medications after washing?? Pls. reply thanks..

  44. says

    Hello Swati..
    Read all the comments above and almost all my queries have been solved but still i need to ask you again..
    I have oily face and have fed up with it 22 and my self Esteem really goes down..i have wheatish complexion, however, i look dark…

    Pls suggest something.. i have tried the ice cube method but i dont feel the difference (maybe because im expecting more)..
    Pls help..

    Regards, Jolie

  45. says

    Hello Swati,
    Im 22, wheatish complexion and have pimples on forehead and cheeks..
    Althoug some pimples are small while some are big..moreover, i have an oily skin..
    I have used the icing method before, but I didnt find much effect..however i used to do the icing method 1ce a week..

    1) will following the icing method alternate method help me with my skin?
    2) should i apply ginger juice on on pimles? Will it cause any problem?
    3) using juice ice cubes help me look fair?

    Also help me to look young as i look like im in 30’s..please..

    Regards, Jolie

  46. Anonymous says

    hi swati…

    Im 20 with fair complexion and have pimples on forehead and cheeks,back of my ears..under my chin…
    Although some pimples are small while some are big..moreover, i have an oily skin..

    I have used the icing method before, but I didnt find much now im using this method…
    how many minutes can i use ice on my face?

    and im using ginger extract as mask every night…
    how many minutes can i use it?im just asking to avoid bad effects to my sensetive skin…

    Sir can you give some tips to prevent pimples?

  47. Anonymous says

    Ginger Extract(juice) Plus Egg white as face mask?
    what do you think sir it was good for oily skin with break outs?

  48. Janakiraman says

    I was applied ice cubes directly for few months before. My skin became very dark. Could you please advice how to get my previous skin color.

  49. Anonymous says

    Swati, you are doing a great job here. I’ve a quick question. I used to have a lot of pimples on my face, but thank God its cleared now. But the problem I’ve is because of the pimples my skin has pores. Any tips on how to clear out my skin? Any help will be appreciated.

  50. Anonymous says

    i actually used a bag of green beans and my face is like a babys butt. i also washed my face with cerave body wash for sensitive skin (because i have severe eczema) and i put some cerave lotion on it, it looked to fresh and new. i recommend sensitive skin products.

  51. Anonymous says

    I have bad acne will rubbing ice on my face help and if so what is the mosy affective way of using it?

    • Anonymous says

      Use Green tea, make ice cubes out of it. Don’t wash it off. Apply your moisturizer. Green tea works really well.

  52. Athenachild101 says

    Hi! I use a very similar treatment that I find beneficial. I fill a large bowl with cold water and ice cubes, then dunk my face in it (after gently cleansing it). Come up to breathe every 30 secs. or so, and I do it for 5-10 minutes. It gets in all the cracks because it is water and it goes all over your face! It works better than an ice cube for me and my family, I highly recommend it.

  53. Anonymous says

    Hi..mam..I just asking about the bounce skin…hw can I make my skin bounce and glowing …rosey skin…plz suggest me something

  54. Anonymous says

    hi i am usinh ice cubes directly on my face from quiet some time, i always had a clear skin, but now few pimples are coming on my cheeks , what could be the reason for these pimples, i dnt eat out i dnt oily food still its happening.what should i do???/

    • says

      hi. please do not use ice cubes directly on skin and it should be done only in summers. no point in doing it everyday!! so, discontinue doing that and see if the pimples disappear. and, breakouts can happen due to various reasons other than oily food so check your other diet and also if you have recently changed any skin care product which might be causing a reaction!!

  55. Niya says

    I am 22 and having pimples on my cheeks as before 6months my face was good then after I used many different avon product like scrub and many other facewash after that slowly my face got pimples n now there are big pimples with redness as per you I have started ice cubes before 2 days now the redness is little light wat abhout the pimples and marks ? can u please suggest

  56. eku says

    Hi mam,
    Im 26 yrs old, I do have lots of pim
    ples scars….can everyday using an lemon ice cube …is good for my face……or what shall I do for faster releaf of the scar……ur suggestions …..
    plz rpy mam

    • says

      Please use potato juice on the face to control breakouts and fade the scars. Do not use lemon juice everyday. It will make your skin really dry and sensitive.

  57. Nausheen Nisar says

    I’m 19 years old ..
    My skin is sensitive nd dry too
    since few months back I suffered from acnes .now little scars left .
    I want to know Wat should i use so that my skin glows

    Reply soon

  58. sadhna says

    My skin used to normal but from the last one year it is becoming oily and i have got tiny oil clogs on my face around my eyes and on forehead.
    What should i do? Will ice cube help for the same ? Please answer waiting for reply.

  59. shasha says

    Thanks for the nice article. I have got a follow-up question. Does applying ice cubes to face twice a day cause any side effects? I’m just applying water ice cubes. No fruit juices. My skin is oily skin. I sometimes also apply ice cubes made from green tea. One of my friends told me that if I apply ice cubes to face daily, I’ll get wrinkles easily. Is that true?

    • says

      hi Shasha. I think I have answered this earlier but no you wouldn’t get wrinkles. also, please do not overdo the ice cube application. once or twice a week is enough unless you have problematic skin and then too you must use ice method only when skin is irritated to calm it down.

  60. shivangi says

    i m 22. i have used natures tea tree facial one time..and i hv got some tiny pimples all over my face..its look like that dis facial kit has reacted on my face..bcoz before using it my face ws clear.. what should i do??

    • says

      hi Shivangi. do not do anything for your skin till the breakouts subside. just follow your regular skin care routine. it will be fine in a few days!

      • shivangi says

        hey thnx for dis advice but after that i have got pimples having pus in them and these pimples left some marks on my face what should i do to fade them?? is lactocalamine works for them or vitamin e oil apply on face?? please suggest if these remedies are right or not or suggest some other…

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