Herbal infusions good for Hair

In this post, I have already listed various herbs good for your hair. But, I have not stated why. So, I’ll address that aspect in today’s post and would list down some other herbs too which are good for hair. I have categorized the herbs on basis of their usage. So, check for your immediate requirements and start from there. Many of the herbs share different categories so you can start choosing from them.

Hair Shine and Conditioning
Flowers: Rose, Marigold, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary
Herbs: Basil leaves, Brahmi leaves, Bhringraj leaves, Henna leaves
Kitchen Ingredients: Curry Leaves, Indian Gooseberry (amla), Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves (methi), Lemon peels, Mint leaves
Hair Loss and Hair Growth
Flowers: Lavender, Rosemary, Hibiscus, Chamomile
Herbs: Brahmi leaves, Bhringraj leaves
Kitchen Ingredients: Curry Leaves, Indian Gooseberry (amla), Ginger cloves, Garlic cloves, Sesame Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Black Pepper, Mustard Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves (methi)
Hair Coloring
Flowers: Hibiscus, Chamomile
Herbs: Basil leaves, Henna leaves
Kitchen Ingredients: Indian Gooseberry (amla)
Scalp Care (including Dandruff)
Flowers: Lavender
Herbs: Neem leaves
Kitchen Ingredients: Lemon peels
Tip: Every time you infuse your hair oil, use a different oil and a different herb. Otherwise, it would be like using a product which used to be good for your hair but is no longer great. Always make small batches. Read this for instructions on how to infuse herbs in the oil

I shall keep on adding to this list as I use various other things. In the mean time, you can also suggest some herbs which you feel would be worthwhile.


  1. Anonymous says

    hey, nice tips…
    u made three categories here… each category include again three parts ..
    so tell me dt for one category can we mix all three types.. herb, flowers, kitchen Ingredients and boil them in water for hair rinsing.


  2. says

    hey Nisha…you can mix any of the flowers, kitchen ingredients and herbs from any of the categories…you can boil them in water, strain and use as a hair rinse or otherwise you can infuse your hair oil with the said herbs which would give better results…you can mix all the three types…no restriction in that…hope this answers your question :) do ask more!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    thanks, but on this site i read dt infuse only dry herbs “http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-infuse-herbs-in-oil.html”
    So whts about it.

  4. says

    hey…yeah the reason for infusing only dry herbs is that it prevents moisture in the oil which can turn oil rancid….so the best bet is to dry the flowers and other things for some days and then infuse them in the oil or otherwise using them as a hair rinse after boiling is an easier option if you don’t have the patience for infusions….hope that helps :)

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