Vitamin E and Evening Primrose for Healthy Hair

No, I am not talking of supplements. This is a little advise which I got from my hair stylist when I went for a haircut. Every time you oil your hair, pour a tablet of vitamin E oil and Evening Primrose Oil in the oil and put the container in hot water for 10-15 minutes to heat it up and then, massage the oil in your hair. It helps in prmoting hair growth and keeps your hair healthy. Another advantage of doing this is that your hair will recover from breakages it might be suffering from.

Another tip is that you can also pour contents of 5-6 vitamin E tablets in your hair conditioner as well (both leave-in and after-shampoo). This method will help your hair heal better from any dryness and split ends too.Update: An important detail which I completely forgot to mention earlier. You might also be wondering of how and which supplements to get hold of. So, I was suggested Evion (Vitamin E supplements) and Primosa (Evening Primrose supplements) and they were pretty easy to get hold of. You should be able to find them in any drug store near your house. And, Evion is just 15 Rs per strip and Primosa is a little expensive at around 100 Rs. So, I would say use Primosa tablet once a week and Evion tablets at least twice or thrice a week both in oiling and conditioners for better results.


  1. Sumita Ganguly says

    Hey! I have a query. Can I apply primosa directly on my face mixed with olive/coconut oil at night…once a week. I’m 36yrs old..mother of a 9 yr old.

  2. Reena says

    Hey swati , i get dark spots on ma shoulders and back after waxing , how can i get rid of those
    Suggest any remedy any medication which can help me lighten or remove those scars

  3. says

    Hello, I have a query. Can I mix olive oil + castor oil + almond oil + coconut oil + vitamin e oil + evening primrose oil toghther to control hairfall? Or should I cut off any oil from the misture? Will it work? And what should be the amount of each oil?

    • says

      hi Rashmi. sorry that I am replying so late. I would suggest that you try out olive oil and coconut oil separately and see what works for your hair and use only that. do not use both olive and coconut together since they properties are quite different. also, if preferable, i would say do not use either. just stick to almond and others you have mentioned. do let me know what you decide :)

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