Should you use a body cream or a body lotion?

There is a lot of confusion between which product is better for skin: a cream or a lotion. So, I would start by giving you a definition of both the terms and then you can yourself decide which is the best for you.
Lotion: It is a mixture of few drops of oil in water held together by a chemical substance because oil and water do not mix.
Cream: A mixture of few drops of water in oil. The density of the product can vary according to various formulations.
When compared, body lotions are easier to apply as compared to creams. But, when your skin is damp, creams are also easy to apply as they spread well in contact with water.
Which one is better?
I can not answer this question. It is a personal choice but I can answer a different question: why cream than a lotion? Have you ever felt that your skin has become drier after applying a lotion? I have. This problem is common in people with dry to normal skin and in extreme weathers. Why so? Because, when you apply the lotion on your body, it spreads easily creating a large surface area for water in the cream to evaporate quickly. Thus, it ends up drying your skin after a little while instead of keeping your skin moisturized. The rate at which evaporation takes place is dependent on the environment and the viscosity (thickness) of the lotion. More thick the lotion is, better it will keep your body moisturized.
My Recommendations
Thus, I would just recommend that recognize your skin type correctly and choose products mentioned for your skin type only. Using wrong products can affect your skin and make it look aged.
Dry Skin: Oily creams or thick lotions
Normal Skin: Your choice and preference
Oily Skin: Oil-free moisturizers and light watery lotions
Now, a latest skin type is aging skin. How do you categorize it? Well, according to me, it should go under dry skin because as you age, your skin loses its tendency to keep moisture intact and becomes dry. Also due to the loss of collagen, it is no longer firm.
Whatever my thoughts be, I would definitely love your opinions on this topic. Do not forget to write down your comments.


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