LashMantra Natural EyeLash Growth Serum: Review

PS: The product is not longer available. 
What is LashMantra?
A 100% natural serum which will make your lashes and eyebrows fuller, darker and thicker. The serum is made up of 18 pure cold-pressed oils, botanical extracts like Pomegranate seed oil, walnut and argan oil among many others and vitamin E oil. It is free from chemical ingredients and toxic preservatives.This product is made and sold by Leon Rao. She is also the authoress of  two books: “Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets” and “Organic Eye Care Recipes”.
When and what are the results?
The efficacy of the product is proved very easily within a week of starting its application. You will notice your lashes have become shinier and thicker even if they do not show difference in length. Surprisingly, the serum does not sting the eyes if it accidentally gets in sometimes. The difference in length and density of eyelashes is generally visible in two weeks.
The serum is also suitable for people with light eyebrows. It also stimulates new hair growth so helpful for people with sparse growth.
How to use?
The serum comes with an applicator similar to the eyeliner applicators. It is advised to trim the eyelashes for the effect to be visible soon. But, you can always avoid this step. I would rather strongly advise you to avoid this step because trimming the eyelashes make it lose the natural wave it has. Instead of using the applicator, you can take a drop of serum on your clean finger tips and apply them to your lashes and eyebrows. Make sure to apply to the roots and then gently dab the serum along the length of the lashes (both upper and lower). A single bottle goes a long way as you do not need more than a drop or two once a day. You should continue applying the serum for the first month regularly every night before going to bed and then, the serum can be applied twice a week to just maintain the lashes and eyebrows.
Will I buy the product?

LashMantra is available online only. It is placed at 60$ and shipping charges. If you ask my opinion, I would say that it is worth the money. And, there are always some or the other great offers going to ease up on the amount you spend on the serum.

Disclaimers: I have not been paid to write the reviews. All the opinions expressed are my personal views about the product.


  1. says

    This is a just a eyelash growth. Not a hair oil. And, for more information, please visit the link provided. There are a various number of offers going on from time to time.

  2. Anonymous says

    Sorry, Lash Mantra has not worked for me at all. It smells like old oil. I used it diligently for months, with no effect.

    Also, it was great struggle to get it. I ordered, and waited 3 months. I emailed Lleon Rao, owner of Lash Mantra, to no effect. Finally after many angry emails, she emailed me like nothing was wrong, saying my order had been damaged, and she’d resend. After 3 months I hadnt got it. So after 10 more emails with no response, she said it was on its way. 3 more months I got it.

    I understand if she is just one woman in her kitchen making this. But if you start a business, you need to have excellent customer service. This means you need to respond within 24 -48 hours to customer emails. Especially if they’ve paid you lots of money.

    Lleon of Lash Mantra is either terribly disorganized. Or a bit of a scammer. I’m not sure which.

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