Instructions on washing your face and body

Yes, it is something you have been doing since time unknown but are you sure that you are washing your face correctly? It is possible that you are over-using your cleanser or your hair is peeping on your face when you are washing your face. Similar to washing your hair, washing your face is no big deal but changing little things about your routine will show amazing changes in your skin texture. And, the same principles apply when you take a shower too.

What is the correct way of washing your face? I have elaborated on some steps in the routine which should be given attention.

  • First step will always be to remove the makeup.
  • Pull all your hair back from your face using a hair band. Do not pull it too tightly otherwise it will damage your hair.
  • Splash water on your face. Do not use too cold or too hot water. Neither will do your skin any good except for drying it. Room temperature water is fine even for closing the pores.
  • Take a little amount of cleanser in your hand. Keep it at the bare minimum. The aim is not to get more lather but to clean your face without drying it. You would notice that in case of some face washes, a very little amount produces more than enough of lather. More lather producing products would be more drying for your face.
  • Rub your palms together and apply the cleanser or face wash to your face in circular motions. Do not press to hard. And, see if you can get the circular motions with upward strokes as in case of facial massages. This action would ensure a gentle massage for your face and prevents, in the long run, your skin from hanging down.
  • Be very gentle near the eyes. Sometimes the foam enters the eyes and causes irritation so take care to avoid such a situation as it is not good for the eyes.
  • Do not forget to get the grime out of your eyelashes and eyebrows, behind the ears, on the curve of the ears, creases along the nose and edges of the eyes. These places, often, get very dirty.
  • Do not exceed the time limit of one minute. Excess washing is again not good for skin. Splash lukewarm water first on your face to wash off all traces of the cleanser or soap. And, then conclude with room temperature water splashes on your face. Make sure your face is squeaky clean and no layer of cleanser or face wash is left behind. In case you feel a greasy layer on your face after washing it, get rid of the face wash or cleanser you are using and try a new one.
  • Now, you can proceed to tone your face using green tea or any other toner of your choice. You can even skip this step if you do not want to do it. But, if you do not want to invest in costly chemical laden products, then splashing green tea on your face regularly keeps it looking fresh and dewy. It is a natural toner and without chemicals and full of anti-oxidants. Give a minute for green tea to sink in to your skin before washing it off.
  • Pat your face damp. Do not let it dry completely. Do not rub your face to dry it. The friction from the towel causes the skin to get dry. Or, if you have time, let it air dry. It takes only a minute. Moisturize while your face is still damp.It locks the moisture in.

Same routine should be applied while taking shower. Use as less soap or body wash as possible as they lather a lot. And, do not keep on lathering your body for unlimited time. Instead, finish off as soon as possible. Using lukewarm to little warm water is best for your skin. You would see the difference in your skin within a week of following these strictures to the ‘T’. Do not forget to moisturize your body as soon as you are out of your shower. Best place to moisturize your skin is inside the bathroom. The heat and humid atmosphere will make sure you lock in more moisture and keep your pores open.

Finally, I would wind up this post by stating some tips and precautions:

  • If you use a loofah or flannels in your shower, to get better results, soak them in a mug full of warm water 10-15 minutes prior to your shower. They would become soft and give better lather and are not too harsh on the skin.
  • Do not use dry brushes, loofahs and other exfoliating accessories in the shower more than thrice a week. It can seriously damage your skin.
  • Do you have sensitive skin? Stay away from using any kind of brushes or flannels in the shower.
  • Do not exfoliate your body more than once or at most twice a week.
  • If you take bath twice a day, limit your baths to not more than 5 minutes. And, accordingly reduce the water temperature too.
  • Do not buy a soap which makes “bubbles” in your bath. It strips off the oils from your skin.
  • Always use a non-soapy cleanser.


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