Get the most out of your scrubs

When you are scrubbing your face or any other part of your body, the general trend is to scrub and wash it off. But, yesterday, I thought of improvising a little. While scrubbing my face yesterday, I did it for no more than 3 minutes and then left the scrub on to let it dry. After it dried, I washed it off. My skin was smooth and moisturized. And, I ended the routine with a little of cleanser to wash off any scrub residue left on my skin. There was no need of a face mask and I firmly believe in not overdoing my beauty routines. The result was an even complexion with perfectly glowing skin.

Tip: You can use the products from the market or you can make various scrubs at home. For over the counter products, you can improve the results by adding a capsule of vitamin E oil or a little of aloevera gel before scrubbing. This would give even better results.


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