Double Cleansing to get rid of Makeup {Skin Care}

As you all would already be aware, makeup is terribly drying for skin. But, not to worry since there are lot of cleansers and other products available to wash off the makeup from your face. But, with make up, it is always better to cleanse your face twice. This is called Double Cleansing. First round of cleansing would be to get rid of the makeup and all the dirt in your face and second round would be to clean your face properly to free it of all traces of the product.
Why should everyone do double cleansing?
Double cleansing can be done even if you do not wear make up. It is especially useful for people who spend a lot of time in sun or dusty areas. Everyone uses sunscreen now a days. Sunscreen has the same chemical structure as does the other makeup products because of which a simple cleanser will not be able to get rid of the sunscreen completely from your skin. This applies even if you prefer either chemical or physical sunscreens. Thus, a need for double cleansing.
Ways to remove make up from face:
How to Double Cleanse your face?
  • Use a makeup removing cleanser to wash your face first. You can instead use any makeup removing gels or cleansing milk or cleansing oil which ever suits you best. Generally, oil + water is the best way to go for double cleansing. You can also start with removing makeup with wiping tissues first.
  • Cleansing should be done in circular motions with upward strokes just like a facial massage. Do not forget the delicate eye area, the area around the lips and the ears, your neck and the upper part of your chest. Cleansing should be done wherever you have applied sunscreen or any body part that has remain exposed even if it is feet. And, an area which tends to go ignored most is along the hairline.
  • Wash off the cleanser thoroughly with cold water splashes. Let your skin relax a bit and let it dry. Now, check for the dirt and grime in your skin. If your skin is completely clean, you can proceed with a minimal amount of cleanser for the next wash. If not, a little more with a little of massage would be necessary. So, it is always advised to devote time and clean your face first time diligently removing all the makeup from everywhere otherwise you might need to wash your face 3-4 times which is never advisable.
  • Follow with washing your face next time and you are done.
Some precautions to take care of:
  • Never try to scrub off your makeup. This will instead cause your makeup to get into the pores. So, if you are planning to scrub, remove the makeup first and then follow with the cleansing and then use the scrub.
  • Do not be too harsh on your skin. Use gentle products which are not drying. Cleansing oils are very much available these days. Making use of them would be much more sensible for any skin type even oily and sensitive.
  • Do not over wash your skin and body. And, moisturize well after removing the makeup. And, no double cleansing would not be too drying for your skin unless you are over doing it.
Homemade Cleanser
In a bowl, pour adequate amount of milk and add 5-6 drops of almond oil. Almond oil is best at removing make-up and lactic acid in milk aids cleaning of the skin moisturizing it simultaneously. Mix them. Refrain from adding anything else because you want to clean your face. At max, I would suggest you to add only lemon juice in case of oily skin as it controls the oil production. Take a wash cloth or sponge, dip it in the mixture and apply it to your face in circular motions as advised above. Follow with your favorite cleanser or with milk again and you would get a glowing skin.


  1. says

    which makeup remover do you use Poohkie??? I am currently using groundnut oil and it is a damn good works almost like castor oil…got finished with nivea recently…it was great!!! have to go and buy a new one…any good product suggestions????

  2. veron says

    hi. I’m a bit confuse. is cleansing oil the same with makeup remover? After using makeup remover, should i continue with double cleanse (cleansing oil and cleansing foam) ??

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