Coriander for Skin and Hair

Yes, this might sound a little weird but its true. Dhaniya (coriander) which is extremely useful in garnishing and which we, literally, sprinkle without really thinking helps in combating hair loss. And, there are scores of ways to ingest this veggie. So, whether you include it as part of your spinach-lettuce drink or banana-honey biotin drink, it will bring no change in taste and add more health.
You would be surprised at the amount of health benefits this supposedly insignificant veggie can provide. To name some, it reduces fever, improves stomach capabilities, lowers blood cholesterol, treats diarrhea and improves menstrual flow. It is rich in proteins, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin C, iron, water and many more. Including it regularly in the diet provides a complete palate of nutrients into our bodies. 
To help with hair loss, you can also infuse your oil with dried coriander seeds. You can also make coriander hair rinse by boiling a bunch of coriander leaves in enough water and cooling it. And, who knew that coriander would be good for pimples, blackheads and dry skin too. At least, I did not. Take a little of coriander juice or fresh coriander leaves and grind it with a pinch of turmeric. Apply it on your pimples or complete face and wash off after it dries. So, now, coriander does not just remain some insignificant bunch of leaves lying around.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi.. I have some bald patches. Some will become completely bald i think so. Very interesed in trying out onion juice. Please let me know applying onion juice will helps in regrowth of hair in bald patches.


  2. Anonymous says

    Is castor oil good for hair?
    Usually we get two types of castor oil,one is refined and the other one is not(some what black color)
    Which castor oil do i use for hair?

  3. Anonymous says

    Swati, I read all of the comments.
    What do you prefer Coriander juice or Onion Juice for hairs.
    I have an extreme oily skin. Please help me save my hairs.
    I have already started applying Minoxidil 5%.
    If you are comfortable then I would like to take your 5 min on skype.
    God bless you

    • says

      i have personally used onion juice which i totally recommend and i know coriander to be helpful as well but takes a bit of work to get the juice. you can use onion juice…it helps with oily scalp as well.

  4. says

    Hai, Iam loosing my hair drastically because of pollution and stress, can anyone please suggest me the best oil/combination of oil to use to reduce the hairfall and regrowth of hair.My contact number is 09884524064… Please help me on this…

    • says

      wash your hairs everyday or use hankie or helmet (if you drive) to prevent hair from getting dirty! and, apply neelibrigandi a night before you wash your hair.

  5. Anonymous says

    hey.. i have dis dark skin around my mouth and chin can u please provide me with an effective home remedy plzz and is coriander helpful wid dis prblm ?

    • says

      you will have to take a bunch of leaves and grind them and then squeeze the pulp to get the juice. use cotton to do the spot treatment on the pimples.

  6. Anonymous says

    hii..i heard abt this onion juice …can it help for new hai growth..r there any side effectgs…my hair became soo thin..bcz of stress n dandruf does it helps me…at my childhood i had long n thick hair bt dcz of stress n dandruf i lost it gradually…can i use this now…does it really increases regrowth of new hair…

  7. says

    hi swati,

    would like to appreciate for the good work and details about coriander. would like to know about the rinse you mentioned about coriander leaves after shampoo. is it tested and shows good results.

  8. says

    i have dry scalp with dandruff, excessive hairfall, may be due to excessive body heat, can i use coriander leaves? will it help in reducing dandruff and regrowth of the lost hair?

  9. says

    whenever i apply onion and coriander juice it ends up with hair on my hand so should i stop applying it or i don’t need to worry about it, means will it stop after some days or not?


  10. Anonymous says

    IS coriander useful for hair? Because my hair is fall too much. In how many days hair will grow with use of coriander.

  11. says

    Hi Swati, I have some bald patches and I have tried onion formula but it didnot work for me, so wanna try the coriander one , is it great for stopping hair loss, and regrowing hair, how to apply it , pls suggest, thank you

    • says

      actually onion juice should have worked but if you are prone to baldness then no remedy would work. you can definitely give coriander one a try!! it helps with stopping hair loss rather than inducing hair growth, though.

      grind the coriander and juice it. apply with help of a cotton ball on desired areas.

  12. Anonymous says

    I have daily use coriander water for drinking.( min 6 glass) .its for stomach problem.
    How can use coriander water to avoiding pimple and dark circle to my dry skin.

    • says

      apply the juice of coriander on the pimples and let it dry. wash off.

      for dark circles, cucumber slices help. cut the slices, freeze them for 10 minutes and apply on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

  13. Rajesh says

    Hi swathi,
    My hair is getting thinner day by day and am getting baldness. Can you please let me know what can i do for hair re-growth?


  14. says

    My daughter is 6 yrs old and she has black patches on her face near to her nose and under eyes and neck pls suggest me some home remedies

  15. says

    I will apply twice a day castrol oil onion juice or corinender if its OK for me or not which work fast for my too much baldness

  16. sujal says

    hi swati,

    i have baldness,not pronly, but on the stating head,hair are very thin that scalp is showing..please suggest me to regrow my hair.

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