Another Exercise for Beautiful Breasts

I do not know how many of you have gone through my earlier post on exercises for firming your breasts and home remedies for making them big. But, not having beautiful and perky breasts are a big low-down for women whether they show it or not. Knowing that your body and all its parts are beautiful brings a different kind of confidence and attraction to the person. So, if you are low on your self-image, you should go through those posts. I am sure they would be of help and I can vouch that they have helped me.
Now, I want to add another exercise which you can do make your breasts firmer and more round. Bring both your palms together and press hard in the namaste position parallel to your breasts and press them as forcefully as you can against each other. This helps in tightening the muscles within the breasts. You might feel that this would be no good. At least I thought so unless I tried it. To see the visible effect, try this sometime in the shower and you would see the immediate change in the position of breasts when you are pressing the hands. Your breasts shift upwards and become more perky and rounded.

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