Milk Turmeric Solution for glowing skin

A very simple remedy which works for all skin types and not only protects skin from all kinds of outbreaks but also improves the skin tone and makes your skin flawless and radiant. This remedy can also be stored for some days in the fridge so you need not make it everyday.
Buy turmeric root from the market. Make sure they are long and thin and rich in color. If they are more brownish than yellow, they are old roots. Try to buy new or better if you can plant them in your garden. Turmeric is really good for health apart from its beauty uses. Take a cup of raw milk (better if it is cow or goat milk) and boil in a single root of turmeric in it for an hour or so till the root loses its color. Let the milk cool. Discard the root and refrigerate the milk. Dip a cotton in the milk and apply it on your face. Wash your face with this solution as much as possible or at least make a habit to use it once a day or once in a week. This would control the oil production in the body and also improve your skin tone making your skin flawless. Turmeric also helps in preventing skin breakouts. Thus, this solution is great for all skin types. You can also use this milk to mix your face packs and scrubs.


  1. says

    Hi Humaira
    Nice to see you back :)
    Well, this will stay up to a week in the fridge because milk does stay in fridge but I would suggest to finish it asap because the efficacy decreases the longer the storage.
    Btw, did your skin problem get resolved?

  2. says

    I saved ur blogspot in my favorites but my comp in between had this viruses and stuff so had to install windows again after which I lost ur site!After so many attempts I have found it though I was trying to find u in other beauty blogs like wiseshe but cudn’t!
    Skin is good at times and worst on the others! Im planning to start eating fennel seeds for blood purification!

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    Sorry to know about your computer problems…they can become messy once they start…..I did not know about ‘wise she’ but I searched for it. Would look through it sometime. Anyways glad to have you back. Do discuss your problems here. It would encourage others to do so too. And, this way we can help each other. I hope my tips are being effective for you. Please do give me feedback about them. Otherwise, I would never know what I should suggest and what works or not.

  4. Anonymous says

    Does pasteurized milk make it less effective Swati? I am assuming you can still get raw milk in India?

    Do you know if the milk makes the turmeric more effective? Why the milk, do you know? (Personally, I hate warm milk! But if it is really effective, I’ll choke it down. Maybe the turmeric masks the taste?

    • says

      yes, using pure milk from the cow sheds would be a better choice and cow milk has lesser calories than buffalo’s milk. you can drink it cold as well. milk doesn’t make turmeric more effective. both of them are necessary for glowing skin!

  5. Anonymous says

    Oops, I was confusing the remedy of drinking it with this facial treatment, which I’d never heard of…Ignore that last sentence!

  6. Anonymous says

    Hi, This is very nice and even i have heard it a lot but would like to ask can we use powder turmeric rather than root.

    • says

      this particular solution can be made only using the turmeric root but otherwise on a regular basis you can put a pinch of powder in a glass of milk…you don’t need to boil it :)

  7. ananya says

    hey m having a fair complexion, n I hv got some marks coz of small pox, can u pls tell me any treatment to reduce pigmentation? ??

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