Carrot Face Mask

As I have pointed out earlier that not only fruits but vegetables also make great face masks and are extensively endowed with nutrients required for our skin. Spinach serves as a great hydrating face mask and beetroot can be used to give color to a pale complexion.
Today, I would like to discuss carrots with you. Carrots are, as you all are well aware, rich in vitamin A and helps improve our vision. But, actually, carrot is also very helpful for oily skin. It clears the extra oil from the skin and also takes care of pimples, acne and dark spots. Boil a carrot for 15 minutes. It would turn very soft and easy to mash. Mash it or blend it with lemon juice, orange juice or even the water in which it was boiled. Apply it on your face for 30 minutes and wash off with cold water. Your skin would be glowing. You can open your pores before you apply this mask as it helps carrot to act better on the skin. 
For people with dry skin or normal skin, you can blend carrot with honey or milk cream or even any nourishing and moisturizing fruit.


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for this blog. Carrorts work wonders on skin for sure!

    I suffered from acne as a teenager. Although now i dont have acne but i have large open pores and uneven skin tone.

    I tried having carrot and bottle gourd juice every morning (empty stomach). Also i apply crushed carrot and bottle gourd on my face after cleansing for 30 mins everyday. My pores have visibly reduced in size from day 1 and my skin tone is improving as well.

    Its a must try…!

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