Why is good posture important?

I have already talked about the effect of sleeping posture on our height and exercises for better posture. Now, after speaking about those things, I want to talk about why maintaining a good posture is actually important. There are definitely some obvious reasons like improving self-confidence and your appearance.
The first and foremost benefit is that you do not ever get back aches. Spinal Cord is the first thing which gets affected due to a bad posture and over the years, it loses its strength. Maintaining a good posture makes sure that you spinal cord has strength. Do not strain your spine. And, a proper posture helps in increasing your height as I have already pointed out in my earlier posts. 
Then, there comes benefits of decreased risk of injuries, proper airflow in the body and increased energy levels. Oh, and before I forget, let me point out that a poor posture enhances your body fat and flab. Also, you seem lethargic and convey vibes of sluggishness.
Now, how to improve your posture?
  • Walk with your shoulders forcibly held back and head should be held parallel to the ground. This will put stress on your shoulder blades but that is fine. It will be there until you get used to it. 
  • Always walk with foot facing forward instead of an outward open position. This will help prevent any knee pains in the future.
  • Sit in an upright position in a high backrest chair. Make sure that you provide support to the small of your back too. Otherwise, you will end up with back problems.
  • Do not let your spine remain curved at any time of the day.
  • Hold your neck in a relaxed and upright position. You do not have to stretch the neck forward or high like a camel. Just be comfortable and always hold it in such a way that your face is parallel to the ground.
These are some of the ways in which you can improve your posture and look better. 

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