Wake up early to kill weight

Waking up early is a big hindrance for many people in the way of healthy lifestyle. Some people can just not wake early. I am not commenting on anyone because you can count me in. I try so hard and sometimes, I am able to do it but most of the times, my routine gets disturbed and I end up sleeping till 11 or 12. It sounds heaven for some who do not get time for themselves. But, in the long run, it is really hell. But, I have observed that waking up early makes me happy, keeps me relaxed all day long and my day goes well overall. 
Waking up early does not really mean getting up at 4 or 5 but you can make a routine to get up regularly at 6 or 7. If it is not possible for you to do that right away, decrease your sleeping time by half an hour. Go to bed half hour early and wake up early. This way you would have an established schedule. Waking up early actually acts as a stress buster because your body feels good. And, you get to breathe purer and fresher air which does a lot of good to your body. If you do some deep breathing exercises, that would be even better for your system as you would be giving your body an overloaded dose of oxygen which will kick start your day. Actually, waking early is also great for your skin and hair too. And, it is a great boost for your self-confidence too. Actually, if you do anything out of ordinary or something which you have been trying to do and failed many times, it acts as a stress buster and confidence booster. So, try to do one thing better every day which will improve you overall.
Today’s Habit: Try to wake up early than your regular routine and do some deep breathing exercises in the morning.

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