Procrastination Increases Stress

Our lifestyles have become so hectic and busy that our stress levels are always on the high. But, you know what, if you are a person who procrastinates any work, I have news for you. Procrastination is a major cause of stress. If you are really afraid of doing any task, do it and get done with it. After doing that task, you will have a major boost of self-confidence which is actually worth working for. I know how it feels to do a work when you really do not like doing. 
And, I am really embarrassed to confess that I have been procrastinating one of my work since three years!! I know it sounds really foolish, especially, when you do not have any other alternative. But, it is not that I did not want to do the work. Ok, may be, yes. The main reasons of my procrastination are lack of deadline, lack of pressure, extreme laziness, lack of passion for that work and fear of failure. In short, you can say that I am really low on self-confidence right now. But, I have come to realize and would really want to advise everyone who think of procrastinating a work even for a day that please do not. One day is equivalent to procrastinating indefinitely because you will never feel like doing a work which you do not like. But, I have come to realize that it slowly builds on stress. And, excess stress can even lead to depression and nervous breakdowns.
So, for everyone, leave the idea of failure and forget that there is anything like relaxing for a day when you have work. Get on with the work at hand. If you do not like it or are afraid of doing the work, break it down into chunks and deal with those chunks one by one. Everyone part of the work which gets completed will make you feel good and better and of course, the work you are supposed to finish is nearing the closing line. So, be optimistic and start from today. Trust me when you start getting on with the job, you will start enjoying your work too.

Today’s Habit: Do your work today itself. Do not leave for tomorrow.

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