Lose Weight with Love

This is a really interesting article I came across when looking for weight loss tips. And, probably the best one which I think will work out for anyone who cares to give it a try. The articles says to love your body and yourself for what you are instead of just cringing on every extra flab and fat on your body. Accept your belly pooch or wrestler arms and look for the goodness in yourself. Appreciate yourself instead of criticizing. And, treat your body as a temple. Look out for everything you feed it and feed only the best and freshest things available. It might seems impossible to try all the items listed in the article so go for it one by one and try to substitute something which is not available. Like, the article says you to incorporate green juice. You can use the spinach-lettuce drink as a substitute and add other various foods which you like. Read the entire article here.

I would like to add that whatever your body type or size, it is very important to wear clothes which flatter you not the ones you flatter. Some clothes look fabulous on mannequins and friends but if they do not flatter us, there is no point looking silly in such clothes. If you have unsightly arms, do not wear sleeveless. Avoid wearing fitting tops and shirts with potbellies. Instead, go for umbrella cut tops which will hide your paunch and believe me they would make you look great. These were just examples. So, next time, you choose clothes, choose wisely and do not forget to try them before buying. Same goes for jeans too.

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