How to avoid wrinkles during sleep?

Don’t we all love to sleep like Garfield????

A wrong sleeping posture has been attributed to the increasing premature wrinkles on our faces. This is for people who do not sleep flat on their backs. And, if I am not wrong, many of us actually fall under this category. Many people do not feel comfortable and get deep sleep if they sleep flat on their backs and since childhood, we get used to sleeping on our sides and on our stomachs. Personally, I feel there is nothing wrong with that but it is certainly true that sleeping in those postures creates folds on the skin which on a prolonged time develop into fine lines and then deep crevices in the skin. So, if you want to avoid that happening to your face, you should practice sleeping straight on your back. Or, you can find various other home remedies to get rid of wrinkles here.

Well, I am not very sure I would ever be able to follow this advice. So, I started searching out for alternatives. The simplest answer which I thought was to apply a little on oil around the eye area to prevent the skin from wrinkling. Yes, it is as simple as that. You can take a drop or two of coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil or vitamin E oil straight from the capsule and massage it gently into the skin around the eyes and also on your lashes. Take care not to let the oil enter your eyes. This way, you skin remains moisturized around the eyes and does not get wrinkles. And, applying the oils like coconut, castor, vitamin E and almond also makes sure that the already fine lines go away. And, the added benefit of massaging the eyelashes with oils is that it ensures better growth of eyelashes. Just remember to wash your hands properly before applying the oil. You can substitute the oils with any natural body butter you have. Shea or Cocoa butter will also do a good job. And, you can also go for milk cream or white butter which is the perfect home remedy for removing the tan and darkening around the eyes due to exposure to sun. But, sleeping on your back still remains the best way to keep the wrinkles at bay.


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    hi thank u soo much 4 replying , just 1 more doubt , u knw i just purchased lotus herbal cleanser, lotion , shampoo, but after i came back home i saw to my dismay the ingredients list which was very discreet, not mentioned the preservatives that they have used or the base nothing at all its just plain like 4 ex if its cucumber & basil cleanser that is the only 2 things in the list, im quite puzzled , is this really herbal ? i doubt now .wt do u suggest ?

  2. says

    hey swathi
    well i hate to tel you that there is hardly anything in the market which is purely herbal or ayurvedic or natural or even organic. the products in the market have a long shelf life of about 2-3 years which is not possible for natural products. they have to have preservatives in order to stay stable for a longer time.
    anyways, keeping all that aside, do not worry about using lotus products. it definitely has chemicals but it is very gentle and effective. And, I think that it has less amount of chemicals as compared to other commercial products int he market like dove, pantene and all. So, do not worry about using them. The products might even suit you well.

  3. Anonymous says

    hi which brand of almond oil are you using? where can i get vit E oil because i jsut can’t get it in the market..

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    hey…sorry for delayed reply :) was out of touch with internet….
    I use rogan badam shirin almond oil…you get it everywhere in the medical stores and is very popular…and regarding the vitamin E oil…I use “Evion” tablets…ask for a single strip or more in the pharmacy…they are pretty cheap and available easily in the medical stores too…
    hope this helps :)

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