Homemade Head to Toe Beauty Recipes

I would like to share with you an interesting collection of the beauty recipes I found online which cover your whole body so you can set aside an afternoon or an evening for yourself and give yourself a spa-like indulgence. These homemade recipe collection includes a foot soak, milk bath, papaya face mask, honey hair pack, a lavender face spray, facial massage oil, fresh strawberry mask, avocado hair conditioner and recipes for various kinds of bath soaks like a bubble bath or an invigorating bath. So, go ahead and enjoy the recipes here.While you are there looking at the recipes, you can also have a look at various homemade beauty care tips. These tips include recipes for an aloe vera facial cleanser, a chamomile and oatmeal facial scrub, an avocado facial mask, honey lip scrub, pineapple sage facial mask, hand and foot scrubs, a lavender bath, a skin forming clay mask, a refreshing toner, an eye cream and an all purpose moisturizer. Look for them here.

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