Essential Oils: Good or Bad

Have you ever bought essential oils in the market? Do you know that there is an FDA regulation which allows the companies to say an essential oil is 100% pure if it has 10% pure oil in it. So, unfortunately, the essential oils available in the market are not at all pure. If you are absolutely sure of the brand you are using, then it is fine for you to use it. But, in case, you are a new user, it is better you do the brand research properly. Today, I would discuss how to create your own essential oil at home but it definitely would not be as strong as the original essential oils.
Take a transparent glass bottle with a screw top. Fill it with your favorite choice of herbs like rose petals, jasmine flowers, lavender flowers, orange peels or any other herbs you like. Fill them up to 3/4th of the glass bottle. Now, pour a base oil like almond oil, coconut oil or any other oil of your choice into the bottle up to half of the bottle. Now, close the bottle using the screw top tightly pressing the herbs in the bottle as much as you can. Put it in direct sun light for three days. Make sure the screw top is closed as tightly as possible. Keep on closing it even more tightly every day. After three days, you can strain the oil and use it anyway you want. Make sure you finish it before a week. So, make small batches every week.
You can also infuse your oils with herbs instead of going for essential oils. This way you will have pleasant smelling oils in the house and reap the benefits of the herbs along with the oils.


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    Hi Nikki
    Yes, the essential oils can be used for any kind of purpose but you are not supposed to use them directly on the skin as they are really concentrated doses of oil. You need to dilute the essential oil in a base oil like almond, coconut, olive or any other oil and then use them. You can put 10-15 drops of essential oil for a 100ml or more of base oil. That is how the ratio goes.
    And, essential oils are useful for many things other than aromatherapy like lavender and rosemary essential oils are great for stimulating blood circulation in scalp and promoting hair growth. Similarly, peppermint oil is again said to be a great refresher for body and tea tree essential oil is great for anti-bacterial and inflammatory uses.
    Hope this answers your question. You can get back to me for any other queries.

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    Megha, I know you will hate me for this coz I am never able to answer your questions about where to get the things but I honestly donno….I have used lavender essential oil only once till now…it was from Soulflower but did not like it much…I got it in Hypercity here….wait a min….I can answer this one….chec out Fab India…I saw lavender and some other essential oils there….was planning to give them a buy….each costs 250 bucks so left it for later…in case you do try them do tell me…would love to get a review on them….

  3. Megha says

    Hey, not at all………I am hunting for Rosemary oil or dry herbs here, sure will…..and I tried the shampoo dilution today….felt grt….will continue for few more uses to see better results..thanks …..

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    Megha you can even get the dried herbs in Fab India…I saw the bottles….they sell it for cooking purposes so you can buy and use them though I am not aware of the price….one thing I have observed is that Fab India is too pricier for its quality and quantity….but then you get the most genuine stuff there only…a trick I would tell you to know whether the contents of the bottle are genuine is to gauge the freshness of the product….even an untrained nose can tell that…ven you will find the product, you would know it coz I recently got Rosemary herb from somewhere and I smelled it…there was a freshness associated with the herb and the whole thing was really clean…btw I am not sure if Fab India has Rosemary…I saw basil and oregano….

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