Do you check the expiry dates of your products?

Checking Expiry dates of the products is really very important. Be it a face cream or a chocolate or any other processed eatable, there is a limited time in which these products should be used up. Otherwise, there are just worth discarding. It is very obvious that one spends a lot of hard-earned money buying favorite edibles or cosmetics and no one really feels like discarding the stuff. So, always make sure you buy only the required amount of things and finish them before buying another lot. This applies for both cosmetics and eatables. And, before you buy, make sure that the product is fresh so that you would not have to end up discarding it.

Expiry Date poses problems most for eatables and sunscreens. And, any other product which has active ingredients in it like enzymes or vitamins. Sunscreen formulations always degrade with time so it is always best to buy a fresh product and use it up before you buy another batch. Similarly, check on the expiry date for the eatables because generally the eatables are in edible condition for only six months from the date of packaging. So, next time, pick the freshest batch of snacks or biscuits. Even the fresh veggies have their own expiry date as you well know. So, do not bother keeping foods in your refrigerator. Instead, go and buy the freshest vegetables and fruits you can. And, do not forget to compost all the raw food if you are discarding instead of throwing into the dustbin.

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