Breathing: a way to lose weight and detox

Today’s Habit: Breath deeply.
Detoxification and losing weight are becoming too similar these days because the habits or the lifestyle which one should lead to achieve both the goals are same. When you help detoxing your body, you tend to lose all the unnecessary fat in the body which has been accumulated just as a result of the unhealthy lifestyle one has been following. There is one simple habit which one can follow everyday to help your body detox and lose weight.
Breathing is an art which is best learned by watching the sleeping babies. If you notice them, you will find that they breathe from their abdomen/stomach. That is actually the correct way of breathing. Over time, we get so engrossed in our life that we forget to breathe and our breaths become shallow which is inadequate for the proper functioning of the body. The way we breathe (from the chest) does not allow the body to take in enough of oxygen which is important for the proper functioning of the body.
So, every time you breathe, remember to breathe from the abdomen. To help you with the habit, you can perform pranayam or breathing yoga postures. The best bet is anuloma-viloma posture which I have already talked about in one of my earlier posts.Performing this exercise and pranayam everyday by taking deep breaths early in morning as soon as you get up, you would be in-taking more oxygen into your body. This will also help in proper blood circulation all over the body and hair growth. To help you with deep breaths, you can also resort to heavy and intense exercises if you like.

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