11 Reasons not to eat dairy products

Yesterday I was just browsing through the internet and looking up on certain articles on eating dairy products and their effects on health. Well, let me inform you if you do not have an idea that eating dairy products cause us to age quickly because the dairy products are acidic in nature. Avoid milk and milk products if you want to look young. But, I actually came across an article which put forth a total of eleven arguments in favor of not eating dairy products and some of them, I must say, are really compelling and made me rethink about milk, milk products and the consequences.
The main argument is the condition in which the cows and buffaloes are kept and the food they are given to eat. And, personally, I have seen some cowsheds within my city and I acquiesce with the condition. The cattle is generally fed
Milk has also been linked to osteoporosis and arthritis. And, one more thing which I want to add is the milk in the cartons and packets we get now are pasteurized and deprived of all the nutrients so you drink milk or not, it is not going to make any difference to you. You can read the entire article here.
There is something more I would like to bring to your attention. I did some research on milk and discovered that there is a growing craze of drinking raw milk these days as it is deemed to be highly beneficial for the body. For that, I just have to say that one should never drink raw milk and please never feed it to your children. There are lot of viable reasons for that. Firstly, the cows are no longer getting their feed from clean green fields as they used to when there was less pollution during the time of our grandfathers. Secondly, the food they are fed might have bacteria which is not good for our bodies so you really need to kill that bacteria. And, finally, you do not know about the hygienic conditions in which the cows are milked. Thus, boiling raw milk is the best way to consume milk and if you use the milk cartons available in the markets, you can drink straight from the carton as that milk is already pasteurized and does not need to be boiled. Drink a glass of boiled milk everyday to stay healthy.


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    yeah thats true…my mom also told me so..not only that she even says egg should be boiled and shouldn’t consume it raw….also the fruits or vegtables like carrots, potatoes etc that grow inside the soil must peeled off to avoid harmful effects..

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    wow…didn’t know all that…some people do take raw eggs with milk and there is something called egg nog if you have heard though I have no idea how it tastes or how people can drink it :) probably an acquired taste.

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