Why should you take proper sleep?

I have posted a lot about the benefits of taking proper sleep like beautiful skin and hair and weight loss. Now, scientists have found out more reasons for taking a prolonged undisturbed sleep. 
  • It is important to sleep properly to have a long life. Fragmented sleep decreases our life. 
  • Fragmented sleep is one of the reasons for heart problems. It raises the levels of bad fats in the body along with cholesterol and cortisol.
  • Fragmented sleep is one of the reasons of high blood pressure.
  • So, in all, fragmented sleep can be a lot dangerous to you. This applies for insomnia patients too. 
  • Leaving all the health problems apart, fragmented sleep does not allow your brain to rest well or let your body functions get performed properly. Thus, you will feel tired and weak instead of feeling recharged after a good night sleep. So, always remember to take a proper nap for what ever length of time and help your body help you.

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