Pep up your home facial sessions

Well, now that you know how to go about doing a home facial, you can pep up your home facial sessions with some live ingredients and fresh juices which will do your skin a lot good. Let us discuss what all you have at hand.
Ingredients for oily and combination skin
  • Red Wine Facial
Red Wine is the latest craze at the upper crust salons and which one obviously can not afford on a mediocre income on a regular basis. But, need not worry for anything. Well, I think that most of really do not own a good wine too. So, what we will do is use the basic ingredients of wine. Yes, you guessed it right. Grapes. The only thing you would need for this facial is a bunch of high quality grapes. You can go for American
Grapes or the black ones available in the market. Pick the ones which do not have seeds. Now, extract glass of grape juice using a juicer or just crushing the grapes in a blender. Either way is fine. Make a fresh batch for every facial session. Add a few drops of the juice to the cold cream while massaging your face. Mix the cream and the juice for proper consistency and use the rest for mixing the clay mask. Remember, not to store the juice. As you know, grapes are rich in anti-oxidants, it is great for anti-aging skin care.
One more thing is that if you have red wine at your home, you can mix a few drops of red wine with your cream for proper consistency and continue with your facial. Red Wine too is rich in anti-oxidants and great for anti-aging skin care. It also gives a pinkish tinge to your skin.
  • Pomegranate Facial
Extract the juice of pomegranates and add it to the cream. Pomegranates are the latest fad in anti-aging skin care.
  • Berry Facials
You can use strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or any other kind of berry, if exists. Extract the juice and mix your cream with it and enjoy a glowing complexion.
  • Citrus Fruit Facials
Again use orange or red orange or mandarin orange juice, grapefruit juice, tangerine juice, lemon juice or sweet lime juice to get a flawless complexion.
  • Black Plum and cherry facial
Add black plum juice and cherry juice to the cream.
  • Pineapple facial
Add pineapple juice to the cream and blend nicely. But, remember, not to add too much. Just 5-10 drops of juice is enough for a facial session.It is great for acne prone skin and rejuvenates the skin because of its high concentration of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids.
Ingredients for Dry Skin
  • Mango Facial
Make mango puree out of a ripe mango and blend it with your cream for a smooth consistency and use it for facial.
  • Honey Facial
Keep honey pot in warm water for sometime. The consistency of honey will turn thin. Then, pour a little of honey in a cup and blend it with your facial cream.
  • Peach Facial
Mash a ripe peach and blend in with your facial cream. Peach is supposed to be the best for dry skin.
  • Papaya Facial
Mash a ripe papaya and mix it with your facial cream.

  • Avocado Facial
Mash a ripe avocado and mix it with your facial cream. It is extremely moisturizing and keeps skin soft and flawless.
Ingredients for All Skin Types
  • Essential oil Facials
You can mix 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oils in the cream. Use essential oils good for oily skin like sandalwood, lavender, rosemary, rose, orange, lemon, or any other.
  • Cocktail Facial
Mix the fruits good for your skin type with the cream, blend for proper consistency and you get a fruit cocktail facial.
  •  Milk Cream Facial
Add raw milk to your cream and blend properly. You can also use milk cream or white butter for a more moisturizing effect.
  • Beetroot Facial
Beetroot is again good for bringing a pinkish tinge in your face. It will be more visible on a fair skin. Extract beetroot juice and mix it with your cold cream.
  • Refreshing Facial
The most favorite ingredients are watermelon juice and mint juice. You can use them individually or combine them to get a thoroughly refreshed skin. The cooling nature of both ingredients will be relaxing for your skin and particularly useful for reliving from sunburns or soothing the untimely breakouts. Use freshly cut mint if you have one at home.
  • Floral Facial

Grind the fresh rose petals and add them to your cream. You can even indulge in other flowers like jasmine, marigold, chamomile, rosemary and lavender. You can also go for herbs like sage leaves which are extremely good for skin care. Always be sure to pick the fresh flowers just after the morning dew.

  • Green Tea Facial
You can add green tea or any other tea also to your cream and blend in nicely.
  • Aloevera Facial 
Aloevera gel is the best for skin care again. So, pick a fresh leaf from the aloevera plant in the afternoon (at that time the gel is full of the minerals) and remove the gel from it. Mix the gel with your cream and perform your facial with it. And, aloevera is great at curing all the skin infections so it suits all skin types.
  • Chocolate Facial 
Here comes our favorite. How can we ever forget talking about chocolate in skin care. Add cocoa powder to your cream and make a smooth paste. The facial will give your skin a chocolaty fragrance and a clean moisturized skin.
Other Tips:
  • Use shea butter or cocoa butter with your cream or use them as a base for your facials if you have access to pure butters.
  • You can also use almond peels or orange peels in your cream. They provide gentle scrubbing while improving your skin type.
  • You can even mix and match all kinds of ingredients specified above or ones you can think of in your facial. You can use all the things which you can think of in facials so get crazy. Use spinach or lettuce or cottage cheese or potato juice or turmeric or sandalwood paste. The options are endless. Be innovative and do share your recipes.


  1. Anonymous says

    hey, I have a very sensitive skin especially the cheeks area. can I use fresh aloe vera gel on my skin directly? same goes the question for lemon juice?

    • says

      hey, yes, you can definitely use the aloevera gel but you can’t use lemon juice as it is highly acidic but you can use tomato juice mixed with honey which is equally good and gentler than lemon juice. hope this helps :)

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