Onion for hair growth

So, has anyone heard of using onion to combat hair growth. Well, its true. And, I can assert this because I have tried it on myself. Onion is rich in sulfur which is one of the essential nutrients in promoting hair growth. So, if you are facing a lot of hair fall problems or have developed any bald patches on your head, try onion. It stimulates hair growth. It is also beneficial for people who want to increase the length of their hair. But, putting onion on a very healthy hair would really not show much difference. Onion is also useful for treating dandruff and other scalp infections like dry scalp or itchy scalp. For any major infections, you should definitely consult a doctor. Onion is not a medication.

The easiest way to do is to collect the outer peels of the onion which are to be discarded (while cutting the vegetables) and blend them. Put them in a sieve cloth and extract the liquid. Apply the liquid on your scalp. You can also apply the blended onion paste directly too. The smell would be stinking so you have to wash your hair after that. Keep it on for half- hour or as long as you can and then wash off with a mild shampoo. Do this as many times as you can in a week and you will see results within a month or two. You have to be consistent with the treatment. You can also add fenugreek paste to condition your hair simultaneously. Try to be innovative. Add eggs, honey, fruits, oils or anything else you are in a mood for.

Another advantage of applying onion on your hair is it will give you hair a nice coppery shade. It makes your hair look glossy. But, if you want to maintain the natural color of your hair, mix the onion blend with adequate amount of mustard oil. The oil will prevent the color lightening caused by onions. And, you can increase your daily consumption of onions for a beautiful hair.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Im in india, my age is 26 years.have been facing hair loss since 2006

    I am trying this onion thing since last 6 days, and im taking regular pictures through my cell fone to measure the changes…
    will comment again…in case any changes are found

  2. says

    Hey….sad to hear that you have been facing hair loss since so long but I would be really interested to hear your feedback on using onion…but one thing I want to tell you beforehand is that hair grows slowly so you have to give it time before seeing any results….you should really check for results after a month at least…

  3. Trina says

    can i use it once in a week?cos i m little lazy and feel comfortable doing this in holiday.pls answer,thnk u

  4. athi jemini says

    great article. i am also going to try it. My hair is falling and thinning for about one year. I don’t know whether i can stand with onion smell. But i will defenitely try if it grows my hair strong and healthy. Thank u for the info.

  5. says

    do try it :) I am definitely sure it will help you…just today I received a mail from one of my friends that one usage of onion juice has considerably decreased her hair fall and made her hair shinier and smoother so I am sure it will help you :)

  6. Anonymous says

    Thanks for giving these Tips iam also trying this onion for hair growth lets hope for a good results

  7. Anonymous says

    recently i heard about this, but can you confirm me that whether onion can be added to coconut oil & applied daily basis, is it good?

  8. says

    oh yes definitely….it is quite good…actually you can combine onion juice with any oil and apply..it is quite good for hair :)
    and in case you mean boiling coconut oil with small red onions, well…my advise is don’t…heating oils breaks its chemical bonds so it doesn’t really do any good so it is best to extract fresh juice and mix it with oil and if you want you can heat the oil a bit by placing the container in hot water!!! hope this helps :)

  9. Anonymous says

    thanks swati, actually my friend has heated the oil & added crushed onions & gave , can i use that ? will body get heat due to this or any side effects for daily use? thanks rajalakshmi

  10. says

    hey rajalakshmi…ya sure you can use the oil but ext time make sure not to heat up the oil…instead of that you can make infusions by keeping the oil in sunlight or something like this: http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-infuse-herbs-in-oil.html
    and no, using the oil will not make your body hot or anything…don’t worry about that coz onions are generally prescribed to avoid sunstroke so it can’t increase the body heat and no side effects also :)

  11. Anonymous says

    Hi ,
    I am mahesh sufferinf from hair loss from 11 years and main due to Dandruff can i use onion juice to resolve my problem.


  12. says

    Hi Mahesh
    yes you can definitely use this…but there are many reasons for hair fall apart from dandruff so you should consult a dermatologist or a trichologist to make sure it is not due to some health problem…hope this helps :)

  13. Anonymous says

    Hi am ramesh from chennai suffering from hair fall and dandruff…..i have doubt……both small r big onions shall be used r any particulars r there…..please tell me…….

  14. Anonymous says

    Thanks for this lovely post, just wanna know that does the smell of onion linger even after the wash? plz do let me know as my hair has been thinning and can i mix olive with the juice as they say even oilve oil helps in hair growth and thicking.. is it true…
    awaiting to hear from you

  15. Anonymous says

    Hey!!! interesting. Can i use it with olive oil and than wash it with aamla, reetha and shikakai water? Will it work?

  16. says

    @Ramesh sorry for the delay in reply but yup you can use both kinds of onions big and small but using a big onion will result in more juice and the red ones have higher content of sulphur in them so they are more effective…hope this helps :)

  17. says

    @Anonymous yes you can definitely use this with olive oil and they do say that olive oil helps with hair growth…I can’t say anything because I have never used olive oil but if you are buying olive oil, go for extra virgin olive oil which is cold processed….it does help in keeping hair smooth and shiny as far as I have heard!!!

  18. says

    @Anonymous yes you can use it with olive oil and wash it with shikakai and reetha water….it will keep the hair healthy and the onion smell doesn’t linger after the hair wash so no need to worry on that account :)

  19. Anonymous says

    hi .. i am 20 years old and suffering from extreme hair thinning at frontal left and right sides from past 2 an half years so can this onion remedy regrow it back to thick …please reply…..GM

  20. Anonymous says

    hello swati this is Ramesh…..how many days this will take to begin result,Is there any proof of anybody got the hair back…..when applying onion more hair’s are falling off…..what’s the reason for that…..kindly reply me…..

    Thank U

  21. says

    @Ramesh onion juice does work and I have used it personally which I have mentioned in the post too but if your hair is falling off, its better you stop using it…it might not have suited you…and it does give results which become apparent in a week or two…hope this helps!!!

  22. Anonymous says

    hi….i m misha…..i read ur article seems very interesting i wana ask can i use onion paste with egg n yogurt???? n using just once a week will show result in 2 to 3 months….i have very thin hair i want it to grow thicker fuller n longer will this remedy help??? i have no health problems…looking forward to ur reply….

  23. says

    Hi Misha…I am not able to think of any reason why you can’t use onion paste but remember that it might be really strong and might sting the eyes real bad….juice itself is pretty bad to use but otherwise that should be fine and yup it should show some result in 2-3 months definitely and be regular with usage and eat well…that’s the most important :) coz hair grows from inside so feeding it from inside is more important and do at least 5 min scalp massage daily!!! that helps a lot…

  24. says

    hi…onion juice helps with hair fall and hair growth…it does help with patches of scalp where hair follicles lie dormant but bald patches which have no hair follicles can’t regrow hair but you can apply it and give it a try!!!!

  25. vikrant says

    Hi Swati,

    Thanks for sharing your information,…
    i am also giving it a try.. but not able to make it regular..
    I am just rubbing the onion on scalp ..
    So want to know will that help?

  26. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,

    i have lost a lot hair.. easily i can see there is very less density of hair in the front portion..
    how can i see the effects of applyig onion juice.

  27. says

    hey…I would suggest you should take a snap of your front head portion and then use onion juice regular every time you wash your hair for 2weeks to 1 month…I would suggest wait for a month and then you can take another photograph under same conditions…you will definitely find the difference!!!

  28. swetha says

    hi swati swetha here gud info even i m goin to try this every day as m not goin out of my house…so will let u know the difference…and i googled a lot i think it wud definately work…

  29. Anonymous says

    Hi Swathi.This is Rajiv… Nice post. I am having hairloss since 2006. I think its due to hereditary reasons. I will start using this. Hope it works out for me and I have new hairs popping out of my head.

  30. Anonymous says

    I m dpak. i hav been losing my hair since 2 yrs 4m now and my hairs r thinning specially at the front. I read many articles abt onion . I would like 2 know dat how much tim i should continue using onion(paste) coz i hav just lost my hairs on my frontal part. Can i get my thick n long hair back ? In case if i get back then ahen should i stop 2 use it or should i use onion even after geting my hair back. Plz do reply…ok
    i wil b posting abt my hair result . thank u……

  31. Anonymous says

    Hey Swathi.. Rajiv again. started using it. i dont know whether it will work out but hair look healthy after i use it. I will keep posting about the results…

  32. says

    Hi Swati,

    i m 31…i have lost a lot hair.. i can see there is very less density of hair in the front portion…….showing very less & thining hairs …………i hv alrady started onion juice from last 2 weeks…. will it really help me………..
    With Regards,

  33. Anonymous says

    Hi..i would like to know whats the best way to extract the juice. shall i use the juicer? but then will the juicer smell bad?

  34. says

    hi…I am not sure if the juicer will smell bad but there are pretty high chances of that!!! I would say that grate the onion using a cheese greater and then, squeeze the grated onion and you will get enough juice for applying on the scalp!!! Hal or even quater of an onion is enough for the scalp application :)

  35. Anonymous says

    I dont have a cheese grater:( do have a blender though. n thanks swati for replying so quickly:) can i sleep on it? thanks!! P.S: do you have other tips for thick hair? my hair are very thin :(

  36. says

    oh yeah…you can use the blender and then, squeeze the blended onion!!!!
    and, give me sometime and I shall put up some posts on how to improve hair health :)

  37. says

    hi Vikrant…this is just a measure which can be used along with doctor’s advise…this is in no way the prescription for hair growth and I do advise everyone to go and see a doc if the situation seems more serious!!!

  38. Anonymous says

    Mast hai yar swati ..
    I hv used it and it worked .. thnx thnx thnx ..
    I was first thinking it as rubbish article (Sorry 4 that). Bt I will now share wid my frnds n all ..

    Awesome remedy … :) :)

  39. Anonymous says

    my hair was thick before but i lost its thickness before 7yrs when i suffered from typhoyid now my hair is very thin & dull.can i use grated onion with honey for better result of growing hair. do i need to apply shampoo always after i apply this? myself poulami

  40. sonu says

    hi swati…thanks 4 ur information..i’m sonu 24 years old female from india..i had very thick n fuller lovely hairs…from past 1 year my hairs fallown off..now i ve thin hair that to my front hair is so thin..and now i’m suffuring from dandruff and also itchy scalp…pls tell does onion juice helps me to come out from all these problems?do i get back my lovely hairs again??really does it work 4 me??pls reply me..

  41. says

    @poulami yes, you will have to shampoo every time you apply this coz onion does stink a lot!!! but, if the hair fall is bad, you should consult a doctor. hope this helps :)

  42. says

    @Sonu sorry for the delay in reply but I do think it works for dandruff but I am not too sure but this is just a remedy which you can use which might help but it doesn’t guarantee your hair would come back so you should consult a doctor too to know the cause of your hair loss if its severe!!! hope this helps :)

  43. Sasi Kumar says

    Hey Swati…nice work and wonderful information..i really appreciate ur patience and thanks for quick reply specifically..i have very thin hair and so weak so my friend suggested me to use small red onions..im staying alone and i dnt have a grater or blender to extract the juice…so jus rubbing the onion on scalp will do the trick if not is there a possible way to smash the onion and extract the juice something like that? Also im using head & shoulders to wash the hair..is it useful or any suggestions for a better shapmoo..thank you very much

  44. says

    @Sasi yes rubbing the onions also do the trick!!! f head and shoulders is suiting your hair, then stick to it…there is no need to change the products often especially when the hair is going through a rough time but if you want a recommendation, you might look at biotique musk root…it is really a great hair mask!!!

  45. Anonymous says

    hey … this is rajesh…
    iam using this application from four days… and how much time we need to allow the onion juice on scalp …iam allowing it to 1 hour before washing off… and which shampoo should use to wash off the scalp… iam using nuzen herbal shampoo… how many times i can do this in a week…

  46. says

    hi Rajesh…its been just 4 hours days so please have some patience with this remedy and hair is something which takes years to grow and fall in a second so you need to observe it for long time before concluding it has done good for you or not….and you need not apply it for an hour everyday….15-20 minutes every time you shampoo your hair is fine…if you shampoo your hair every day then its up to you to use it or not but once or twice a week is also fine and regarding shampoo, its pretty much your choice depending on what suits your hair!!!

  47. says

    no it doesn’t create problem if left all night but it does tend to smell and stink a lot and might give a headache and keeping it 15-30 minutes is also fine for the scalp so its one’s choice really but it doesn’t change the efficacy of the remedy!!! hair grows in its own sweet time.

  48. dinesh says

    Hi swati ma’am,

    I apply onion paste at night and morning i wash it with

    sometime soap/shampoo or somtime with plain water,

    i want to ask, is it necessary to was it with soap/shampoo?
    is it any harm if i dont use soap/shampoo, and wash with only water?
    it onion juice block the pore of scalpe for regrowing new hair if i dont wash with soap?
    or i can use palin water also?
    please ma’am, please guide!


  49. says

    Hi Dinesh….if you want to use only water to wash off onion, it is possible that the smell of onion will still linger in the hair and onion does smell badly so its up to you whether you want to wash it with shampoo or plain water!!!

  50. says

    hi…I am not sure if this addresses the condition which you talked…androgen alopecia is one of the common types of hair loss but if you are unsure of that, you might want to go to a trichologist or a dermatologist for treatment.

  51. Dinesh says

    (Reply of December 15, 2011 5:16 PM)
    I have no problem with smell,
    I want to take more benefit and want to use it daily
    But roz baal dhone me darr lagta hai, kyon ki dhone se aur baal nikalte hain

    1) To roz pyaz laga kar sirf paani se dhone se agar thoda sa bhi nuksan hota ho to please bataiye (except smell) ?
    2) scalp pore (rom chhidra) band to nahi hote?
    Ya aur koi nuksan

    [and thanks for ur reply. u r doing very good job, god bless u ma’am and fulfill all ur wishes]

  52. says

    @Dinesh no as such onion doesn’t really affect the scalp in any other way so if you have no problem with the smell, you can apply it everyday and wash it with hair but if you think that your hair fall problem is increasing, you should visit a doctor…this is just a remedy which may or may not help but a doctor can point out the exact problem as to why you are facing hair fall!!! and,
    thank you so much for your wishes :)

  53. Dinesh says

    Thanks ma’am :)

    but i have the hair fall problem from so many years around 9-10 years,
    i tested all remedies from doctors and other, And now just onion can help me, i also have some baldness,
    i listened that onion can regrow and work for baldness, and after seen your blog, i have full believe that i can thick my hair.
    i am using it from last 2-3 months,
    i also gain few new hairs but these are very tiny, thin and brown in color,
    kindly tell me any idea from which can i make it thicker, dense.

    and Merry Christmas to you :)

  54. says

    Dinesh…you can also use mustard oil for thick and dense growth or use ayurvedic oils. They help a lot. And, onion turns the color of the hair into copper as it is rich in sulphur but nothing to worry about it. Or, you can also use sesame oil called gingelly oil in india (til ka tel).

  55. Anonymous says

    hi i dont know whom to put this but however i want someone to help me in this regard.

    am 26 years old and am facing a serious problem with my hair there is stringent itching happens for me everyday by which i see some white substance falling from my head when i rub the substance ….
    by which the hair loss is happening .. am afraid in near future i might see my head with no hair .
    it would be a great help if someone help in finding a wayout for this .
    Awaiting to hear .


  56. Rose says

    Hi Swathi,
    Thanks for your post. Will onions help me regain the thick hair that I had. Should I use only mustard oil to prevent the copper color of onion on my hair or can I use ginegely oil too. How frequent should I use this treatment to see fast and better results. Once in a month I apply henna to my hair. Can I continue doing that or should I stop that once I start treating my hair with onion.

  57. says

    hi Rose…you can use this treatment as many times as you want but keeping it to 3 times a week is I think fine….you shouldn’t wash your hair too often, that’s why and yes, onion is one of the ways to thicken your hair but this is not the only way and this is only a remedy and not a cure, please don’t forget that. It shows results in 1-2 months depending on the growth of your hair. And, you can use mustard or Gingelly oil, either will work and you can use onion juice with henna too if you want. It will give your hair a nice glossy brown color. Btw, are you sure about the quality of your henna??? That can also be one of the reasons of your hair fall if henna is not pure so make sure your henna is of a good and reliable quality.

  58. Rose says

    Thanks a lot for ur immediate reply. I use henna leaves fresh from my garden, hope this would not affect the hair.
    By the way which onion should I use, the regular big ones or the smaller ones.Is it that I only have to use a particular kind, What are the pros and cons of the different kind of onions.
    Eagerly looking forward to start this treatment, and hope I get the desired results.

  59. says

    Hey Rose…if you are using leaves fresh from the garden then that’s perfectly fine and you should use the red onions. big ones would be easy to use as they have more juice than the smaller ones and red ones have more sulphur content than the white ones. sulphur is the main reason why onions work for hair.

    • Rose says

      Hi Swati, An update after using onions for about a month in my scalp. There is a great improvement in the texture of my hair, and I see new hairs coming out. The rate of hair growth is also good, Hope I ll regain the thickness of my hair, once all these new ones grow to its full length. Thanks a lot for your wonderful post and it has helped me a lot. Thank you once again.

  60. Anonymous says

    hi swathi i want my hair to be black in color. during the application of onion juice , can i mix any oil with the juice to get rid off copper color??is there any particular oil which remains the hair color natural?

  61. Anonymous says

    hi swathi grate work from your side.. from yesterday night i applied onion juice on my scalp and washed my hair today morning i took photo of my scalp today .. I will continue this process for one month regularly.. i lost my hair in front portion lets see the diff after a month.. u r doing a grate job by helping others i will put my share in that thanks for inspiring mee too.. my name is naveen

  62. Anonymous says

    naveen here swathi i am keeping the onion juice on my scalp and leaving it for whole night and morning i am taking bath is it ok or it leads to any hair loss.. please let me know thanks :-)

  63. Anonymous says

    okie thanks for ur suggesion i will update u after one month and swathi.. does onion juice also make white hair black because i am 29 and i have lot of white hair.. (naveen)

  64. Mithra says

    Hi Swati,
    I am very sad bcoz nwadays i cought heavy cold & cough so i couldnt able to shower my hair daily..and nw just cured.. after that my hair fall started.

    can i use this onion juice treatment? I like the normal hair color ..am wrrg that it will change my hair color,,pls reply soon..

  65. Anonymous says

    Heard that DHT is the main cause of hair loss for men. Pls let me know which herbal oil really helps fight DHT production

  66. jibon says

    hi..i had lost my hair in the age of 3/4y for a disease. From that time my parents shaved my head in per wee nd its stop in my age 10/11year. At last few hair grow in my head. But its thin. Now i m 19year old nd my hair falling too.
    Today i saw this post nd i shaved my head again. I trying to give onion by cuting not in blend. So i wanna need a simple suggestion how to increas my hair without go to doctor.

  67. Anonymous says

    Swathi can I make onion juice for one week and store it and use it.. Or is it compulsory to prepare juice every day and apply it on scalp..please sujesst (naveen)

  68. Tyanz says


    Your post on the onion that helps regrow hair is very interesting. I’m experiencing hair loss for about 2 years+ now and I’m still looking for a solution. Quite sad to see my hair getting thinner though. I’m hoping that onion & as well as coconut milk will give me a guaranteed results. I’m gonna try that out. :)

  69. Anonymous says

    swathi naveen here its been a week i am applying onion juice.. well soo far i can say u one thing when i head bath lot of hair use to fall.. now by gods grace no hair fall is happening..:-)
    but swathi tell me how many months it will take to get some new hairs on front please suggest..

  70. Anonymous says

    hi swathi, i came to see ur blog….thiz is abinash. i am 26yrs old male….i have been lost most of hairs and its very thin itz al becoz of dandruff suffering from dandruff for past 5 years….my hair was initially good….at the tym i got dandruff i started lossing my 60per my hair. i tried wid skin doctor al told its al becoz of dandruff but their medicine didnt worked…if my hair goes at thz rate,i wil be bald within thz year…am depressed and mentally i am feelin low not intrested in livin yhz life…i don wanna go bald….i need ur help regarding removing dandruff alone….plz suggest me….should i need to apply onion daily or weekly twice.help me in removin dandruff alone….am confident tht if i remove dandruff.i can maintain my existing hair….plz help me…

  71. abinash says

    Ok Swathi,But i wanna add few things.I live in Mansion at Chennai so give me possible tips which can i do at mansion…

  72. Anonymous says

    hi, i am 34(female) and facing hair problem from last 8 yrs my hair turn thin and front area of my sclap turn empty, i was having so beautiful and healthy hair but now 1/4 of my hair has remain. I am taking treatment from last 4 years but no such result came out, now days i am taking homeopathy treatment. My hair are so thin that get so tangles and break them.Is is possible regain the empty sclap lost hair thick hair with onion juice. Help me to regain my hair.

  73. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati.. This is AravindRaj from chennai. I heard from one of my friend that onion juice will helps in hair growth.I came across your blog. Really its very informative. I have been facing hair problem for a long time. Im applying some solutions as per doctor’s advice. I have little blade too. Im keen interested in trying onion juice. Please let me know whether applying onion juice will control hairfall alone or it will also HELPS IN REGROWTH OF HAIRS IN BLADE AREA..?? Awaiting for your reply.

  74. Anonymous says


    I am 25 years old lady.I did like to that up the onion treatment.Can I mix the onion juice mixed with olive oil and apply over my head?

  75. Anonymous says

    hi swati great article.plz can u tell me how to eat onion for hair growth.i mean we eat it daily as masala for curry.is it good to eat raw or drink the juice

  76. marwat says

    hai swati, if i prepare onion juice for 15 days so can i use this till 15 days or it needs daily fresh juice of onion.

  77. Anonymous says

    Hi swati ,its nida from Pakistan. I am 38 years I am very much worried about this issue of hair fall . I want to have best results in minimum time . I have no issue of smell .Can i use it daily for best result? What about garlic juice ? Is it also good ?

    • says

      hi Nida..yes you can use this daily too but can you wash your hair everyday. that’s not such a good idea!!! and, garlic juice is also good for hair so you can mix these two and then use it :)

  78. nahid says

    hi i m from india.my hair care regime is after washing and drying hair i apply onion juice on scalp and then do a castor oil and coconut oil mixed with vitamin e tablet massage .then i dont wash and then the next day i again apply onion juice and massage as oil is still on my head and then the third day i apply a paste of onion,egg 0r curd on head as hair mask and then wash with matrix shampoo .is this routine ok

  79. mahi says

    hi, is it sure that there will not be any colour change of hair on use of any oil like sesame oil with onion juice…coz i dont want to change my colour of black hair.
    please reply me soon

  80. nahid says

    hi swati i dont have any prob with the smell and stickiness but just worried that this stickiness shuld not harm my hair and which part of the egg to apply on hair or can i apply the whole egg

  81. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati…Quick question..sorry if its a repeat!..Onion juice is for hair growth alone here or it can be considered even for re growth (in bald areas)?
    And also, very curious to know the latest update from people used…Please publish if you have the replies..like Mahesh, Ramesh, Rajiv, naveen and Tyanz.

    Thanks again…very promising advise for sure.

    • says

      baldness can occur due to countless reasons so yo can use this for bald areas but I can’t say that it will show difference or not. but, it wouldn’t do anything bad for sure.
      I have not received any update from anyone so I shall surely let you know whenever I get an update :)

  82. Anonymous says

    Can the onion rub be used for womed that are experiencing post pregnancy hair loss? Should I just wait and see if the hair will return on its own?

  83. mahe says

    Hi Swati,

    Great Job and advice, my friends and relatives also suggested same treatment. hope it will work. but people are continously asking you the prepration method and benefits from july’2010 onwards but no one is giving positive or negative feedback of this, you too contiously giving confidence and advice. but is there any proven research and studies about this. we have confident about this to use. so many articles and reviews are there. please tell us how many positive feedback you have received? it has wondeful impurities.

    • says

      home remedies re just to be tried and tested and if they suit you, they can be continued…there is no proper research or theory backing these remedies but if this helps, onion is rich in sulphur which is one of the most important minerals needed for hair growth which is why it helps with hair regrowth but it is equally possible that it might not work for you and home remedies do take time to show the results. the only positive thing is that it doesn’t hurt trying :)

  84. Snigdha Sengupta says

    Hi Swati…..Nice Article very well written and happy to know that it worked for you. I wanted to ask you if i can apply onion juice with olive oil in the night and leave it for the entire night and then wash it in the morning. Will this work or will be bad for my hair????

  85. Anonymous says

    hey swati…u r doing such a good job buddy…need sme advise frm u,my hair is getting thinner day by day nd they r shrinking too..i started balanced nutricious diet but no difference,,wanna go for onion now…can i try onion daily.plzzzz..i want fast hair growth…nd what bout my shrinking hair??
    waiting for reply

    • says

      hi…I am so sorry for late reply. thank you so much for your kind words :) you can try out his daily but then you will have to wash your hair daily which is not such a good idea so may be alternate days would do. and, anyhow the hair does take time to show difference. hope this helps :) I didn’t get what you mean by shrinking?? means, its reducing in length???

  86. Anonymous says

    Hi, I am 25 and i am facing hair loss from past 1 year and now a days this problem is annoying me as i have tried a lot of Ayurvedic and other type of medicine.
    Somebody says it is due to change of location.

    i have started applying onion juice on my hairs as my barber suggest me to do it, he told me that one man he knows have the same problem and he had lost a lot of hairs bur within 3-4 weeks he have recovered magical results by applying onion juice.

    Please tell me proper method to do this as i am also doing it.
    I simply apply it when i go to bed at night and wash my hairs in morning with Head & shoulder shampoo .

    Please let me know the right method and timing to do this anyone……………

  87. says

    yes, your routine is fine but give it sometime to show results. a month is minimum. sometimes, the water at a place doesn’t really suit us and ends in prolonged hair loss. hope this answers your question :)

  88. Anonymous says

    Hi, I am 21 years old and I am losing hair but i have been trying the onion juice remedy for 2 weeks now, my hair fall has stopped but i still have a bald spot. Is it possible that i can get hair back in my baldspot.

    Thanks and awaiting your reply.

    • says

      hey….I am not sure if it will work for bald spots but you can give it a try….the bald spots have generally dead hair follicles or no hair follicles so it might not be possible to stimulate hair growth but you can give it a try and see if there is any change in two-three months.

  89. Anonymous says

    I have been using onion juice for about 5 months. I’m a guy with androgenetic alopecia or MPB. My hairline was receding badly and i lost hair at the sides of my head at the temples. Onion juice works. I have regrowth. Good regrowth. It took about a month to notice tiny blonde hairs. Now the hairs are finally slowly starting to get thicker and darker.My hairline is not near great yet but it looks better every month. Also the thinning patch at the crown which was about 3cm wide is way thicker.I just cut an onion in half and rub it on my head and leave on for half hour and wash out.(my head is shaved so that may be why i have good results?) It works for me so I’m sticking with it.Ps – All shedding has stopped.

    • Anonymous says

      great u r the first one to give the verdict .. 😀 i have been using it for a month anad a half . i am not sure abt regrowth but two things i noticed is that

      1. hair which were there on my head are thicker
      2. and stronger , i message it vigorously and still they dont fall i think its onion juice plus the Dandruff formation because of DHT is no more there ……

      i used onion juice plus garlic juice plus chillies so that it irritates and get absosbed for 1 month

      but i read we shd nt mix it so iam using Onion juivce mixed with apple cider vinegar for last 15 days

  90. Anonymous says

    hi, my hair are not growing longer can onion make my hair grow faster and longer and how much time it would take to become longer….?

    • says

      yes, onion might definitely help in growing your hair longer but it takes time for hair to grow as it grows only half an inch per month so give it sometime to show results :)

    • Anonymous says

      thanx swati for ur advice i hope that my hair will grow longer very soon becoz my boyfriend like longe hair but my hair are short and one more thing i feel very lucky that i have very soft and shiny hair…… :) thank u so much swati………………… nd god bless u………….. may u get everything in ur life(all kind of happinessssssssss)……………… bye..tc

    • says

      yes, it will definitely help in hair growth but it takes a long time for hair to grow so if you want to see some appreciable difference in your hair you have to give it minimum of 6 months!!!

  91. Anonymous says

    Hello….I have tried lemon juice, treatments, diluted apple cider vinegar treatments and have not seen any results…Anytime I touch my hair…hairs fall out…its such a bad problem that I have to keep it all up all the time so my hair do not fall out…my hair fall is really embarrassing and I do not know what I can do…I went to a dermatologist she diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and gave me a steroid liquid drops to be applied to the scalp and a stronger dosage of Nizoral shampoo. Been trying that for months…and nothing has been working…I have also noticed severe thinning of the hair and can see a bald patch…I am constantly itching my head and in dire need for some relief…a day does not go by where I don’t want to scratch out my hair to death …even when shampooing my hair falls…and after I shampoo it the next day of the next couple hours I begin to itch…I really do not know what to do and am really at my wits end. For a girl this is really embarrassing and has also taken a big toll on my self-esteem and confidence level…. please do help me…!

    • says

      hey…I am really sorry to hear all this. it really seems like a terrible problem and I am sure that you have the problem you have been diagnosed with. have you tried applying onion? I am not really sure how much will that help either but do give it a try. meanwhile, do not use vinegar on your hair. it dries out the scalp more so it will not really help. and, neither will lemon juice help. it also is drying. try to massage your scalr everyday for 15-30 minutes with light hand movements and try not to use nails on the scalp and itch it.
      also, where do you live? which city?
      I shall definitely try answering your question in detail. give me a few days :) and, don’t worry. we shall do something about it.

    • Anonymous says

      hey swati i m really worried about my hair fall and i have also craze to grow long hair plzz plzz help me sis

  92. Anonymous says

    hello swati seen your blog very interesting. ii want to use onion use on my hair and to restore the colour youtold to add mustard oil aling with it. so if i take 2 table spoons of onion juice how much should i use oil????? secondly can i use fingers or only with cotton balls?? nidhi

    • says

      hey Nidhi…thanks a lot :) yes, you can us emustard oil to preserve the true color of your hair!!! you can mix equal amounts of onion juice with the hair oil but remember that the juice is watery and doesn’t mix well with the oil so just take care that you apply the juice to the scalp while oiling properly.
      also, again a good point :) few days back, I would have said fingers are best but I am fast changing my mind about that. try using cotton ball to apply the oil to the entire length of your hair and not only scalp. when you finish applying the oil to the scalp, take the cotton and wrap it around thin sections of your hair and pass it along the length to apply the oil. this covers the hair strands well in the oil and doesn’t over do it :) hope this helps.

  93. lovestarsliving says

    Hey swati,i want to ask that will my hair become thicker and fuller if I use egg and honey conditioning

  94. Givens says


    I’m really scared to loose my hair.. I’m only 22 and my hair is getting thin. This since Jan 1 I decided to change my diet and I completely stopped drinking soda pops but water and milk. I drink 2.8 litres of water a day since Jan 1 till now and will continue for the rest of my life. I eat spinach and onion especially carrots and all other vegetables.I also take multivitamins. I sleep kind of late sometimes but I still get long hours of sleep. I don’t smoke or drink. I play basketball and go to the gym and again I drink a lot of water after a good exercises. I just wondering if I put onion juice in my frontal scalp which is where my hair is getting thinner will I have to do it everyday until it grows back thick? and if it gets back to a thicker hair will I still have to put onion in my scalp? I use L’oreal men thickening shampoo twice a week, should I use it more than twice a week? would I have to use it to wash the onion juice off my scalp?

    • says

      hey…you have really got a good routine…yes, you can use onion on the frontal scalp and you can use it daily as well but make sure that you wash it off because it really stinks a lot…try to use a mild shampoo or it would be great if you get an organic one. you can use this according to your ease…up to 2-3 times a week is also fine. after the hair growth (which will take a while), you need not continue with the remedy but take care of your hair as a maintenance. hope this helps :)

  95. Sann says

    Hey Swati,

    I realy found ur blog interesting….Now my question is , I have got decent hair growth but not thick as I would like it. I have a length jus past my shoulders. I realy want my hair long and thicker. Can i use onion paste? there’s no different between the juice and paste right? And does it work as well? What are the chances of the treatment not working because I dont want to go bald after I wash it off in the shower(laughs) . And just a final question I loved the fact you mentioned that it gives a copper shade. Does it change your hair colour right after the first application? Cuz my hairs black/brown!!!!..pls reply back!

    • says

      hey Sann…yes, this generally helps to regrow hair in the bald area but you can also try to use it for volume…I am pretty sure it would not harm the hair if it will not help!!!yes, paste and juice work in the same way, just that juice is easily absorbed compared to the paste. the color change happens when you use it regularly not from the first application.

    • Sann says

      Thank you so much for your reply Swati :) …The Onion applied on the head does not give you a burning sensation though right because its red onion as it burns the eyes? Cuz I am looking forward to starting the treatment. I plan to do it once every week would that be efficient? Also at the same time I oil my hair once a week as well with a mixture of Olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and amla oil!!..Can i stil continue with that routine once i start the onion treatment? Will doing both treatments every week for about 6 months prove good results? I want the colour to show to but in 6 months doing it every week in wont become tooooo bright i hope right? because I dont want my hair to turn red. Thank you :)

    • says

      hi Sann…sorry but missed the comment earlier…yes, its ok to do it weekly and no it won’t turn too bright!!! hair will become glossy only :)it doesn’t hurt scalp or leave any burning sensation so don’t worry about that :) many people have said that the treatment has proven useful so I am hoping it will work out for you too :)

  96. Anonymous says

    Hello everyone, i m a 22 year old guy. My hair started falling at the age of 15. I didnt do anything initially to repair the hair loss so caused. But i tried to keep my hair longer to cover those bald patches well. My hair looked fuller then. But at the age of 22, my hair does not look at all thick.

    I m sick of these receding hairlines.

    I also concentrated on iron rich food, to remain dehydrated.

    I started applying bhringraj oil. It has helped in bringing the small hair roots in those baldy patches. But i want this head to look full of hair.

    Please advise me as to whether i should apply onion juice mixed with bhringraj or I should apply only onion juice.

    Please advise.

    • says

      hi…continue with bhringraj oil and you can mix it with onion juice whenever you apply it!!! also, remember that hair takes long time to grow out so please be patient with the remedies and as you already are seeing difference, you should be happy and relieved :) also, I would recommend that apply oil on every alternate day and massage your scalp well when you apply the oil. I would love to hear the results :)

  97. Anonymous says

    I am so excited! My hair is thickening and growing thanks to onion juice. I have tried so many things to stop my hair from breaking. Nothing worked. I had… note the word HAD…11 bald spots in my scalp due to excessive breakage. I stumbled on the onion juice treatment while surfing Net. I started my onion juice regime in late March. By the end of April, 8 of my bald spots filled in with 1/2 inch of hair. The rest of my formally shoulder length hair which broken off to a mere half inch is now 1 inch long. Moreover my hair no longer breaks nor fill the sink when I comb it. I am so shocked. Onion really works. I have 3 more bald spots that I hope fills in over the next month. If this success rate continues, I expect to have a thick head of healthy long hair by the end of 2012. All thanks to onion juice. I have hair!! Unbelievable.

  98. sukanya says

    i am goin to try the onion treatment , i use olive oil to oil my hair. lets c hopping for the best results….

  99. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,

    Yet another reader here. i dont see any before after photos. I am begining this and would provide my before after snaps. Whether or not it helps. Thanks to you for sharing it.
    Best of luck to us.


    • says

      Hey Swati,

      You don’t need to be sorry and you know that. Well, what I meant was that, so far “we” do not have any before-after photos on this blog . So I will be pleased to provide my snaps, four months down the line.

      I have shopped for those small onions, the one which we use in sambar. Am I going right?

      Your advice is in my routine.

      I apply onion pulp(mashing one onion with 2 clove of garlic) for 30 minutes in the morning and later shampoo (Ramdev Shampoo) it. I use Ramdev oil too alternate nights.

      Just for information to people on this site. Ramdev oil has finally stopped my hair fall totally. I had experienced lot many medications just like the rest of you finally tumbling over this product. However, I have hair now on most of my scalp, though they are too thin to get noticed.

      Swati, only if you can try Ramdev shampoo and review it for us. I can’t coz i don’t have any hair.(hehe)

      My review is here if it does not go against any of your blog rules:

    • says

      hi you can use the regular onions as well (need not go for the small ones). I have already reviewed patanjali shampoo here: http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.in/2012/01/patanjali-kesh-kanti-product-review.html
      I did not like the shampoo at all and I don’t think I will ever use any of their products again unless they are really tempting!!! I am glad it suits you. I am already on a different hair treatment: http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.in/2012/04/my-experience-with-kamini-aunty.html
      so can’t use any other products either.

    • says


      Thanks a ton for that URL.

      Actually, i was referring to Kesh Kanti Milk Protien shampoo, which they have recently come up with. I have even tried the one you have reviewed. But as I said I just don’t qualify for reviewing Shampoos.

      Your experiences are very informative. Thnx for sharing. Though have lotsss of doubts. Will write to you soon.


    • says

      U kno sumthin. I get small boils all over my head due to this.
      As I write this, i have 14 boils. I have tried series of continuation and discontinuation to confirm this. Anyhow, i could contain this by applying Brahmi oil occasionally. But did anyone in your knowledge had any such effect.

      And yes I visited Ramdev shop yesterday for supplies and found out that the previous Ramdev shampoo that you had reviewed had SLES as the base. Good i switched to the new Ramdev Shampoo. It is SLS free but still yet to explore it contents.

    • says

      May be u r right. But I am still on it and probably will continue. Since using Brahmi oil has controlled the ill effects of onion on me. I remain positive. Will keep all updated on results.

  100. Anonymous says

    Hi Swathi,

    I have been reading the info about onion juice helping in hair regrowth. But few people are also compalining that it would result in burnt scalp if Onion Juice left on the scalp overnight or for long hours. i have been suffering from hair loss since many years. My hair has been thinning in the frontal area. will onion juice really help in regrowing hair at my forehead. Please reply.

    • says

      well I can’t contradict your statement coz I have no idea about it…personally no one has told me it burns the scalp and I have not experienced any feeling like that either ever. its gentle enough and shouldn’t really burn the scalp. it is gentle enough and I have kept it overnight as well but you can definitely keep it for an hour or so without hurting the scalp. also, it can tingle the scalp and your scalp might feel a little hot but that’s not burning…it feels just like after massage when blood rushes to the scalp and the skin there gets heated. I hope I am clear. hope this helps :)
      yes, it will help grow hair on forehead.

  101. Anonymous says

    HI swati..i have started this for 2 days..but today while i was applying mixture of onion and coconut oil…5-6 strands came in my hand…i mean they broke..is this normal..and should i continue???????plz reply

  102. Anonymous says

    Can i apply this mixture regularly???Because i have read somewhere that some persons use to apply it regularly…and they got results….Also is it OK to shampoo your hairs regularly because regular shampoo can also damage your hairs i think…Plz reply…

    • says

      yes, you can apply this mixture regularly. shampooing ont he alternate days is fine but make sure you use a mild shampoo, preferably organic and herbal. I can’t recommend any coz I have not found a good shampoo till date.

  103. Anonymous says

    I thing i have made a 50:50 mixture of onion juice and coconut oil..And is using the same mixture for over 3-4 days..so can i make the mixture well in advance for a week….is there anything like depeletion of sulphur content in the mixture the more it is used later???

    • says

      I have no idea about depletion of suplhur content but I don’t really think that happens…only the oil can get rancid of which also I am not so sure. so, I can’t really help you with this, sorry!!!

  104. Anonymous says

    Am 23 yrs old. I have hair loss in the front area of my head. I have been on medications before but they didnt seem to work out. Does small onion give me back the fallen out hair? can i use onion juice on my hAIR?

  105. says

    Swati Swati…!! you rock, this is just awesome, i will see how much it helps me. im applying ur remedy since 20days..!! i can realy differentiate between new stage and old stage of my hair! may be my hairs are really thin.,but thanks ya!! you r helping out people!!.

  106. Anonymous says

    i have heard from various sources that wrapping a cloth tightly after applying onion gud..is there any truth in this?????????

    • says

      I have not heard of this and I have no idea about it but you should not tie anything on the head tightly at any time as it restricts the blood circulation!!! hope that helps :)

  107. Anonymous says

    hi..can you tell me is this onion helpful for the areas where hairs are completely gone..i mean where root follicles are also not there..because if follicles will not be there..than no matter how much onion is applied hairs will not come there..Can you tell plz??????

    • says

      no, nothing can make hair come where there are no hair follicles. but, how do you know that whether hair follicles are there or not??? sometimes, its just that hair follicles are dead or dormant, then, they can be revived by using onion juice.

  108. Anonymous says

    yr i am applying onion jucie for last 7 to 8 days.but whenever i am applying it 7- 10 hairs comes in hand i know it snormal but wooried whether i am losing more hairs then trying to gain some????

  109. Anonymous says

    hi i have too much craze of grow longer hair,kindly tell me efffective and fastest method mam plzzz

  110. Anonymous says

    Can I use Green Gram powder to wash off the onion juice? I am really worried to use shampoo since my doctor advices not to do so. Will green gram powder reduce the stinking smell?
    Please reply.

  111. says

    hi swathi ur posts are very informative:) am indhu..23 years old..i had a gud dense hair upto ma 10th class.. then after i hav joined in hostel for my higher studies (12th std ) i lost ma dense hair there is a severe hair loss.. and in ma college life i used to care a lot now there is no much hair loss but i cant get ma dense hair back.. is it possible to get dense hair back?? pls suggest me… whether using onion juice wiil help me..??

  112. says

    hi swathi! ur posts are very useful!! AM 23 years old i had a gud dense hair until i was 16 years. then after as i joined in hostel i had severe hair loss.. then i cared lot and now der is no much hair loss.. however i cant able to get my dense hair back!!!.. pls suggest me with ur tips.. whether using onion help to get ma dense hair back???

  113. Anonymous says

    I bought “Pure Olive Oil Type Riviera Max acidity 1%” I couldnt get “Extra Virigin” from that shop. Is it ok to use Pure Olive oil on hair? or should I go for Extra virigin?

  114. Anonymous says

    I am also suffering from hairloss. i tried onion juice for 3-4 months.. but dint find any change.. kindly help me out..

  115. Anonymous says

    Hey i am applying onion juice for last 20-25 days..but cant say about the difference..got some few tiny hairs coming but very few..also my hairs keep on falling while applying this mixture….last night it got 12 to 15 and i was shocked that even when i was not applying anything..this much hairs never fell….also the people saying that they can see the difference in 1 month..but i havnt seen any difference yet..plz help..:(

  116. Aks says

    My hair has always been very strong and healthy ,n i have never faced any hair problem in my life though i have used many hair gels n chemicals.
    These days i am using Gatsby hair gel but whenever i use it, a day later it seems that my hair have turned little brownish in colour which becomes black again in some time so Is it damaging my hair..??

    Also Can i use onion for keeping my hair strong and healthy as they are……??

  117. Anonymous says

    Hi.. im 19 years old female and im having dandruff and hair-fall problem.. now i will try your tip and hope for good results. but help me i have another problem too from 1 month Im finding that my hair is getting premature graying. i mean its becoming white don’t know why. Im very tensed about it now. please can you help me out. please

    thanks &regards

  118. FromUS says

    April 25, 2015: Hi Swati, My hair is thinning and I see my part widening up at the top and front of my head. My doctor tells me I have PCOS.

    Not sure if using onion juice will help with my condition, but I’m going to try it anyways. I’ll let everyone know in 3 months, if I see any positive results. Wish me luck guys!

    • says

      hi. oh, the PCOS. in that case, you should concentrate instead on maintaining your daily routine with regular exercise and well-balanced diet. that would improve your hair as well slowly.
      you can definitely give the onion remedy a try and please do let me know how it goes for you :)

  119. Gopinath says

    Wow this post is active from 4 yrs…great going…I started the onion treatment from 1 week now still I can see 10-15 hair falls during the massage of onion juice on my scalp as well as few hairs while I towelling my hair… Could you pls tell me is there any range of normal hair fall that we can expect everyday?

    Thanks in Advance


  120. sharon says

    Hi, im 47yrs do u think i can try with onion still. pls help me. its getting worst,

    Thank you for your kind concern.

  121. Madan says

    Hi Mam,
    I had typhoid fever for continuous 2 years by the side effect of the injunction my hair start falling in front & my scalp is visible, After reading your blog i am planning to apply the onion juice, whether it will work for me to re growth the hair?
    To wash the hairs any preferred shampoo we want to use

  122. says

    wow! 4 years active post.. Super. I have no hair on my front head. Used minoxidil oil. But no use. Onion juice will help me? I have some of bald areas in my front head

  123. rohan says

    I am suffering from hairfall I was only 17 .when I wakeup in the morning I see some white substance stick to my hair whay is it…?
    how can cure from it…?

  124. Polash says

    When i applied onion juice in scalp and massaged it 20-25 hairs came out…is it normal and also there wasnt any burning sensation observed…plz do help me a bit..

  125. SUDHIR SHINDE says

    I’m trying onion juice on my hair. I’m taking homeopathic medicine for better result. My hair are very thin. Could I get thick hair on my crown area?

  126. ramya swethan says

    hie.. iam using dis remedy by combining(fenugreek,onion,garlic) paste. so can i apply dis on oiled hair? (ill be using coconut oil infused in fenugreek powder n onion seeds). and u have mentioned we can add mustard oil also to maintain hair in blackcolour so hw much i need to add.
    n another one my husband has bald patches (beggining stage) will this remedy useful to him? plzz suggest me.. i want start dis remedy…

  127. Ajas says

    Hi mam, I am losing hair since last 6 years and I can easily picked out my haiIr which means scalp not strong. I consult a many doctors they suggested me to use minoxidil which not helped me. I did thyroid test, I am free from thyroid. Finally, my last doctor found that I have fungal infection on scalp. They suggested me to use tablets for fungal, tablets for hair grow and an anti fungal shampoo also for hair grow application drops. But, this hair grow application that only I refused to use and said to doctor that I am going to try onion. She told me try it.

    What do you think about this ?.

    How about the mix of onion juice and castor oil to apply on scalp ?.

    Please reply me .

  128. Ajas says

    One more thing..
    Should I do any allergic test anywhere in body before use onion gives any allergy ?. If, yes . Where the better place to check it.

    Wait for reply.

  129. ramya says

    hie.. iam using dis remedy by combining(fenugreek,onion,garlic) paste. so can i apply dis on oiled hair? (ill be using coconut oil infused in fenugreek powder n onion seeds). and u have mentioned we can add mustard oil also to maintain hair in blackcolour so hw much i need to add.
    n another one my husband has bald patches (beggining stage) will this remedy useful to him? plzz suggest me.. i want start dis remedy…

  130. kavya says

    hi swathi..how many days once should i apply onion paste.i have grey hair already and that too my hair little reddish .wil this paste affect my hair color shade more..?
    thanks in advance

    • says

      hey Kavya, no, this remedy will not affect your hair color! also, you should do this treatment twice a week for at least 2-6 months to see difference in your hair quality and growth!

  131. sagar says

    please tell mi about it’s recipee.I’m loosing NY hair from last 3_years..but now I want solution it.plz help mi…u can contact mi in my emails Id plz man do help

  132. says

    please tell mi about it’s recipee.I’m loosing my hair from last 3_years..but now I want solution it.plz help mi…u can contact mi in my emails Id plz man do help

  133. daisy says

    hey my name. is daisy I’m from india I have been loosing hairs since 5 yrs it went alright last yr.but then I. lost hairs they r thin not losing but.not growng also started onion juice from today want now most beautiful hairs wich I.used. To have sadly can.do.anything.to.get beautiful hairs suggest me anything else n how long will it.take to get.proper hairs .feels low.cos. of it lost.confidence ..tried everything but now onion my last hope….plz tell I’m totaly sad..

  134. says

    I’ve been trying everything – good diet, vitamins, herbs, slant board, massage and trying to relax. I’m 72 years old and suffering from hair loss on and of since I first had my period. So it’s hormonal. Will the onion still work?

  135. Shakthi says

    Hi mam , I am 17 and i have no hair on my front left and right :-( . Will onion help for regaining my hair ? _ shakthi

  136. ajay says

    HI mam myself ajay.I am not bald but my hair line are receding my scalp is visible not totally but less.now I shaved my hair due to problem of hair loss I also using onion juice from 2 day as your suggestion.will it help mi to got full head hair

  137. Prakash says

    Hai Mam dis is praksh..past 2 years am lossing my hair,to much of dandrff and afriad for baldness. Will onion help for regaining my hair ? It works means tell me how to prepare a onion juice..dis is my no.7406374353….//am waiting ur reply

  138. says

    Dear ma’am,

    I applied onion juice on my scalp 2 days ago,and washed with water as well .but I’m not getting sleep even one second at night . I lost sleep , please advice.

  139. ajay says

    Hi mam I am ajay.I use your onion juice method from last 15 days and my hair fall is totally stop.I was shaved my hair very short before using this remedy. before using this those short hair also fall and I can see them on my white towel. but now my hair grow and they not fall even I try to pluck them.
    But mam my hair got thin due to falling lots of hair can I regrow them using onion I want to increase my hair density.I am not bald but my scalp is some what visible.
    So please suggest me if I continue this onion juice method for hair regrowth.and how many day should I use this.plss suggest and thanx very very much for this great article

      • ajay says

        Hiii mam myself ajay.the update on my onion use for hair regrowth seem to be good.I can see the small hair coming on my head these are new hair and I am very glad to see it.I use this onion method daily.but I have 1question how many days I should this for full hair head mam pls reply and I will also give update on it after 1 month

        • says

          hi Ajay. thanks for the update and I am glad it is working well for you. you must continue the treatment till you get your desired results. ideally, i would recommend it for 6 months, once a week.

  140. Anjani patel says

    Hi mam I am using combination of onion and garlic juice …its surprise for me that the new hair is coming gradually ….wlll tell me please about olive oil …how can I use it …

  141. annonymus says

    i want to know all the side effects of applying onion on scalp (eg colour change) for colour changing you said use mustard oil, i want to know in which quantity? can i apply paste of onion with mustard oil on scalp or first i apply mustard oil then paste of onion. is paste as much effective as juice of onion? for how many hour i can apply it. can i use kesh kanti milk protein shampoo aas a mild shampoo after it?

  142. chiku says

    hi mam!!! i also want to know ki mustard oil ki vajah se onion ka effect kam to nahi hota? meine 2 times use kiya to mujhe scalp per sweating hone lagi h kya ye positive sign h ya nahi? you said it does help with patches of scalp where hair follicles lie dormant but bald patches which have no hair follicles can’t regrow hair. kaise pata chalega ki bald patches h ki follicles h? please reply my these 3 comments

  143. ajay says

    Hii mam u said to use onion juice for 1 time in week.I want to ask if there is any problem to use it regularly I mean daily basis. I want fast regrowth and I don’t have any problem of smell.is it good??

  144. annonyms says

    If our hair root out from the scalp during the hair fall
    And we use of onion juice so onion juice growup a new hair roots or not….i read ur many article….bt thats my confusion so plz clear it…bcz in most of articles or rplysss i read onion grow near hairs….
    So is onion grow also a new hair roots …my age 26..thank u

  145. rehan says

    I m 28 , my 6-7 hair turn into silver , I use onion paste 4 times a week and egg oil 2 times a week………my hair become soft and silky & it look gud&healthy etc but there is no changes shown in silver hair …….
    Should I cut silver hair?
    Can I mix onion paste with egg oil?

  146. Ruchi says

    I am applying onion juice from last 2 months almost 4 times a week……and my hairs have changed a lottt. the length and texture is better now, hair loss is almost NIL…. i love my hairs now…
    Only thing i m missing is the thickness….i had very thick and heavy hairs as a teenager, but now they are very light and thin…
    i wish that in next few months i can comment about the thickness too…
    i am planning to apply onion juice for next few months continuously….i.e. at least 4 days a week…
    anyone there?? who tried onion juice for 6 months and saw any increase in the thickness, please reply

  147. Rana KS says

    Hi Swathi,

    Very Nice Article.

    Can I Onion Juice on Monday…. Egg white&yolk mask on wednesday alternatively same. Is there any side effects or reactions.

    May I get more faster results. Could u please explain it in ur latest article.

  148. Sathish says

    Hi Swati,

    Nice Article!.Im using onion for past 4 months.But I have Dandruff.Seeing Results Regrow of lost Hair.

    I Have some Doubts.Can u Calrify it

    1.Does eating Raw onion(onion intake) will helps to regrow lost hair.
    2.Im using clinic plus shampoo.can i wash hair with it after applying onion on hair(i’m washing with water only not using shampoo or seeakai)
    3.can i boil onion with oil and apply it on hair.Does it will Help(regrowing hair and to reduce dandruff)
    4.If i stop applying onion for more than a week.Hair loss increases may i know why?

    Replying may be usefull

    • says

      hi Sathish. answering you!
      1. no, eating does not help much, generally!
      2. yes, you should wash hair after using onion otherwise it stinks a lot!
      3. do not boil oil ever. oil’s chemical structure breaks when it is boiled and it becomes useless. just use onion juice.
      4. i am not sure why this happens. it can be because your hair is weak or your diet is not enough. the reason can be anything! even if you do not use onion or oil, try massaging your scalp every single day for 15 min.

  149. raj sharma says

    i am losing my hair since last few year and now i m 23 year old
    like i am using hand in my hair i get 2-3 hair in hand . my hair are dry and some oily . please suggest m what i do……

    should i start use onion juice?
    please help me……

  150. Kumar says

    Hello madam I am Kumar stay in Hyderabad I lost my total hair on the middle of my head is total bald but very thin hair is there in that area but frontal head there is totally zero I consulted doctor she said where the area is shining it means the hair follicles r dead whether can j get hair regrow by onion juice on the middle head n frontal part

  151. Abhishek says

    Ma’am I’m Abhishek from Kolkata and I’m 17 years old I having falling ma’am how to use this onion ma’am please tell me

  152. Ramya Swethan says

    Hie swathi. My husband has white hair and dandruff. Does onion juice helps in reducing white hair and dandruff. Do i need to add any other ingredients to it.

    • says

      Hi Ramya, no. Onion juice does not help with white hair. In fact it is very difficult to treat white hair issue. It does help with dandruff but I would suggest vinegar for it as more effective remedy. you could also use essential oils like peppermint or Rosemary.

  153. Madhusudhan says

    Hi Madam,

    I have a serious hair loss problem in recent times, I fear about baldness. Shall I try this treatment, Does it work effectively, Please advice. Meantime I’m using a homemade Hair oil boiled with Small Onoions, Jeera, Jilakara, Karepaaku, Some Herbal root, Usirikaai odiam. Shall I use this Oil. I need your comments. please reply

  154. Sagar Parmar says

    Im Sagar Parmar from Gujarat and I was use onion juice for hair from last 4 months regularly. It is giving me awesome result for thinning hair problem, before 6 months I have 50 % thin hair in top of the head and now its decrese up to only 20% and I will continue it up to more 1 year.

  155. Sharmaine says

    Hi Swati. What a lot of great information I have been reading, infact I took 2 hours reading others comments as it helps one to understand things better. Just today I have started with the red big onions that I crushed in the liquidizer and u have applied it an have used a shower cap. I also used castor oil and massaged it into the scalp. My biggest problem is that I had thick lustrous hair a few inches above my knees. After my children were born I lost a list of hair. I used to mix together castor oil olive oil mustard oil coconut oil and sesame oil. With red onions and fenugreek and curry leaf I warmed it on the stove and have been applying it. Since u did this it’s been 2 months not one srrand of hair has fallen. Now u thought of trying out the onion paste. I have very dark black hair. Will my hair start to turn brownish in colour since there’s sulphur in the onions?? I want your advise and how many times a week can I safely use this treatment. I want to get thicker and fuller hair. Your answers to every question asked has been answered. I hope you’ll be able to answer my question too.
    I live in Canada by the way. Thanks very much.

  156. imran khan says

    hi ma’am .. I made garlic hair tonic but smell r coming. is there any option to mix any fragrance. shall I mix ittar?

  157. Trapti says

    Hi Swati,
    I am 24 year old i am facing hair fall problem since last 3 year since the time have come to mumbai. i used to have such a thick & dense hair. i have tried all most every home remedy to get rid of it.But seems like nothing is working.Pls suggest me something which really work.becoz nw am worried as my hair have become very thin & i can see my scalp as well.

  158. Rohan says

    Hi ,

    I am having considerable hairfall and i have started applying onion juice once in three days,can i mix amla,egg etc with it???..

  159. SKALWIN says

    Hi Madam ,
    I am from Kerala , I have done hair Transplant on February , but now i have dandruff Problem and little hair loss problem.

    Can i use Onion Juice , is it any problem for my hair.

    Please give me replay.

  160. Baabul Singh says

    Hello mam,
    I’m 28 and 2, 3 beards have shown up white. So can I use onion juice on beards also, can they turn them black and how to cover up the smell also, can I use it all night and wash it in morning. Please reply mam ASAP will be very thankful

  161. Ruth says

    Hi Swathi ,

    I can see some difference by using onion juice on hair where dandruff has now gone. I’ve been using it weekly once and hope it’s fine ? Coming to hair fall I still lose a bit of hair which is common. Does the juice help in growing edges as well ?

  162. priya says

    Hi Mam I just gone through your remedy for Strong and healthy hair . I am impressed and i am excited . I will certainly do this onion treatment on hair …. Please let me know which onion to be used …. I have lot of hair fall and my hair is very brittle easily breakable … any advice further mam?

  163. Athira says

    Hii… Mam…. I would like to use onion on my hair nd i will post how effective it is…. Would u pls sugst how to reduce acene on ma face….

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