Night Time Skin Care Routine

Are you one of the people who believe in an elaborate anti-aging skin care routine at night to counter all the damages done to skin in the day? Or, are you the one who believes that skin has the ability to heal itself if left to itself? I, for sure, belong to the second category. I have incredible faith in my skin and its healing powers. I believe that night time skin care routine should consist of just one thing and that is cleansing. Removing make up or cleaning your face of all the pollution and dirt is important. Applying a mix of chemicals on your face really is not a good idea as it loads the skin with a lot of baggage and might block the pores and hinder in the self-cleaning or detox process of the skin. So, why not try to leave your skin just nude and let it enjoy the freshness of itself whole night. Anyhow in the morning, one has no other option but to apply layers of chemicals on the face to prevent drying, tanning, make up, et cetera. 
There is a downside to leaving your skin nude in the night. Your skin might feel tight after cleansing. Well, if it is not too uncomfortable, try ignoring it and go to sleep. Your skin would feel fine by morning. And, in some days, you will fall in love with the idea of leaving your skin as it is. If you are uncomfortable with the tightness in your skin, you can resort to applying a drop of your favorite oil (coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil or any other). It will nourish your skin from inside. So, next time you go to sleep, try this new night time skin care routine and see how your skin feels in the morning. 
Follow certain tips to complement with this skin care routine:
  • Get an undisturbed sleep.
  • Maintain a regular routine.
  • Do not cover your face while sleeping with the blanket.
  • Keep a window open in the room to allow fresh air in the room. Fresh air is good for skin.
  • Wake up in the morning and do some face exercises.
  • Instead of washing your face in the morning, try simply wiping your face clean with a wash cloth. You can even cleanse your face with raw milk.
I am sure your skin will feel as great as mine. And, the best thing is that you will face less breakouts if you follow this routine.


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    Thank you. All this wonderful information that you are sharing with us all is so kind & generous of you.

    It is actually clear for me to see that your generous soul is the main thing that is keeping you full & alive, fresh & clean.

    You are kind & generous in nature.


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