Fennel Seeds: For digestion and detoxification

Fennel Seeds (saunf in hindi) have become increasingly popular these days to aid in digestion. Well, they do deserve their popularity because of the immense health benefits they provide. You would be surprised to hear that something so insignificant can help us stay healthy for a long time. Everyone knows that it is used as an after-meal breath freshener. But, there is more to this natural breath freshener.
This herb or spice is very much rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium and vitamins like B1, B2 and B3. It helps with proper digestion of your food and also controls your appetite. It cures the acidity or bloating problems of the stomach. Not only that, it also relieves the respiratory problems so people having problems in the respiratory tract or lungs or even sinus problems should take fennel seeds. It also relieves of heartburn and intestinal cramps and spasms. Fennel seeds are great for women especially as they promote growth of the breast tissue and relaxes the uterus helping in menses period. They are also used to treat the hormonal imbalances in the body and stimulates milk production in the nursing mothers.
Since the seeds are high in fiber, they are also great for detoxification of the body and also in losing weight. Regular intake of the seeds help in dealing with the problem of water retention in the body helping in losing weight and also, as said earlier, reduces the appetite. And, foods with high fiber content always helps the body to get cleanse well. So, start chewing a tea spoon of fennel seeds from today and clean your body naturally. Caution: Make sure you are not allergic to the fennel seeds. It is rare but possible.


  1. David Mitzman says

    After eating mukhwas after dinner each night for a couple of months I noticed that my gums and tongue had a burning, tingling, irritated feeling that came after a few hours and lasted until the next day. Even unprocessed fennel seeds produced the same effect.
    Have you ever heard of such an acquired intolerance among the allergic reactions to fennel seeds?
    thank you,
    David MItzman

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