Eat more to Lose Weight {Health}

It has been a few weeks since I have missed out on posting the healthy habits to lose weight. Today, reviving the series, I would be talking about a habit which you might think very much contrary to the weight loss programs. But, it works best if you try to realize the body anatomy behind it. So, I would try to give a biology session as a part of the explanation. Do not worry. It would not be boring but it would help you understand better about your own body and its needs.

Today’s Habit: Eat small meals at regular intervals. 
Imagine drinking enough water at one time to get you through the day without getting thirsty again. Well, it is not possible, right? Similarly, you can not eat your food just once in a day and hope it to take you through the day. Eating just once or twice a day is common enough in people who are working. They say they do not have time. But, they forget one thing. If you do not feed your body properly at regular intervals, your body can not help you live through the day.Eating supplements is not at all a good way to replenish your nutritional needs. Instead, you are harming your body by not feeding it regularly and piling up the fat reserves in your body. How? Simple. Our body is accustomed to function properly only when it is full. And, the food gets digested within a matter of three hours. So, you are supposed to eat again after three hours. Eating does not necessarily mean gorging on meals. You can eat healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, soups or salads. But, the snacks should also be healthy only. Eating unhealthy things will upset your body and weight both.

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