Do you take care of your body? {Body Care}

Everyone wants to look beautiful and young. But, have you thought that how other people perceive your skin? I am not talking about your face or your looks. I am talking about the quality of skin. Everyone takes a lot of pains to keep their face skin young and youthful. But, what about the skin on your body like your neck, arms, legs or tummy. Do you take the same care of your body as your face. If you have noticed yourself closely in the mirror, you will find that your face looks younger than your body and gives your age away or makes you look much more older than what your age actually is. The thing I want to convey is that anti-aging skin care is not just for your face but also for your body.

Your arms or your neck give your age easily away as they are more neglected during skin care and do a lot of our daily work too. So, the skin on these areas get thin and flabby. Have you ever thought of taking care of your these parts of the body? Have you ever bothered to get rid of the extra fat and flabbiness on your thighs or midsection because it makes you look many years older probably add a ten at least. If you take care of your body as well as you take care of your face, you would look younger and natural. And, then you can take easily 10 years away from your actual age and stay that way forever. So, next time you think of a facial, give your whole body a facial and do not forget to get an hour exercise everyday or ever alternate day. That will keep your body in check.
A great tip to keep your body young forever: Give yourself massage at least every week with natural oils like coconut, almond or olive oil.


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    It is essential to look after the body,oil it massage it clean it with organic soaps and use very basic organic moisturizes and not let chemical play havoc with the skin.eating healthy and having a regular stress free lifestyle helps also.

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