Did you injure yourself?

Well, this is a little unusual post. Whenever you get injured, you would have lot of people telling you that you should secure it with a bandage and many will also tell you to leave it to the air. And, you get into the dilemma that whether covering up is a better way of healing an injury or not. Even, I was faced with the same dilemma day before yesterday when I hurt my ankle. The injury was not deep and not a lot of blood was gushing out. So, I will talk only for the small injuries which include a blood clot and not a stream of blood gushing out. A deep wound should always be bandaged by an expert and proper medical treatment should be followed.
  • So, whenever you injure yourself, always remember to clean the wound. The cleaning should be thorough even though it might be a very painful process otherwise there are a lot of chances of bacteria breeding on your wound. 
  • If you are a brave person who can tolerate pain, spirit or alcohol is the best way to clean a wound and heal it faster. But, it is extremely painful and do not ever dare to try it if you do not have a big heart. You can go for other mild cleaners like Dettol or Savlon. If you are like me (complete faint-hearted), I would suggest you to go for savlon as it is the mildest of the antiseptic cleaners and will burn the least. 
  • Use a sterilized gauge to clean the wound instead of using cotton as cotton may stick to the wound. Remove all the foreign particles and the clotted blood from the wound thoroughly. 
  • Make sure that there is no more blood coming out of the wound. If any blood is coming out, put a bandaid or bandage the wound securely. While bandaging, do not make the bandage too tight. Just tie it firmly over the wound to stop the bleeding but tying it tightly wound make the wound more painful and restrict your movements. Change the bandage everyday. 
  • If your wound is clean and no blood is coming out, you should leave it open to the air so as to heal it faster. Expose the wound to sunlight. It would prevent the puss formation and kill any bacteria, if there and also, helps the wound to get dry faster. 
  • Avoid applying any ointment as it will keep the wound wet for more time. And, if you apply ointment, bandage the wound to let the ointment hold on to the wound and give it time to work.
  • In case you have hurt yourself on the fingers or anywhere on the hand, you can bandage the wound so that it is not a hindrance while doing any chores. 
  • A very important precaution if you want to get the wound to heal faster is never let it get wet. Do not let water anywhere near the wound. Water carries bacteria or other microbes which can enter your body and secondly, it makes your wound wet and not heal faster. 
  • Never ignore the pain in a wound. If it becomes unbearable, go to a doctor. You might have injured yourself internally. 
  • I want to clear another common misconception “One should take tetanus injection if you have cut yourself from a rusted or metal object”. Well, this is not true. Basically, you should take tetanus everytime you injure yourself. Why? Because, the germs are present everywhere. The reference to the rusted metal objects is just because there are certain germs which are commonly found on rusted objects only. But, that does not rule out the option that they can not be present anywhere else. And, tetanus injection does not kill the foreign objects in the body. It just increases the immunity of our bodies to fight these foreign objects. So, never forget a tetanus injection incase you hurt yourself badly.
  • Ok, now, you can skip a tetanus injection if you have done the cleaning of your wound thoroughly and immediately. And, if you have not hit yourself with a metal object.
These instructions are for small wounds with little blood clots. If the blood is literally trickling down from your wound, please consult a doctor.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hey there, thanks for the tips cos i had injure myself badly yesterday, i had a bad fall. The outer part of my left leg area was swollen and bruised, there was bleeding but thankfully i see a doctor to treat the area. He gave me the tetanus injection cos the area i fell into can be dirty and dusty.

  2. Anonymous says

    It doesn’t hurt much, just like ant bite. The doctor ask me to look away when he is giving me the injection, I think it was some sort of distraction from thinking it is painful.

  3. says

    Thanks for the nice and easy guidance.usually we are puzzled what to do.We must have a well defined first aid box in the house that will take care of all the necessities of the house.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati, i have applying onion juice for past 1 month for 2/3 times a week. I can’t see much difference. So it’s difficult to say anything now.

    But some hairs break while applying onion juice, as already have thin hairs it worries me, plus i feel dryness or white dandruff kind stuff. Suggest….

    Also, i have so many small hairs on front that jsut doesn’t grow in length, any suggestion for that ?

    thanks in advance

  5. says

    hello swati,
    since i heard and read ur articles i started onion juice for my hair .
    now i am facing a problem about storing onion juice.can i store onion juice in freeze ? if yes than how many days i can store in freeze.
    plz plz help me out

  6. Anonymous says

    hi madam, i am latha here
    I have hair loss problem, plz help me out to recover it.Plz give me some remedy for prevent my hair loss.

  7. Prashanth Shetty says

    Hai Swati,

    Thank/appreciates ur patience to reply all queries,

    I am living in abroad,I started using this Technique two ago,
    I just want to know that how many days i can use that onion mixed Oil?

  8. says

    Hi swathi,

    Can i use onion with ginger?, those they say that ginger will also help in hair regrowth.

    Please suggest me i will try out after that.

    thaxs in advance :-)

    • says

      you don’t really have to apply ti twice a day! applying it every time before shampooing is fine! and, hair takes a lot of time to show difference. hair doesn’t grow back in 2 weeks. please continue the treatment. it will surely show difference!

  9. says

    hii swati,i m 27 yr old guy,facing hair fall problem since last 3 yrs, and even some part of my head has become bald.
    so is it possible to grow hair on even bald place of head using onion or any other medicine

  10. says

    iam having long and dense but now a days iam having severe hair fall,so i consulting doctor and now iam using minscalp 5% solution………shall i continued this treatment or to be continued onion juice……..

    • says

      i would suggest you to use the onion juice remedy instead of the minscalp solution. i have not seen any one saying good things about the miscalp solution. but, if you have seen it giving results, i would suggest you to stick with it only :)

  11. says

    Hi i am Rudresh from Bangalore….actually i had thick and dense hairs when i was in 12th std….now am doing my BE in Bangalore…..even i had good hairs upto 2nd year BE…now am facing hair loss problem due the hard water in our area….i can try dis onion treatment but after dat if i want to wash my hairs den again i shud use dis hard water….so plz tell me any solution to overcome dis hairloss problem dur to hard water…only hard water is the problem for me…..plz do reply…am waiting….

  12. says

    hi swati
    i am simran
    i m having a lot of hair loss . i use oil after shapoo is good or not?
    one more question is it important to wash hair every day? which shampoo would you reccomend?

  13. rock addi says

    swati i m aadi 30 year old i am facing hair loss from past 5 years.
    I am very much worried about this issue of hair fall.
    how to use onian juice ,
    I always put onion juice ya two & Tree time a week and what time use ,,And it should or should not Saini Herbal Oil,,becoz man saini harbale oil night man use karta hon than i used onian juice at mornin nahane se one hours pahle kya ye methored sahi hoga,,
    plz repp

  14. says

    Hi Swathi,

    Myself Vinod, I’m facing hair fall problem from last month and i saw this onion treatment and started from last week, may i know how long it takes to grow?

  15. says

    Hi Swathi,

    Myself Vinod, I’m facing hair fall problem from last month and i saw this onion treatment and started from last week, may i know how long it takes to grow?

  16. says

    Hi Swathi,

    Myself Vinod, I’m facing hair fall problem from last month and i saw this onion treatment and started from last week, may i know how long it takes to grow?

  17. says

    Hi Am Zubair 26yrs old I too have hair problem which includes problems like hair loss,baldness in M shape.Can I apply (or) rub garlic cloves (or) Onion juice on these places, Where I have a baldness which is in M shape.As I am rubbing garlic cloves on the places can i continue with this or shall i start to apply onion juice.Please let me know

    I have smashed some small red onions & mixed them with coconut oil bottle. Can i use it regularly to regain my hairs pls suggest.

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