Brown Rice: Benefits

Brown Rice is a better substitute to the stipulated white rice. Why? Because it comes with a whole lot of health and beauty benefits instead of just helping in increasing the carbs in the body. 
Brown Rice is very useful in detoxification and losing weight. How? Because of its fibrous nature. When brown rice passes through the oesophagus and the intestinal tract, it absorbs all the toxins along with it and flushes them out of your body. Similarly, due to its fibrous nature, it helps you in losing weight instead of gaining. Since fibre is actually just passed out of the system rather than being absorbed, it is mainly useful in taking out the unnecessary waste from the body. Eating more fiber is actually very healthy for the body. It keeps your body metabolism in check and regulates your bowel movements for one. It helps in lowering the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 
And, the best benefit of all is that it helps you in losing weight. How? Fiber is actually pretty heavy on stomach and takes a lot of time to chew so while you are busy chewing your food, your brain takes time to register when you are full and consequently, you end up eating less food, most of which passes out of your system. So, you can maintain weight. And, since it just passes out of your body, it clears up all the toxins. Thus, it makes your skin look good from the inside. So, next time you think eating rice, look out for brown rice and it is actually more delicious than the white rice too. And, you think of detoxifying your body without giving up the food, you might want to gorge on brown rice.


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