Black Plum (Jamun) facial mask

Its time for the jamun fruit. Black Plum is a great astringent and is really good for oily skin. So, squash some jamun in a container and you can add a little of lemon juice or tomato juice to go with it and apply a thick layer on your face. Remember not to make the mask very thin. Just keep it in a semi-liquid form. This mask is a great help for acne too. It helps clean your pores.
For dry to normal skin, you can add honey in the mask and apply on the face. Be innovative by adding the juice to a clay mask or adding a little milk to its squash and apply on face.
A tip: Pick the largest size of the fruit. They are best in quality and sweetest.


  1. says

    yar I ve been applying clay mask and besan but there are still so many small bumps on my skin!It’s hot in khi and I sweat a lot!Is it coz of that?what shud I do?

  2. mubeen says

    Hello all,

    I felt really happy regarding information providing abut skin.

    am mubeen frm Vijayawada.i met wit an fire accident before one face burns.i took lots of medicines ib english,ayurvedic.on tat topic searching nd searching..i gt dis site..i have,black acene on my cheeks.. wil,u plz help me hw to cure…

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