Beauty Uses of Beetroot

Beetroot is one vegetable which you might hate or love to eat but it sure is good or rather great for your whole body. Since the vegetable is rich in iron, a daily glass of juice relieves you of anemia and helps building a strong immune system. 

This vegetable is also a natural dye so mix the regular henna powder in beetroot juice for an auburn tinge in your hair. And, it is completely chemical free so your hair remains as healthy and beautiful as always. 
Finally, using beetroot juice as a mask gives your complexion a pinkish tinge. So, next time you are whipping a clay mask or any fruit mask, be sure to include a little of beetroot juice or grated beetroot. The results would be visible clearly on a fair skin.Not only that, a regular usage of beetroot helps your skin become flawless as it feeds your skin iron and other vitamins through the pores. All the dark spots and blemishes are gone in a month if you use the mask 5-7 times a week.
You can even include a glass of beetroot juice in your daily diet. It surely will improve your skin and hair from inside as it carries all the vitamins and minerals necessary for beautiful skin and hair.

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  1. says

    today I bought beetroots and was thinking what to do wid it!thank you for the great tip!One can also apply it on lips to make lips pinkish!

  2. says

    Actually, yes Humaira :)
    But, do not apply it too much…it will look like you have just fed on a live animal ๐Ÿ˜€ beetroot leaves a lot of color….but yes you can use it as a lip mask…keep it on for sometime and then, wash off….try it and do tell me the results….

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    You should grate the beetroot and squeeze the pulp to get the juice. I am not sure of boiling but you can try boiling 1 beetroot in 1/2 litre and let it boil at low flame for an hour till half of the original quantity of water is left. That should be concentrated. You can try this and use it as a hair rinse. I will also try and tell you. Or, if you have juicer at home, pass the beetroot through a juicer.

  4. Anonymous says

    as per the advice above i have applied beetwoot juice on my face,lips and hair as well….It seriously shown wonders and there are gr8 results ! I thankyou for giving such a wonderful tip!

  5. says

    thank you so much and I am so happy it worked for you :) do share with us how you used…any specific way which you found most effective?????

  6. says

    Hey I am sorry but I did not get what you meant by raw beetroot. If you are talking about white beets which is called turnip then yes, it would not work. This particular post is only about red beets.
    In case you are talking about something else, please do explain again.

  7. Anonymous says

    May i please know how can beetroot help me with my skin ?
    I have heard people use it to get natural blush on their cheeks and even for pink lips.
    So for this do i have to drink its juice daily or do i have to apply it ?
    If i have to apply it then how exactly do i do it ?
    Please do help me.
    thank you so much :)

  8. says

    Hey….yes beetroot can help your skin coz it is extremely rich in iron which gives a rosy glow to the skin…I would suggest you to drink beetroot juice if you can like once a week or twice a week regularly and do not stop…it will improve your skin and hair from inside….also you can use beetroot on your skin externally….take beetroot juice and apply it as a face mask on your skin….mix it with multani mitti or any other face mask you use and apply it and include beetroot in your salad or meals….you can also use grated beetroot as a face mask…mix it with honey and apply…but taking it internally is the best way for long term and amazing results…..

  9. says

    take a slice of beetroot and rub it on your lips…let it dry and wash off…your lips will lose pigmentation and become pink in color…same with your cheeks….rub a slice ont he cheeks and let dry….

  10. Anonymous says

    I think the question was never answered many times on how to drink and use as a mask on the beetroot. Does the juice comes from the RAW beetroot or from after it was boiled. I am sorry coz I wanted to try this but I was not sure if i drink the raw juice or the boiled one. Thank you for sharing the advise.

  11. says

    hey again….m sorry but i did not understand the tenor of your question earlier…yes a beetroot shd be used raw if you are taking the juice out of it…if you have a juicer at home then simply pass beetroots through the juicer till you get a glassful of beetroot juice and use the pulp for other purposes like eating, making halwa or even as a face pack….but if you do not have a juicer, try blending the beetroot and put the whole thing in a cheesecloth or muslin cloth and squeeze out to extract the juice out of it….again do this till you get a glassful…the pulp can again be used in the same way…if you want to use boiled beetroot…boil 1-2 beets in one liter water, when the water comes to a boil turn the flame down to simmer and let it stay on the same temperature till you have less than half of the quantity of water you started with…that would make the beets leave a lot of nutrients into the water and use this water as toner or mix it with clay mask or i would suggest to use it as a hair rinse and the beet can be easily mashed and included in hair packs and face packs…

  12. says

    hey…well I do not know about how much does beetroot application help with dark circles but I can tell you one thing that iron deficiency is also one of the main reasons of dark circles so eating beetroot would definitely help…and to make your body more efficient to absorb more iron properly increase your intake of vitamin C too…vitamin C allows the body to absorb iron more effectively….
    I would like to also request you to share your own tips for dark circles which you might have found working for you :)

  13. Anonymous says

    @Sawati: Dear, I have used one tip..Take a chilled slice of cucumber or potato and keep it over your eyes for 15 minutes. Do it once a day for 4 days.. it will help to reduce dark circles, eye puffiness and gives you a refreshing look.

  14. Anonymous says

    @Anonymous:For beetroor:I am using boiled beetroot..Believe me when you will peel the boiled beetroot… your palms will become bloody red…then you can either scrub it over ur skin or eat it…. everone suggests that we should eat it thean drinking its juice. Also, boiling is important otherwise it will make a kahrash in your throat… Don’t forget to add a dash of salt and black pepper to have a subtle taste (if you dont like its sweetness).

  15. Anonymous says

    Actually i am daily eating beetroot for more than 2 months,i eat it everyday in the morning on an empty stomach,yet i think my skin hasn’t changed much.and pls tell me if it remains fresh till a week or not because i visit market only once in a week.

  16. says

    Hi…well eating beetroot should bring a glow to your skin because of the rich iron content but again you need not eat beetroot specifically in the morning on empty stomach…make it a part of the daily diet in salads instead and also increase your vitamin C intake or eat citrus fruits more in quantity because vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron in more quantity….

  17. says

    Hi swati,

    just to say that your posts are very informative. keep up your good work.
    i will come back with my share of doubts
    and questions.

  18. says

    Hi Nirmala…thanks a lot for your kind words and I am glad that the blog is useful for you :) surely ask your doubts…I would try my best to clear them :)

  19. says

    Yes Swati, i am back. i have two problems.
    one is pigmentation which is almost all over my face. i look so funny :( with my ears fair
    and my face black.
    2.can i mix shikkakai powder with beetroot juice? pls. give a receipe for mixing henna.since my hair is very thin and i also have gray hair. i dont want that organge colour of henna. i have been using chemical hair dyes because of which i am using lot of hair.

  20. says

    hey Nirmala
    yes you can mix shikakai powder with beetroot juice…I shall surely put on a recipe for mixing henna….but I can suggest that you can try Biotique henna powder…I have heard good reviews about it but I have not yet tried it…I have tried coloring my hair but I have been feeling that my hair has turned very rough so I can say you should stop using it!!! I shall try to use henna powder within this month and post on it…I’ll try to use beetroot juice in it…
    and regarding pimentation, first thing is that you really have to wait for a long time for the results to show so it is better that you couple home remedies with some products in the market….so first remedy for pimentation which I can suggest is to use citrus fruit juices on the face everyday….do one thing…apply a hydrating face mask by mixing honey with fresh lemon or orange juice every night before going to bed….if lemon juice is too irritating use tomato or cucumber juice…they both r equally good at remoing pigmentation and lately I have heard that the new Himalaya fairness face pack removes the tan very well so you can try that…hope this helps!!!! if applying a pack everyday is a huge problme, rub a slice of tomato on your face every night after cleansing and let it dry…wash off and tone and moisturize your skin…you should definitely see improvement in 15-20 days :)

  21. says

    Hello Swati,
    i am really amazed at your patience dear girl.
    thanks for taking so much of time to put up a reply.
    i will surely try the remedies suggested by you for my pigmentation. i know, i need patience. one dermatologist said because of hair colouri have this pigmentation. so i have decided to switch over to herbal hair colours.
    But when you mix henna with beet juice, it gives a burgundy colour na? and i also dont like the orange shade that henna gives. all my grey hairs look weird with henna. i just
    want a brown or black hair without chemicals.
    you take your time swati. no hurry.
    once again thank you.

  22. Anonymous says

    Hi Swathi,

    I have been drinking beet root juice since form 1 week for fair complexion of skin. just i am taking one tea glass of it and the procedure i am using in making juice is just some beet root pieces and carrot and mixing water in it by granding the pieces is it ok? Will i become fair if i drink juice like that. And i have white hairs how should i add beet root juice in heena plz tell the procedure of making it and what colour our hair will become if we add beet root in heena.Thanks For your Valuable answers

  23. says

    hey Nirmala
    no problem at all in replying to the qeries at all :)
    wow…even I never knew the pigmentation can be due to hair dyes but thats an interesting line to pursue…I shall research on this and put up a post if I find anything on it….if I think about it it might even be possible coz hair dyes have lots of chemicals….
    yes beet juice gives burgundy color…do try it ven u use henna next time…try out the biotique one…its just 200 bucks for a single tub and its products are good…and if you want u can even go for lush but it is definitely very costly to be used on a regular basis….I don’t think biotique henna gives that orangey shade :)

  24. says

    hey :) well I don’t really think that drinking beetroot juice will make you fair on its own but it is a very good practice coz beet is rich in iron and iron is very important for healthy hair and skin so yes it will definitely give great benefits in the long run…also ven ur drinking this juice apply a little on your face and neck too :)
    also regarding henna adding beet juice gives a burgundy color so when you are mixing henna use beet juice (don’t put carrot in it) and let it sit overnight for it to release color add an egg in the morn and then apply on the hair..even Nirmala asked me a henna recipe for it but frankly I have never applied henna…I have only seen it being applied so give me sometime and I shall surely do a post on it after trying it out :)
    and yes one more thing is drink fresh lemon juice daily if you want to become fair…it improves the complexion from inside but don’t give up on beet juice coz absorption of iron and vitamin C are interdependent on each other!!! I shall surely post on the henna recipe in two-three weeks :)

    • Anonymous says

      Hmmm m a guy with beauty lover.. so reading all the posts here.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ drinking lemon juice daily!!! dont u think it will be weakness for bones? nt sure exactly bt my mom scolds me if i drink daily lime juice.. :) i use one full lime n 6 spoon sugar for taste.. 500ML water.. will it affect bones?? :S

  25. Anonymous says

    Swathi ,
    But in some articles i have saw that if we drink beet root juice we will become fair i mean our skin will glow is it right????
    And please give some more tips for fair skin for men.
    Thanks in advance for your valuable tips…

  26. says

    hey….actually my version of this is that eating and drinking healthy foods always clears the skin from inside and detoxes the skin so the effect is always visible on the skin and more iron in the body also facilitates the body to absorb more nutrients so anything healthy is great for skin…well, if articles say that it brings a glow to skin then it will so you should definitely continue with it :)
    and fair skin tips for men is just the same as women…the one thing which they should keep in mind is using skin care products according to their skin type…generally men have dry skin coz of the need to shave and shaving should be done only when it is comfortable…some people have sensitive skin and are not able to shave everyday so it is better to skip a day and do it on alternate days or work out something which is easy…also one can try shaving with shaving oil…it is less harsher as oil helps the blade glide more smoothly:
    similarly, cleansing and moisturizing is something which they should also never ignore…they can also use the same face packs as women for fairness :) like tomato and lemon…

  27. Anonymous says


    I am getting throat pain if i drink juice is it better to stop or do i contniue drinking it . you did not gave the reply for my procedure of beet root juice like i was making juice by some peices of beet root and carrot by adding some water while grinding is it ok?????

  28. says

    hey….yeah…the beet juice mixed with carrots and water is correct…don’t worry about that!!! well an advise from me is that whenever you mix natural things together they never react in a wrong way…only thing is its taste if it is fine for you!!!
    and throat pain because of the juice is kind of not possible but in case you are really feeling so then I would suggest that stop drinking the juice for 3-4 days and check if the throat pain is actually due to the juice :) but it doesn’t make sense that you get thorat pain because of the juice unless it is very chilled or in case you are adding ice cubes or something….but if the pain is due to the juice then you would have to discontinue it…you can add beetroots in your daily diet in salads and garnishings :)

  29. Anonymous says

    Hi Swathi,

    I am male working in a company .Please give some tips to become fair and fat becoz i am thin ansd still i look like a student an i feel bad about this . i think if i become some fat then i will look like an employee so give tips.

    Waiting for your tips to follow.

  30. says

    hey…well I can help you with fairness remedy…it will take sometime on your part….apply tomato juice or cucumber juice or orange juice or lemon juice on your face everyday at night…let it dry and wash off the face….you should see results in a month….
    and regarding the personality issue, I think it is better you seek professional help…you can also do yoga which might help but I can’t really help with this…eating a balanced healthy food and regular exercise might help and you can do some strength training programs which might help the body to develop…hope this helps :)

  31. Anonymous says

    Hi Swathi,

    Hope ur fine…Swathi on my mose i got a pimple and it became black in colour what should i do to get that mark in to my skin colour… Thanks

  32. Anonymous says


    Please give some tips to become fair for men .At present my skin color is charmanchai And i am 28 years

  33. Anonymous says

    hai swathi
    i have been suffering due to dark circles since many years..
    i have tried applying milk over it but havent found any result…
    mine is not a heriditary pblm..neither i have any health pblm..
    i tried applying beetroot juice too..still havent found any result..
    kindly suggest me a perfect solution to get rid of dark circles as soon as possible coz soon i might get married…

  34. says

    hey…I am sorry but beetroot juice application will not help with dark circles….intake of iron helps with dark circles if they occur due to nutritional deficiencies….you could check out this post which I have done on dark circles: and This is a general post on eye masks which you can give a try…specially the cucumber one: and and and sleep, drink and eat properly :) hope this helps!!! and someone left this tip for dark circles: Take a chilled slice of cucumber or potato and keep it over your eyes for 15 minutes. Do it once a day for 4 days.. it will help to reduce dark circles, eye puffiness and gives you a refreshing look. (kindly cut and paste the links in the address bar!!!)

  35. Rosey-Manha says

    hey, iread your post and decided to apply some beetroot on skin and lips for the red colour.. there was an immeditate effect ofcourse, but some of it was rather funny! I looked like I had eaten a paan, with my stained red lips and coz i had eaten some of the beetroot, my teeth and tongue were red… it looked very funny. but yes, i agree beetroot is very effective and good for the health. and the best thing is, if you drink water after eating or drinking the beetroot, the stain on the lips and tongue go, but your left with slightly pink tongue, like the way dentisits advise a clean tongue to be.. helpsfor interviews i say :) and on the cheeks, it gives a very sweet pink colour, but must apply with moderation or else you look like a clown!

  36. says

    hey Rosey :) yeah as I pointed out int he post…it has to be done in moderation otherwise as you say, we will look like a clown but it is a great last-minute tip :)

  37. Anonymous says

    hi everyone!!!! i am Puspendu from kolkata..i have become a fan of are really helpful.. thanx swati on behalf of the way i have one recipe that you guys can try out, it’s very useful to get your face glowing in a week or in a month… use 2tbsp full of ata(wheat flour)+ 1-2tsp full of lemon juice + raw milk(as much required to make a paste) and 2tsp beetroot paste(boil the beetroot and smash it) now make a fine paste using all these ingredients and apply it on your face and neck, keep it for 5-10 minutes and wash off…do it everyday…after 7 days you will feel the difference….hope to hear from you guys……see you…

  38. Anonymous says

    Hey, awesome blog…. But can sum1 plz temme, is having beetroot juice better than having beetroot itself. i mean will eating beetroot directly givve me fair skin, or only juice will increase my complexion.

  39. says

    thanks :) eating beetroot or drinking beetroot juice both are helpful but it doesn’t directly affect the skin complexion but it helps in increasing the iron content of the body and consequently improves the skin condition!!!

  40. says

    hai iam sony frm hyd iam drinking a glass of beetroot juice morning and evening regularly from 2 weeks and iam applying it to the face morning and evening frm 2weeks but i didnt get any improvement in my skin plzzzzzzz suggest me any tip for improving the skin color

  41. tina says

    I use 3-4 carrots + 1 beetroot to make 1 glass of juice. my question is how many glasses can i consume daily. are two ok? and can you please suggest food items that make your body produce more blood as i want a white complexion with rosy cheeks:D and im not dark, i have that in between complexion that is neither dark not fair. but my original color is very fair. this present color is cos of tanning :@

  42. says

    hey Tina…sorry for the delay in replying to the comment!!!
    first thing is do not over do any thing…one glass per day is enough…for more production of blood, more iron is needed and for absorption of iron, vitamin c is needed so my suggestion would be to concentrate on eating healthy things like veggies and fruits…pomegranate and kiwis are amazing fruits so do eat them!!! eat balanced food… and regarding the complexion, keep away from sun and use scarfs always while outside…slowly the tanning will go off and use face packs regularly to remove the tanning!!! slowly, the complexion would be back to the original :)

  43. says

    salamz.i just read ur post n wanted to ask u tht my skin is losing it original colur and texture n i cant figure out why!!i used to have a very fair glowing skin and the texture MA was soft as a silk but since the past 3 yrs it has changed…like ive become pale n my skin feel tight.i use glycerine as a moisturizer n eat well balanced diet with 1 apple 5 dates n i medium sized beetroot in the evenings’s been more than three months now still no change!plzzz plzz help me out!!

  44. says

    hi….well, losing color and texture may be the result of some underlying health condition too if it has been happening since quite a long while (may be 6-9 months at a stretch)!!! otherwise, it can simply be the lack of exercise or you can also start eating almond and other nuts a little more daily!!!!

  45. says

    otherwise, you can try using face packs every alternate day and see how they affect your skin!!! that does help and your color may be being affected coz of exposure of the sun :)

  46. Anonymous says

    I had a history of eczema leaving my top lip pale having poor circulation, can I use this on my top lip to have that natural punk reddish look??? Thanks

  47. says

    hi…I am not sure if beetroot will help with acne scars but you can rub a slice of beetroot on the scars and see if it makes a difference!!! but, you will have to do it daily for a month to notice any difference!!!

  48. Anonymous says

    hi ,how can I apply beet root juice to hair ? after shampoo and conditiner and rinse with beet root juice or before ? Please reply thanks

    • says

      I don’t think beetroot helps with hair fall!!! you can check out other articles in the hair fall category for that info in the navigation bar at the top of the page under hair care :)

  49. Riddhi says

    i have started taking juices from 4 carrots+1 beetroot+tomato+spinach.i have hardly taken this juice for the second day,and i have observed some changes(in urine)its getting somwhat reddish/pink in color.even i have googled about beetroot so it has been said that taking large amount of beetroot causes this coloration in urine nd stool..could you please suggest that in future should i continue to take the same amount of beetroot or reduce its intake amount.
    waiting for you reply.

    • says

      hey Riddhi…I was quite frightened to hear this issue frankly but then I read about it a bit and it says that the urine color does change in some people due to the change in ph of the urine but it is not really harmful at all!!!
      “Betanin is not broken down in the body, and in higher concentration can temporarily cause urine (termed beeturia) and stool to assume a reddish color. This effect can cause distress and concern due to the visual similarity to bloody stools or urine, but is completely harmless and will subside once the food is out of the system.” – from wiki
      Oh, one more thing is that you really should reduce the carrots quantity because it has betacarotenes in it which turn the skin yellow!!! So, keep it to 1 carrot a day. Or, you could alternate carrots with beetroot as both have carotenes.
      do let me know how it goes!!!

    • Anonymous says

      They actually measure stomach acidity by beets consumption , a pink urine means low level of stomach acid , so u r doing well.

  50. Anonymous says

    Hey! I have a question: Is it safe to use beets as a blush? The procedure is cutting the beet into thin slices, then slightly toasting in in the over, then just grind it until it becomes powder… is this safe for the skin; would it clog pores and make me break out??

    Waiting for your reply, thanks :)

    • says

      hey…this sounds like a great DIY but frankly I have no idea how should it go. But, one thing I can say is that it wouldn’t cause any harm to the skin and I don’t think it should give clogged pores problem but the question is will it go smoothly or will it look patchy or artificial and also, how long will it stay? I know I have not answered your question but I really don’t know how it will be. But, if you do try it, I would love to hear from you.

  51. vidya says

    heya!! luvin ur patience.. good job!! nd here goes ma prob.. i’v got dark circle around ma lips nd chin.. nd it luks lik beard.. nt xctly ๐Ÿ˜› but still.. gime a gud effective remedy!!

    • says

      hey Vidya…first of all, make sure you apply a good sunscreen around the mouth and your lip balm should have spf. slowly, you will notice the color change. secondly, you can always apply tomato around that dark area, let it dry and wash off. make sure to keep your skin covered whenever you are out and do some face exercises to improve the blood circulation!!! Also, darkening of the skin can happen due to lack of iron in the body so do make sure you are getting enough iron.

  52. tapti says

    hay swati.. suggest me how to make a face mask using beet i m having dark spots and a lot of dryness on my face.
    thanx in adv

  53. tapti says

    hey swati…suggest me how to make a facemask using beet root as i m haning dark spots on my face and dryness on my face.
    thanx in advance

    • says

      hi Tapti…I can’t really say that beetroot will help with dark spots and blemishes if applied on the face. it helps when eaten. but, you can take a slice of beetroot and rub it against your skin so that the juice sticks to the skin. Keep the juice till it dries off and wash off.
      You can also use honey for help with blemishes and dryness. apply a thick layer of honey and keep it for 15-30 minutes and wash off.

  54. aks..... says

    hi evr1…..actualy these days m loosing my hair alot……i changed many oils…n hav been usng diff shampoos…but stil m nt able 2 cntrl diz hairfall….my doubt is if v take beetroot juice regulrly den can v cntrl hairfall…????

  55. aks... says

    hi swati…i hav a prob regarding TAN….m havng tan on my hands…so can u temme ny remedy plzzz…?????

  56. Anonymous says

    this is swati , actaualy i wanted to know hw i can reduce my dark spots on face which is becoming worst day by day due to pimples. I almost tried all home remedies but no improvement at all. after see ing so many comment on beetroot even i have started eating beetroot in salad. i dont knw how well it will work. If u can give some more tips on hw i can reduce my dark spots and pimples and make my skin clear ,that would be great.

    • says

      hey Swati…well, for the start, tomato and cucumber work really well on blemishes and tan and even pimples so take a slice out of your salad every night and rub it on your face!!! let the juice dry up entirely and wash off with cold water. and, you can use aloe gel (I am assuming your skin is oily) as a moisturiser. it works fabulously. I can recommend you this product:

    • adora says

      check your body type by a an ayurvedic doctor , from the sound of it u may have to select a diet that is sweet and bitter in order to cleanse your liver, acne results from a dis functional liver and has to be treated internally meanwhile avoid the sun and spices .

    • adora says

      i hate to disappoint u but the spots u have could have 2 reasons , sun exposure or liver malfunction, in both cases the remedies are facial chemical peals or laser therapy , there r chances that you will not be a good candidate for these procedures depending on your skin pigmentation, over the counter , or herbal remedies may help to lighten up these spots however they have a tendency to recur.

  57. sudheer says

    hi swati,

    i started taking beetroot juice once in a day …. can it change my color of skin and can i become fair enough ?? let me know

    • says

      hi Sudheer…no, it will not change the colour of your skin…beetroot is just used to nourish from inside…you might only get a little pinkier because of the healthy flush.

  58. Khushboo Joshi says

    hey swati :-)
    I just need ur guidance !!
    Well i”m taking beetrot in diet from past 1month approx. i.e 1 beetroot every day not juice. But my skin is too dry and its very hot in INDIA these days. Even if we cover our faces the face gets dry dont know why? I apply Johnson baby cream with ranbaxy sun cream but still my skin is unhealthy and too dry.

    Can you please advice me the key to get glow on face with guideline how can i get freash look on face . For ur reference adding that my complexion is very fair whitish by tooo dry :-( and my diet is of dalia / water 2 L/ BEETROOT/ CURD.

    Waiting for ur revert.


    • says

      hi Khushboo…there are a lot of things which can make your skin dry!!
      -ur facewash – what are you using and do you feel stretched or anything after that.
      -probably johnsons is not enough for your skin
      -do you use anything at night?
      -is your skin dry inherently?
      -do you go out in sun a lot or remain a lot outside in dust and pollution?

      There are a few things which you can do – rub a slice of banana all over your face and neck and let it stay for half hour. you can go for honey and cucumber as well. don’t use tomato or lemon or anything else. also, apply alovera gel at night before applying your moisturiser. if you can get the aloevera gel fresh from the leaf, well and good otherwise I would suggest rustic art aloevera gel:
      don’t forget to follow a moisturiser as aloevera is drying for skin but helps with skin dryness as well!! it improves the hydration levels in the skin.
      also, do you apply facial oils? you should try that out as well. check this out if you don’t want to apply only oil on face:
      otherwise, I can suggest almond oil or coconut oil. a few drops are enough. hope this helps :)
      also, the face glow and fresh look thing will be solved by this :) I shall be doing some posts on your problem so you can check them out as well.

  59. Khushboo Joshi says

    Hey swati, Thanks a ton for ur reply!

    Well i wash my face with raw milk and then apply johnson cream that”t it.
    Yes my skin is dry since childhood and also i hardly go for facials. From past 2days i use almond oil in night after applying pack which is(2spoons of wheat-floor+beetroot+tomato+lemon+raw milk)which is read in ur blog only ;-)to get glow.

    Moreover i need to go out in sun in mrg sometimes but before going in sun i apply ranbaxy sun cream ,,,well can you please guide me if its correct lotion2?

    Basically my skin is too dry / Also i don’t want to go for market products… i want my diet to be good and natural things to be applied on face tht”s it as i think its any best//

    One more guideline i require basically i heard banana and honey will make skin dry tight/// will banana +honey will give glow? Aloevera i”ll do apply from leafs straight in night thank you … Also shall i apply almond oil after aloevera ?

    Looking forward to ur reply..

    Thank you

    • adora says

      research cosmetic raw honey products , they are specifically prepared out of honey for very dry skins and dry climates as well , I am afraid u have to buy this product on line and get it delivered.good luck! Avoid any type of flour , alovera and acidic products . A combination of Avacado ,and almond or alive oil would be helpful ,massage in well and rinse with cold water ,no soap ., unless it is formulated for dry skin.

  60. Khushboo Joshi says

    Heyyy swati Thanks a ton for ur reply!!!

    Well my skin is dry since childhood. Also i hardly do facials. I just apply raw milk in mrg or sometime clean clear facewash to wash my face.
    In night from past 2days I apply almond oil after applying a mask which i read from ur blog ;-)to get glow(2spoonwheat floor+2spoon beetroot+2spoon tomato +2soon lemon +raw milk).But my face gets too dry after applying this mask :(,, Might b possible that tomato+lemon is not good for my skin(as u told).

    Please advice whether homely products will make my skin glow or market products.

    For aloevera i”ll take care to apply gel from leaf directly to get glow on face. I’ll apply gel in night before applying almond oil. Hope its ok !!

    For banana ,honey i just need ur guidance whether it will not make my skin tight ? and would help my skin to get glow :)

    Will that b possible for u to just point me the way and stuff i shuld apply in mrg & night to get glow. 1Beetroot i”m continuously taking in my diet daily.

    Waiting for ur kind revert.

    Thank you.

    • says

      yes Khushboo, banana + honey will help the skin…don’t go for lemon but tomato and cucumber are great for your skin type…they don’t dry the skin. also, I have no idea about ranbaxy sun cream. I use neutrogena and would recommend it heartily to anyone. yes, you need to follow up with almond oil after aloevera as it is drying for skin. also, you have to use a moisturiser to keep the skin healthy. there is nothing wrong in using market products. I would suggest you to look out for auravedic brand. its natural enough and really good for extremely dry skin.

  61. says

    Hi sis..I AM HAPPY TO READ ur comments on these. I had pimples on my cheeks an now im doing som home remedies..I hope i will get results with ur help…I m having my marriage after 2 months an geting ready for it so i need some help for my skin…I was wondering if beetroot can help in giving blushing cheeks. I mean pinkish cheeks.. Can i gain that glowing pinkish if i take juice of beetroot daily? or by applying? what is more effective? an does applying on lip help too for the lip colour? Please suggest me a time when i should take the juice if it helps.
    Thank u sis.:)
    waiting for ur reply

  62. says

    please can u suggest me the foods that i should take to get colour to my skin…any fruits or vegetables?..pleasse

    • says

      you should drink amla juice early in the morning on empty stomach. that will help a lot with your skin color and rest, you should eat all vegetables and fruits. no discriminations :)

  63. Anonymous says

    i do it everyday! i have been doing this for about 2years and my skin is much brighter .. i also have a glass full of beet and carrot juice everyday! i dont have anymore breakouts .. and then i apply the pulp with a lil bit of honey and i leave it on .. and now i dont even need a moisturiser !!

  64. Anonymous says

    hey swati how to use that beetroot on face… plz reply i want some fairness. and i have dark spots too. help me dear…

    • says

      yes, eating raw beetroot also helps but keep it controlled and don’t over do it :) but, don’t expect to become fair or pink immediately…it will take a month or two to show the difference and its more internal than external!!!

  65. Anonymous says

    I’m going to try drinking beetroot juice mixed with carrot juice everyday. but its funny how i drink like 8-12 glasses of water a day and eat healthy vegetables, fruits, etc yet i still breakout :/ i have like blackheads as well the stubborn ones
    you cant see it but when i wash my face or apply moisturizer i can feel it and it kind of irritates me:( b/c i try to eat healthy yet still i get pimples and blackheads.
    Btw can i apply beet juice to multani mitti (fuller’s earth)? cz am applyin this face pack everyday with rose water but i was thinking of substituting rose water with beetroot instead what do you think? please let me know i would really appreciate it :)

  66. Anonymous says

    Thank you!
    yes yeess of couurse i guess da main reason is bcz of hormonal changes but its ok i’ll patient lol
    i’m going to try lemon, honey, and egg white mask for my face since its only i feel dat these ingredients will really help
    i’ll try it out for 1 month and if i see a difference in my skin i’ll post back and let you know:)

  67. says

    hello swathi my query z can i make a juice of beetroot @once and store it in fridge….so that i cant prepare juice for everytym for a month….and how much is the storage tym period…do help in answerng this….

  68. Anonymous says


    I Have been drinking beet root juice early morning from 7 months and it very useful , it will not help you o become fair but improves glow in your skin. But i am fed up with pimples is their any tips?????

  69. says

    what benefit does beetroot alone have on hair in particular?? Does it make it grow fast, prevent breakage or what?
    Is carrot beetroot and tomato soup after boiling a good option?? Please help!! Thanks

  70. Anonymous says

    i’m an 18year teenage male student…… i’ve been eating chops of beetroot for the past 10 days…..are beetroot chops good or beetroot juice is good

    • says

      Hey hii

      You better take beetroot chops and pomegranate mixed so u feel like eating ..Apart from skin texture u feel more confidence of your health :-) But comsume more water in the morning tym wen u consume beetroot it makes a great difference Enjoy

  71. Anonymous says

    Hi swati,
    firstly wanna thank u for ur very useful tips which helps many to have beautiful healthy skin.Now, coming on to my problem which is related to hairfall, i am 26, in childhood i had beautiful long, thick hair, but later i started experiencing hairfall, one thing to b noted that earlier my mom used to give me regular hair oil massage, but wen i reached college i almost stopped using oil for my hair n usede to not listen to my mom, now i have lots of hairfall problem, cant understand wat to do, but now my mom has started giving me hot oil massage for hair, pls suggest some more useful tips on how will i able to get those beautiful long hair again?

    • says

      yes, you can. the only issue with your hair is lack of nourishment. eat good food and apply oil regularly. even once a week also shows a lot of difference. so, go for it again :) and, don’t forget to exercise. it really helps for hair :)

  72. Srinivas Darak says

    Hi…I love Beet Root Juice & Beet Roots…Could you please help me how to make Beetroot Juice & also how to apply it on face & Lips…??? and what are its effects ??

  73. Anonymous says

    Hiiiii Swathi ….. can u plzzzzzz tell me how to improve my skin color becoz before my skin color was ok, but now i lost that color due to sunlight i mean there is lot of tan on my face . U have told that tomato + turmeric is a good remedy well it works with my skin to get fair because mine is a oily skin?

    waiting for ur reply

  74. says

    I am consuming beetroot on a daily basis, and found my self rejuvenated, energetic, my skin is getting better day by day. I had lots of dark spots which are vanishing so quickly. I would suggest all the readers to kindly start eating it daily or have its juice in the morning. I want to name this vegetable as “RED MAGIC”

  75. Anonymous says

    I dunno what you mean by “rich in iron” a kilo of beetroot will provide about 60% of daily recommended intake of unless you are consuming beets in such large quantity you cant get enough iron from the beets itself.but yeah the leaves of beetroot contains more iron than spinach so if you meant leaves you should correct your post sweet.also the main active compound it contains is betaine which is known to be benificial to heart and blood vessels , it also can improve the function of liver in alcoholics since its known to stop the deposition of fats in the liver . Also beets are high in nitrate which might improve endurance during cardio workouts . So yeah antioxidants , betaine & nitrate should be your main objectives in your short article

    • says

      well, that is what exactly i meant that beetroot have more iron compared to other foods out there!! and, thanks, i shall do an updated post on that!! this post was mainly on beauty uses of beetroot.

  76. Anonymous says

    can beetroots make us fatt ,plz do reply ,because i dnt want to fat.i want only healthy skin through beetroot,plz take my question under ur consideration?

  77. Anonymous says

    does beet rooy help cure acne ? i am acne acne from past 6 months,n scars they leave behind. can beet root help..and boiled or without boil ,which one is better to eat for such purpose.

  78. Anonymous says

    Thank you for the wonderful blog! My question is regarding rosacea. Do you have any advice for that?

    • says

      sorry. i don’t have much idea about it. i would suggest you to get a proper medical treatment and i shall surely do a post if i find some reliable information :)

  79. Anonymous says

    hi.. Im very white in color..but the exposed parts of my body(hands,face and neck) became darker…by drinking beetroot juice, can i restore my color back… please reply

  80. Cherry says

    Hi :)
    Can i rub beetroot on my face? will it gives me the good result in a week or 10 days, cause my wedding is on may 6th, unfortunately i read your blog today.. Please reply me.

  81. says

    my skin is combination skin .can I use beetroot and lemon juce on face ?will it gives me the good result in a week or 10 days .

  82. Manish says

    Beet root juice definitely does wonders..i used it by combining it with carrot,lemon,tulsi leaves,…..i used to drink the juice one glass in morning n one in the evening….within a month my complexion became lighter n not only that i got rid of my hair loss……i hv healthy flawless skin n no hair fall…..

  83. jahnvi says

    Hi swathi,
    I have gone through your comment saying dont drink more than 3 glasses of beetroot juice a week.But generally ppl suggest to drink carrot and beetroot juice daily na?pls explain

    • says

      Hi Jahnvi. Beetroot juice if taken daily causes your urine and stools to turn dark red in colour, might cause kidney stones if you already had it ever in your life due to the high oxalate content and can cause throat irritation. And, carrot juice can turn skin yellow because of the high lycopene and beta-carotene levels.

      • jahnvi says

        Oh thats a great info actually.I have always heard people saying only all the positive effects of carrot and beet juice.I have gone thru many websites and they all say its great juice for detoxification.Thanks alot for the info swathi ji.So do u advice to drink it every alternate day?

        • says

          Glad that it helped you, Jahnvi. Yes, for the first month, take it on every alternate day. And, then, you can reduce the frequency to once a week. And, alternate with other vegetable juices like spinach, tomato and all. In fact, if you can not drink the juice, you can prepare soups which are a tastier alternative as well :)

  84. sumi says

    Hai I have upper lips very darker its looks so ugly so please tell remedy for me thanks for your above information its so super u done very good job

  85. Shekinah says

    Hi swathi
    Swathi befour I used 2 be in good complexion bt I now I have hyperpigmentation and my complexion also changed
    So please tell me what to do for it

  86. says

    Befour I used to be fair
    Only bt when iam preparating for my exams n not taking any care I lost my Fair complexion and gradually my fore head n cheeks becoming dark.
    I consuled. a dermatologist she has given crams bt no use of hyper pigmentation

    Ntg is working
    I really so scare to see my self in mirror n now beoz of dat pigmentation Iam lacking self confidence
    Plze help me
    My dermatologist is telling me to go 4 r lasic bt I doesn’t want to go
    Plze tell solution
    For dis Miss Swathi
    I am requesting u

    • says

      hi. i think it is a deeper problem and you should consult a general physician first and find out if your diet is balanced or not. it can be due to some nutritional deficiency.

  87. Vinay says

    Iam 19 n I have been drinking red beet with one carrot juice for a month but i found no change in complexion….????any solution

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