Almonds for Brain Power and Skin Care

We all know what good are almonds for our skin and hair and brain and our overall living. There is nothing different I am going to tell you today except for recounting everything again so that you get yet another reason of liking almonds again.
First, eating almonds soaked in water overnight everyday is very good for our brain. It is especially good for the growing kids as they need more nourishment. The almonds have been found to increase the brain activity considerably.
Second, almonds is extremely good for skin, hair and overall health. Daily ingestion of adequate almonds nourish our skin and make it look more beautiful from the inside. It also prevents early aging of your skin. Same goes for the hair. You will see an immediate change in a matter of month of starting to take almonds everyday first thing in the morning.
Third, almonds are not only great for internal care but also for external. So, today, I wanted to share a very small tip with you about eating almonds. Please do not peel the almonds and throw away the skin. Skin of almond is fiber and necessary for our body. Second is almonds are supposed to be taken with milk. So, take the soaked almonds and a little milk and make a paste. Ingest the paste. It is said to be delicious in its own way. You can even use this paste to scrub your skin.
One should not eat more than 5 almonds a day as it increases the body heat. This caution is for the people who live in tropical climate or hot climate; especially if you are not sitting in air-conditioner all day long . In cold areas, you can eat as many almonds as you feel like. So, this is for people who feel that they can live on dry fruits all day, please do not excessively take them and increase your body heat which will give rise to a varied number of problems like constipation, outbreaks on the skin, excessive sweating and many internal problems.


  1. Ranjita says

    Thanks a lot for telling that almonds should not be eaten more than 5 a day! I have ~6-7 and I find that my skin is always dry n cracked. Same applies to my hair n lips too :(
    Its summer still I have dry chapped lips and skin. Please tell me are there any home remedies to avoid it?

  2. says

    Hi Ranjita :) yeah 6-7 is fine actually…you can go up to 10 but frankly speaking I am having doubts on how many almonds should be eaten a day…probably there is no limitation as such…I shall do a post again on this :)
    and regarding your skin…it might be due to the fact that you are deficient in B-complex vitamins…I shall be posting on this topic in detail tomorrow so check out the post :)

  3. Anonymous says

    Almonds are absorbed by your body best when it is eaten either powdered or soaked overnight. You can eat up to 10-20 almonds a day depending upon your body weight.

    DISCLAIMER: !!!But first check if you are allergic to almonds.!!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    Can eating almonds be bad for hypothyroidism patients? Will it increase cholesterol levels? These are my concerns. Thanks for this post!

  5. says

    i’m 15 and started to eat almond as snack as i always go for junk food when starve…:p so i usually eat up to 20 almonds every it okay?? and i live in mauritius?? thankss is advance 😀

  6. says

    i’m 15 and started to eat almond everyday as snack as i hav the bad habit of eating junk food for snack and i’m obese..i usually have 20-25 everyday…is that okay???? and i live in mauritius…:D thhnkks in advance..:P

  7. Anonymous says

    eating almond is very good for you’r health,but at the same time keep a watch on your weight

  8. Gaurav Saluja says

    Please suggest on quantity of almonds that can be given to kids in age group 6-7 years and also, should soaked almonds to be given to kids in morning prior morning breakfast.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. says

    Only 5 a day??? Why?? Are almonds harmful if i take more?? I m having 22- 25 everyday, living at delhi india, no harm effect so far.. But plz let me know if its harmful i would less the numbers

  10. says

    Only 5 a day??? Why?? Are almonds harmful if i take more?? I m having 22- 25 everyday, living at delhi india, no harm effect so far.. But plz let me know if its harmful i would less the numbers

  11. says


    I do not soak the almonds overnight and do not peel the skin. I give 5 to 6 almonds daily for my 3 year old kid. Is this good for her health? Or is it must to soak the almonds overnight?
    After reading so many articles, I see everywhere it has been mentioned that almonds should be soaked. So now I am lil worried for my kid. Please let me know if it has any benefits to give almonds without soaking it overnight.


  12. rita batra says

    Pl advise if have high colestrol and hypithyroudism then iz it advisoble to have skin of soaked almonds

  13. Ivy says

    Hi Everyone and Swati Murti: I Was informed by a friend who is Hindi to take 10 Almonds and soak over night, then peel in the morning and eat them for Clearing Your Mind/Brain. So I began yesterday and today is my second day. But I was told to peel and eat the Almond, not the Skin. So my Questions are: 1) only 10 Almonds or is 12 good?
    2) peel and not eat skin or eat the skin too?
    3) KAREN: you said Avocado & Coconut oil on Hair is good but how to prepare and how long on Hair and should I put on Dry Hair or Wet Hair?

    Thank you in advance for your time and answers to help me. This is, indeed, a good post.

    • says

      Hi Ivy
      Answering your questions respectively:
      1. in case, you are living in a tropical climtae, 5 almonds are more than enough. If you live in a climate where the temperatures are less, you can take around 8 almonds.
      2. I would generally suggest to eat the skin as well but some people do not like the taste so it is your preference.
      3. you should apply hair masks or hair oils on a slightly damp hair. spray your hair with water and then apply the oil / mask. you can use avocado oil or mash avocado into a smooth paste for a hair mask.

      hope these answers help. do let me know in case of any doubts :)

  14. deepika says

    Hi my kid is 3yrs old how many soaked badam can i give her daily,is it necessary to peel off the skin while eating nd soaked badam should be given in the morning time?

  15. Magrita Mawlong says


    Im Magri,

    I have been taken almond every morning since the last 1 month for 4-5 will it be alright as my weight is 39 kg.

  16. Ankita says

    Hiii…. I have recently started consuming 1 amla n 3 almonds everyday in the morning. It is the first thing I do after getting out of bed will it benefit me? Am I going on the right track of diet??

    • says

      hi Ankita. doing just this is not enough if you are planning on a proper diet. there are a whole lot of other things like drinking water, taking lot of fruits, eating more proteins and complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbohydrates like maida, etc. also, drink lemon water every morning to kick start your system. it detoxifies your body. I am not sure if amla works the same way as lemon but yes it has its own benefits. you can go for 5-6 almonds as well :) hope this helps!

  17. sandya says

    I eat 5 almonds and 2 nuts daily without soaking. Whether it vl b benificial for me as i want to gain weight

  18. Nikita says

    Hi…I usually forget to soak the almonds..will it be still that much beneficial if I consume them unsoaked in the morning.

  19. Sourav Saha says

    I take 3 per day, throughout the year.
    4 pods daily 2 weeks before exams starts…
    5pods per day a week before exams starts ends. Then again back to 3 per day.

  20. Shrikant says

    Thank you very much for your reply. Every morning in empty stomach I eat soaked almonds 6 to 8. I am peeling the husk before eating. I am also eating four to six half broken walnuts every day for evening snacks. I am under medication for sugar. my sugar level in the morning is 95 to 100 mg. Please comment and advice.

  21. Minnu says

    My weight is too low so someone suggested me to more almonds I am eating more than 20 is it ok
    Anysuggestions to gain weight

  22. Bunny says


    m living in Canada and my personal trainer has given me a diet with 20 almonds per day… as i am confused about the heat thing. i am not sure if i should eat or not. talked abt this with trainer and he said its okay. Maybe because of the climate here which is low as compared to India.. i too drink at least 3 to 4 ltr of water in a day seperately from my protein shakes and eat strawberries with yogurt too. as required in my diet.. But still can you tell me what should i do? eat them directly or put them in water over night or shuldnt even eat them at all.. !!

    Thank you

  23. says

    nice to read all the comments and reply. good quality fruits, dry fruits and fruits , water are very good for health always. it is also suggestible to do exercise daily. dieting is not just reducing the intake food, dieting means just balancing and controlling your food habit for better health. suppose instead of having your regular break fast or dinner, you can change that to fruits & juice, or some other healthy foods. all the human beings body structure are different from each, therefore it may be good for consulting with your doctor before going for a diet and etc…


    I give to my 7 year old son 2-3 soaked Almond nuts daily in India. Is it sufficient? Please give me a table of how much soaked Almond nuts have to be given year wise? Also by which time period (when) will the results (symptoms) start showing?

    • says

      Hi. I think you should consult a pediatric or nutritionist for proper diet consultation for the kid. This is just an educational post and not meant as prescription.

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