Wash your hair with Baking Soda

What to use to wash our hair? This is a great concern. No one definitely wants to put any kind of chemicals on hair but then, we are not sure that the herbal shampoos are actually herbal or just a marketing tactic. And, some do not want to give up on their favorite brands. In one of my earlier posts, I told you how to convert your regular shampoo into a herbal one. But, again its not a completely herbal shampoo. I have bee wanting to wash my hair with sole baking soda since a very long time. So, yesterday, I finally decided to put it into action.
Well, the results are fabulous. No frizz, no hair maintainence and management issues. Just soft and shiny hair. But, washing with baking soda is quite a challenging job. It takes time to get used to a non-foaming shampoo. (Even the herbal ones foam.) And, for the first time, it took more time for me to shampoo my hair. I took an approximate quantity of baking soda and mixed it with little water to make a paste. Do not add more water. It will turn into liquid and you might not be able to wash your hair properly. I divided my hair into sections especially on the scalp. Make sure your hair is wet through and through. Then, took a little of the paste and rubbed it on the scalp. Section by section, I covered my whole scalp. Then, applied the paste on the hair body and waited for around 10 minutes. Your hair would feel dry at that time as opposed to using shampoos because of the powdery texture of  baking soda. But, it does not make your hair dry. Handle your hair gently to prevent breakage. Stand under the shower and wash off all the baking soda from your hair. Massage your scalp well to make sure it is thoroughly clean. Your hair would take a little more time to dry too. Do not oil your hair too much before washing it. You will need a huge amount of baking soda to clean it and it would take lot of time.You need not follow with a conditioner. Baking soda acts as a conditioner too.
Your hair would be more shine, bouncy and healthy after washing it with baking soda. Regular usage of baking soda also helps prevent split ends. You might take little time getting adjusted to baking soda as it does not foam and you might not be sure of the exact amount to use for your hair. After two-three trials, you would find that using baking soda is way more rewarding and guess what, you are not using anything chemical on your hair. So, go ahead try it and share your experiences.


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    today i washed my hair only with baking soda and i cudnt believe!my hair were soft with hardly any tangles which i usually get after washing wid shampoo!

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    Yes, I know. My hair is manageable even after 3-4 days after washing with baking soda. How is your skin care going on? Did you try the clay mask or besan? Did you notice any difference?

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    I asked my father to try this also and he did!he is impressed!he is asking others to follow it too but my mother is discouraging me to use it coz she is afraid that it will turn my hair white! she says she got her hair white because she used lemon juice on her hair and is afraid of using home remedies!plz tell me that can it turn my hair white?

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    Well, no baking soda does not turn the hair white.
    No offense intended but speaking of your mom’s hair predicament, I think she has used lemon juice too much and also genes must have played part in turning her hair white. Using too much of lemon juice does bleach your hair but does not turn it white. Your hair will lose its black color and turn blond. It just lightens the hair color. Lemon juice lightens hair color even faster if you go in sun immediately after applying lemon juice or using lemon juice as a rinse. So, you would want to avoid that.
    And, I can definitely vouch that home remedies are pretty safe. If they do not give good results, they just do not give any results. Actually, I found this link which you should read. It says you can use baking soda to prevent gray hair but no where it mentions hair turning gray because of baking soda. But, it does mention very frequent usage turns your hair lighter. So, use baking soda once in two weeks or a month. That would make your hair squeaky clean and remove product build ups. Hope this assures you.
    Btw, the best thing I have noted after washing my hair with baking soda is that your hair stays cleaner for a longer time and does not need a frequent washing. Would love your feedback on that?

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    oh yes it does!im having periods rite now and it’s a common myth in our house of not washing hair b4 3rd day of periods!I ve not washed my hair for four days and they are still not in much need of shampooing which they are when I don’t wash my hair for 2 days!I will tell my mummy what you have told!my mumma probably had put a lot of lemon juice in her teenage! I have no problem of exposing it to sunlight coz I wear hijab! and yes im not at all offended.You have to tell me wat’s rite and wat’s not! but my father is totally in awe of the miracle of baking soda!he is asking my uncle(chacha) to do the same!
    I asked my mummy to dye her hair but she is afraid of the chemicals!is there any natural method for dying her hair black?she has few strands of white not all!

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    Good to hear about that. So, baking soda is a rage in your family right now.
    There is only henna which can dye your hair naturally. You can try using beetroot juice in henna to give an auburn tinge to the hair. Otherwise, I know just one thing and that is to use mustard oil religiously on the hair to keep it black forever. You should start it on your hair. I’ll try to find more remedies for hair dying.
    And, I would not be able to reply to your comments for two weeks as I’m going for vacation. But, please do keep commenting. And, all the best for your exams.

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