Mango – Health and Skin Benefits

The season of “the king of fruits” has come. Have you started eating mango regularly? It is a rich source of vitamin A. And, it is extremely good for skin too. Mango is rich in all vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C), minerals, proteins, carbohydrates (including sugar) and fiber. So, why not squeeze a little mango pulp and apply it on your skin for a beautiful smooth feel and to take advantage of all the nutrients in the fruit. Mango is good at getting rid of the blemishes and scars. Since mango is especially rich in Vitamin C, mango pulp is useful to treat pimples and acne.
You can make mango shake. It serves as a great drink which can satisfy your hunger too. It would save you many calories to skip on the sugar and substitute it with honey. You can use the drink as an anti-aging mask too as mango is rich in anti-oxidants. You can even make use of green mangoes (which are not ripe and really rich in Vitamin C) to make ‘Panna’, a traditional Indian drink, which provides enough nutrients for the body to fight sun strokes.
Caution: Please do not think of rubbing the mango peel on your skin. Mango peel contains a toxin named ‘Urushiol’ which can cause allergic reaction in the sensitive skin.


  1. Angel says

    I have used it. And it’s heavenly. It smoothens the skin, and makes it supple. I actually combined my mango pulp with honey and milk! For a glowing skin!

  2. Anonymous says

    HI! I must say what a wonderful site u have there !!! I actually grew up in an area where there is many mangos in Trinidad and I never knew mango can do that much!!

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