How to make dull hair alive? {Reader’s Tips}

This was published as a comment by one of the readers – jason@kolkatta.

Take an adequate amount of sugar in a bowl and dilute it with lime juice. Divide your hair in sections and apply the mixture on the strands of your hair section by section. Do not apply on the roots. Let it stay for 15 minutes. Wash with a mild shampoo. It makes your hair come alive. This is a very useful tip for people with dull hair.

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  1. Anonymous says

    hi, the onion to be uses is an ordinory one or any special kind of onion for this. some onion are pink in colour and some are white. I heard that white onion is basically use for medicene. How much time should i keep the juice on hair. please help.

  2. ritu says

    Hello Swati ji, I being using this onion juice for last one and half month but such result came out I am also taking homeopathic treatment more then two years my doctor taken all my harmonel test and ultrasounds she says that only 40% of hair will be recover but its more then two year no such result came out should i stop the treatment though is to expensive. you generally suggest to put oil but my doctor told me not to apply oil bcz my hair pose are close so i had not applyied oil from last 2 years. Can you please tell me that the ordinery onion we get from the vegetable market is fine or today the origami product (may be spelling wrong) vegetable is more effective. The massage is required while appling onion juice. Please suggest…..

    • says

      yes, ordinary onion is fine…I doubt if you will get ORGANIC onion anywhere but if you do get it, try that out as well :) no, don’t massage with onion juice…massage before that!!! not after.
      and, I am sorry I didn’t really understand what you wrote about the homoeopathic treatment. and, please call me Swati.
      I don’t understand how hair pores can get closed…what your doc might have meant is that your hair follicles have become dormant or dead. I would still suggest to apply oil. try to in fact apply warm oil.

  3. Ritu says

    Hi Swati, the most important thing i forget to tell u is that my mother(she is 58yrs) is also facing the same problem of hairfall and both of us front part (where we put sindor) and quite large part of our scalp is damaged though u will say this heredity but in my case it start earlier stage of age i am 34 and i am facing this problem last 7 yrs . Do u really thing onion juice will work in such condition. Can u suggest me the oil will can increase the thick of my hair and steam is good for my hair.

    • says

      well, I am not sure if onion will really help in such a case!!! but, you can give it a try. its not harmful at all. seems like you have a severe case of female baldness…you should consult a doctor!!! no, steam is not at all good coz it makes the hair and scalp dry. even if you take it, don’t take it more than 2-3 minutes. i would suggest you to use sesame oil with rosemary, thyme, cedarwood and ylang ylang essential oils. it will help stimulate hair growth. also, apply aloevera to the scalp and hair. it also helps with hair growth. hope this helps :) do let me know.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati
    I am a 25yr old female from London and after having a child recently I am experiencing a great deal of hair loss, I want to try this method of applying onion juice however I am a Full time working mum and don’t have the time to prepare the juice daily.. Would I be able to blend the onions once a week and then store the juice in the fridge and use daily? Would it still work as affectively or am I better off preparing the juice daily?
    Just to confirm ur recommend the red onions and its to be left on atleast half an hour or even overnight?
    Many thanks X

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi I am sahil
    I am facing hair fall problem last two months, jab se Maine r o water piña shuru kiya hai tabhi se ye ho raha hai, sir Mai dandruff bhi bahut hai, khujli bahut hoti, khujli karta hoo to hair girte hai, pls suggest

  6. says

    I am facing big time hair loss. I use to have good quantity of hair but now I can see baldness. I started using this but my hair are still falling like anything. Whenever I massage with onion pulp or just rub my scalp. I am worried when will I see the stoppage and new hair?

    • says

      If the hair fall is in very high amount, get a doctor’s consultation. And, rub the onion piece on the bald spots and be patient. It takes a while for hair to show some improvement. I would again suggest to visit a doctor.

    • says

      I hav been visiting ttoa doc but no result.its been more than a month rubbing onion pulp but every time I run I het a loads of hair fall in result but no new hair. Doctors medicine also of no help

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