Fresh Summer Skin and Hair Care Masks

Summer is on the high and wreaking havoc on the skin and hair even if you have not been venturing out. Give yourself some soothing time with homemade facial and hair masks and regain your supple skin and bouncy hair. These hair masks include the use of only the most natural ingredients like watermelon, berries, baking soda. So, check out the recipes here.


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    I am too a great believer of home-made packs for skin and hair care. I use crushed mint leaves on my face; it helps in acne and also leaves teh skin cool and soothing. For hair, I always use parachute coconut oil. No compromise on that. For body skin care, I use coconut oil or milk when I come back home. It deeply nourishes the skin, acts as an after-sun lotion, removes tanning and makes the skin soft and glowing. Of late, I have been using parachute summer fresh body lotion that has both mint and coconut milk extracts. It gives me more or less the same results as home-made coconut milk/oil. So far its working well for me!

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