Do you wear low-rise jeans?

This post is for people who have love handles (larger belly) and like to wear low-rise jeans. I would like to point out a very huge disadvantage of wearing low-rise and super low-rise jeans. If you are a skinny person or with a flat waist, these jeans will compliment your figure. But, if you are a person who has a lot of hanging fat around, they sure do not look good on you. But, more than that, they increase your belly fat too.
Many people love to fit into the clothes which are many sizes smaller than their own. But, this practice cab bring a hoard of problems. Our skin is molded according to the clothes we wear. That is the reason we are asked to wear a bra. That gives support to our breasts and prevents it from sagging in an early age. Similarly, if we chose to wear a low-rise jeans, the fat on the abdomen is pushed up and accumulates there making you look even more fat.  And, if you have big butts, you can look really unflattering. And, worse still, if you wear the jeans often enough, the fat at the belly increases by an obnoxious amount because the skin gets accumulated there and your body will take a very weird shape. The problems increase if they are actually too tight for your body to be comfortable. For men, wearing too tight jeans actually cause infertility and damage to the testicles. You can read other implications of tight jeans here.
If next time you are going to buy a pair of jeans, look for those which are comfortable enough to just sit on your body and provide complete flexibility to the legs especially the thighs and buttocks. You can check the comfort level by bending over while trying the jeans. Do not ever buy a pair of jeans without trying. and do not try to fit in the clothes small for your size. You will end up harming your body. Choose a pair of jeans which comfort and flatter you instead of choosing one in which your movements are restricted. For people with big love handles, choose a straight fit jeans which will sit comfortably on your waist and make the belly look flatter than the usual. Choosing what clothes we wear is as much important to our medical concerns as much as to our looks.
 A special appeal to mothers: Please encourage comfort sense with clothes among your daughters rather than fashion sense.


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